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    Tesla service appointment exprerience in Trondheim, Norway

    Want to share my experience with Tesla service appointment in Trondheim, Norway: 1) On the 11th of July 2019 I have booked appointment for the regular service with the closest available date which was the 16th of September 2019, the available time which was given: 7:00, 8:00, 10:00, 12.00 and...
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    85D Production Started!

    Also went for 85D, just read that 90D owners informed about significant range decrease for the first several weeks, so did not want to be Beta-tester for the new silicon battery chemistry :)
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    A 10 minute Survey of Tesla Model S Owners

    I am the future owner of Model S 85D, but I filled up the form like I am already owner :)
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    No used 85D

    The same situation in Norway, there are not so many 85D and 70D on sale yet compare to P85. I guess if new AuoPilot 2.0 comes, new 100KWh battery, new ventilation seats and some other new feature in Model S, then we will see more 85D on sale :) So far I decided to go for the new 85D, otherwise...
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    Any chance for upgrading hardware from "2014 Autopilot" to "2016 Autonomous ready"?

    Any one knows if there is any limitation coming from government regulation for autopilot? So far I heard only limitation coming from Tesla :) If autopilot fails and creates dangerous situation on the road, who will cover expenses? Insurance company? Tesla? The first several years anyway all...
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    Tesla Model S wins Austrlian Car of the Year Award

    Looks like that Tesla Model S is the only green car in that winning list, I guess Model X will be the best car in the next year :)
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Ordered my 85D for Norway on the 31th of October, VIN number is 115xxx, I was told that it would go to the production at the end of November, I am still in the queue...
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    Model X Signature Configuration has begun!

    The whitest possible interior with white body color, configured with Love for Bonnie :)
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    Model X Signature Configuration has begun!

    Just posted on the Norwegian forum and reposting here some new pictures... Hello to all X Signature holders, finally this day came! - - - Updated - - - And one more picture from the Norwegian forum with available colors for Model X Signature... Expected delivery date for Model X Signature...
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    Tesla Motors Web site down for maintenance... [BIG GRIN]

    I am tracking configuration changes if it would be enabled it least for one person, then I (hope) would see it.
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    Tesla Motors Web site down for maintenance... [BIG GRIN]

    Just checked internal links inside of Tesla's web site, there is still no hidden Model X configuration available. So I think it was planned downtime, no Model X configuration coming...
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    Model X Tally

    EU Model X Signature #491, today in Norway