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    Model S Plaid Track Package Waiting Room

    Thanks for the update, look forward to reading ur thoughts
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    Model S Plaid Track Package Waiting Room

    Any updates? I hope the silence does not imply distress
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    When traveling, do you bother with trying to find hotels with EV charging? Can you depend on them?

    I workout at a luxury hotel nearby with 4 chargers. maybe once every couple of months do I find one open. I would never depend on it.
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    Failure to drive off lot

    It’s merely a car, not art. Approach should be purely cost to benefit. Cost, likely none as they will fix it regardless of who buys it and warranty it accordingly. Benefit, 10K SC miles and 7500 bucks. for most people considering a Y as their primary car, the value of incentives, especially in...
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    No more Uber Credits or loaners after warranty expiration

    There is no relation between cost of the car and loaners. In socal, Ferrari dealers do not provide loaners for cars under warranty, let alone out of warranty vehicles.
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    Air Suspension

    Luv the ride in my MYP, its sporty. If I wanted a soft ride, I’d have bought a caddy. a car with performance in the name should feel sporty and not soft imho
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    Is there any free introductory supercharging

    the first time I supercharged, I did not even have a payment method on file, yet they allowed my car to charge. i think I updated the payment method couple of weeks later, at which time I was charged.
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    Accidentally Hitting Seat Adjustment Controls

    It should not matter. In mine, it gives u the option to save to my profile after any changes, adverdent or otherwise, right on the screen immediately after anynvhange to seats or mirrors.. Unless I hit save on the screen, it goes back to previous saved location.
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    How well does the glass roof reflect heat?

    I have tint and clear UV film on the windshield. 100 plus outside, warm but tolerable inside. The windshield film made the biggest impact. Stock roof glass
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    Mobile Connector on New Deliveries

    Mine, a MYP 22 did not come with 14-50 unlike our plaid
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    POLL: Does your Model Y make this humming sound?

    if the Car does not meet ur standards, get rid of it. It seems like this minor issue is now ur focal point in life, which can be unhealthy. Life is short, move on. I’m sure u can sell the car in matter of hours.
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    Nav system showing alternate routes?

    I think the technology is there but not afforded this model. Though I love my MYP, our Plaid does everything so much better and smoother.
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    What I have done to my MYP.........

    Does not look good!
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    Help me debunk/support rumor that only 3 out of 4 Model Y tires contact road during turns

    even if it did, it would mean very little to nothing. Watch the above video where the EVO is on three wheels in the corners. while the other driver in the lambo is a pro!
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    2022 Model Y Rearended , Will it be totaled?

    Likely totaled, and as such, the recompense is the average of 3 similar cars for sale or sold within 50 miles of where u Live.
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    Any other owners second guess if their next car should be another Tesla?

    Just added a MYP to our plaid yesterday. having owned just about every make one can think of, I hate the games dealers play and favoritism shown to customers whom kiss ass etc. that alone puts it over the top for me. As far as driving goes, I have lost interest in ice. call me crazy, but I...
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    Trade-in Drama, should I just walk away?

    Don’t take things personal. IMO, it Depends what u r hoping to get for the trade in. For me, if it’s within a thousand bucks of my expectation I would make the deal. Sounds like ur within $1100 of a quote u had found acceptable a couple of months ago. Life is too short, enjoy the ride.
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    CA Waiting Room

    Ordered MYP white on white on 3/14 with EDD of 5/4 to 6/6. Although we have a plaid S, I’m looking forward to its arrival
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    Best Wifi extender

    Google mesh by nest. No nonsense and it works amazing, always
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    Will Car Automation Disrupt the Personal Mobility market?...

    I think the answer to ur question is highly contingent on geography. While you may have an idea of the impact where u live, it may not translate elsewhere, like Ca. here, cars have duality in purpose, at least the higher end ones. They all get u from A to B, but many serve as a status symbol...
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    PSA: Really bad experience with Russian Wrapz in Los Angeles

    It’s tough to find white glove service while prioritizing $. did you do any research prior to committing to that shop? I hope you are made whole, it sounds like a hassle. Thanks for the heads up. I would not let this ruin the ownership experience.
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    Extremely Disappointed With Model S Range When Driving on the Highway at 35F

    I saw a video a while back, motor trend, maybe? Not sure but they ran a plaid on 22s in chill mode till it ran out of juice, and it provided the exact mile tesla said it would. What’s interesting is that the video/review was not at all complimentary towards the S plaid. In 75 degree weather...
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    Plaid owners are you still happy with the car?

    Great car knowing it’s not a collector car and just a daily driver. The brakes are adequate but there is a lot of room for improvement when compared to amg, V caddies and M cars, all of which I have owned in the last few years. Over all, I love the car and have no regrets.
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    Lease Trade-In Question

    Yes, but in many states you have to eat the taxes. Here in California that would translate to %10
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    Autopilont doesn't work?

    U need to give the cameras time to calibrate, that may take a few hundred miles.
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    Model S Plaid Brakes Are Terrible!

    It is my only complaint on the car. The brakes are clearly the weak point and not very confidence inspiring. If u push the car, one has to be real careful. Porsche brakes will make ur eyes pop out ur head in contrast.
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    Major Yoke concerns from Consumer Reports initial review

    The yoke is a non issue. Like anything else, it take a few days to adapt. people complain that Porsche paddles move with the steering wheel, Ferrari paddles are stationary, the blinkers on 458 and newer Ferrari are also on the steering wheel and there is no stal
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    Still calibrating cameras - seems stuck at 97%

    Mine took 500 miles. Now if I pull my hand off the wheel it will alert me as well as highlighting speed signs lanes etc on the display.
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    Adapter cables?

    I must say I was shocked that the car was delivered only with the 110 charger adapter, which is practically worthless. at the time of delivery, 14-50 adapters as well as the wall charger we’re sold out online. it Took a couple of days and a few extra bucks to procure them via eBay. I believe...
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    Edmunds Review - Teslaraiti follow up. I'm not the only one.

    To me it appears to be modeled after a F1 steering wheel. The guy was exaggerating his movements with the yoke to make a point. Just because he didn’t get the hang of it on test day in the rental model S, does not mean an astute owner with lots of seat time will have the same problem. And one...
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    An honest review of the yoke

    i think they were inspired by the F1 steering wheels. i personally like it, though it took a bit to get used to. The guy in the video has a very short shelf life, but made some valid points. Having owned both an M5 and E63s in the last few years, I would put handling at par between the cars...
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    Took delivery - poor experience

    we picked up our MS Plaid in Burbank last week. I didn’t expect much based on reading posts here, so it was as I expected. fit and finish was up to par as I was expecting the worst. Service, however, is non existent. Bunch of kids with an indifferent attitude. When inquiring about a 14-50...
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    Plaid owners - Tired of Plaid?

    The one uppers always amuse me. For all intents and purposes, the MS Plaid is faster than anything on the road. Having owned multiple exotics for about twenty years now, I can tell you they get very little usage outside of cars and coffe and dinner outings. That’s just the way it is. Chances of...
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    Dragy times for Plaid and LR

    I thought the tests were done with different cars. If so, its likely the car and not solely the rim size.
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    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    I promise to take great care my apologies if I came across that way, I am merely learning my way around the forums and wanted to share my experience and excitement with like minded enthusiasts. Best
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    Dragy times for Plaid and LR

    I decided to replace my e63s for plaid. I have owned m5, ctsv and was looking for something different. I should have mine next week And will post impressions.
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    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    the more I read around here, i do feel lucky for such a quick turnaround.
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    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    Reading around the forum for the past couple of days, I almost feel guilty with so many loyal returning customers waiting for so long. This will replace my 2019 e63s. Looking forward to a new experience, which, is hopefully a positive one.
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    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    Thank you, can’t wait. Will update with pics and impressions when I have it.
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    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    Tesla newb here, never even sat in one. Decided to order MSP white, 21”, carbon with beige 5 days ago. Got a call yesterday that my car will be delivered next week! I was pleasantly surprised as I had a expected delivery of March 2022. That said, if one wanted to order a Ferrari from 99 to 2015...