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  1. Lancelac

    tesla MC240-1 Charger

    Looking for a 240 Roadster charger if any of the folks on this thread are selling. Let me know.
  2. Lancelac

    For Sale Tesla Roadster UMC Charger

    Is this still available?
  3. Lancelac

    Very Orange vs Magma Orange

    My Very Orange (2.0 Sport) Been thinking of selling it for a few years, but just haven't been able to bring myself to do it. Has served me well as an every day driver for 7+ years now, snow and all.
  4. Lancelac

    Chicago Condo Charging

    I am looking to get as much information as I can regarding individuals negotiating getting charging in condo garages. I have a Roadster myself, and for me it was not a huge problem (a bit of an expense) as I was part of a pretty small Condo association, but I know that many people have had much...
  5. Lancelac

    I've Bricked my ICE Thrice

    In my first year of Roadster ownership, I replaced my Wrangler battery twice due to disuse. I was really happy to sell it and rent (or borrow) a car the couple of times a year I need to haul stuff.
  6. Lancelac

    Oakbrook (Chicago) store

    I was there during the Model S Beta showing as well, but didn't take any pics. The store is very small, but nice looking. I've known Seneca for a few years now as he was the main sales guy at the downtown Chicago store, and he is really capable and knowledgable.
  7. Lancelac

    Gumball Rally - May 5-6 IL/WI/MI/IA +SuperCar Saturday

    I'd love to do this, but the charging is really an issue. It's 30-35 miles for me to SCS, and then 140 more miles for the day. Driving will not be very spirited for me unless I want to end the day at 0. Then, I'll need a full charge overnight, since 85 miles + home to Chicago is another 200+...
  8. Lancelac

    range questions

    A battery this out of balance could easily take a full month to balance, leaving it plugged in every second you aren't using it. When they replaced my battery (due to some defect found during a normal diagnostic), my standard charge was a good 40 miles less than my previous battery, despite...
  9. Lancelac

    Factory HID headlights!

    If you don't like the price, have them installed aftermarket. Cost me $350 parts and labor. There is nothing about the Tesla version that stands out above aftermarket.
  10. Lancelac

    215 miles one way - Reassure me pls....

    I've driven over 230 miles on a charge twice, no elevation changes to speak of, no A/C, no heat, soft top on. At 55, I can consistently match ideal miles, especially if I use cruise control to keep me disciplined.
  11. Lancelac

    Road noise reductions - Hard top Questions !

    TOYO PROXES T1R I have the Proxes R888 (super performance) and have been very impressed. Hopefully they will last me a bit longer than the Yokos also, but I won't be able to comment on that until this time next year.
  12. Lancelac

    Roadster Upgrades Page on Tesla Website

    You can upgrade a 2.0 to the Double DIN. I am good friends with a fellow Tesla owner who did so (through Tesla). It was very expensive, but it looks phenomenal.
  13. Lancelac

    $12K Battery replacement option

    When I replace this battery, I definitely want it to hold more charge than the original, not the same, even if I wait 7-10 years instead of 5. I expect to pay $25-30k for that at that time and just get the best available instead of half that for the same size. There was too much uncertainty...
  14. Lancelac

    Roadster Production Countdown

    The last 5 VINs were sold as custom because you had a choice of paint, not just off showroom floor. They have every available option, and some more cosmetic adds, which include some unique carbon fiber elements and interior contrast stitching the same color as your exterior (2 options, both...
  15. Lancelac

    Odometer roll call

    Actually I am not saying it has a negative impact on the battery, but that you'd need more balancing to get the highest possible charge into the battery. It can always be remedied by charging at full charge for a long period of time. Tesla just replaced my battery (as a preventative measure...
  16. Lancelac

    Odometer roll call

    From what I've seen/heard, I think the problem might be that your battery isn't really balancing itself very much if you are always charging at 110. For one thing, because of the slow charge, you spend a lot less time at full charge (in any mode), and the time spent plugged in at full is what...
  17. Lancelac

    Optional Upgrades: Review

    My impressions after owning a Roadster for 1.5 years Exterior Paint guard - YES. I have many areas of wear on the paint armor. I will probably replace a few of the pieces soon, but I guarantee that the cost over lets say 5 years would be far greater to repaint and retouch over that...
  18. Lancelac

    Best and worst parts of owning a Tesla

    The biggest positive is similar to what some have already said, the car just is a joy to drive, and I look forward to driving it every day. In addition, I appreciate doing my small part for the environment, moreso in setting an example than any effect of my car itself. I really can't argue...
  19. Lancelac

    Response to the news the Chevy Volt lost half it's range in cold weather driving

    In my experience, my Roadster gets about 90% of the range in the winter (below freezing), when compared to the same driving habits the rest of the year. For me, that is using the heat approx 50% of the time. It's also important to know that even though I drive in the cold every day in the...
  20. Lancelac

    Is Ideal Range obtainable?

    donauker is correct. It's driving in a straight line at 40-50mph that will get you the best mileage, not stop and go at those speeds. You can see on the tach, that even mild acceleration uses much more energy than staying at constant moderate rate of speed. I don't really try to conserve...
  21. Lancelac

    Aftermarket radio/NAV units

    I'm the guy in Chicago who had a custom stereo and some aftermarket CF installed (well over a year ago). The changes are obvious, but it's never been an issue with Tesla as far as affecting the warranty.
  22. Lancelac

    Winter Performance

    Most of the time I don't lose regen at all since I park in a garage both at home and the office. If I do go someplace and park outside for more than a few hours, I will definitely have Regen off for the first 15 minutes or so after.
  23. Lancelac

    Winter Performance

    I don't live in snow and ice country, but we just had the storm of the decade here in Chicago and I was able to drive every day with no problem, including the day after when I saw only 2-3 other cars of any kind on the road. The Pirelli's were great, I never got stuck. The bigger problem with...
  24. Lancelac

    MSN 5 of the most fetching rides of 2010-2011

    "Expect pricing to be in the supercar range." Huh?
  25. Lancelac

    Tire Pressure and tire life expectancy

    I slightly overinflate, and had no problem with uneven wear. Stil, I am about to replace my summer tires (about 5000 miles on them), the rear because they are bald, the fronts because driving around in the city (and having such soft tires) has rewarded me with a bolt stuck into both of them...
  26. Lancelac

    Socket to me! The future of electric cars in Chicago

  27. Lancelac

    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    Thanks for the review, Tdave! I do have the Pirelli's on for the winter, so no problem with the cold weather. I'll probably give the R888s a try as my next summer set.
  28. Lancelac

    Winter Performance

    We just had a massive snowstorm in Chicago and I continued to drive my Roadster every day. I never got stuck, but did get some grinding of the underside due the low clearance. Overall, I couldn't be happier. I could not imagine that any rear wheel drive would perform at the level that a few...
  29. Lancelac

    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    Does anyone have a set of Toyos on their Roadster? I am strongly considering them when I change back to summer tires this spring, as my rears are shot and fronts have bolts stuck in them from city driving.
  30. Lancelac

    Nothing is wrong - Here is your new battery pack!

    My car is getting a new battery also due to some anomalies found in a recent bleed test. I am certainly not complaining. :)
  31. Lancelac

    Carbon fiber tail light idea.

    Can't wait to see the pics!
  32. Lancelac

    Winter Performance

    I have several interesting comparisons of my own this winter. I live in Chicago so the temps are very cold (between -30F and 25F), but the snow doesn't really accumulate all that much, we never have more than 4-6 inches on the ground at one time. Last year, I drove the Roadster almost every...
  33. Lancelac

    Things not to do with a Roadster.

    I got really close on a round trip from Michigan wine country to Chicago (I made the mistake of not bothering to charge during the day at all), but have no idea how close because at 20 miles, the ideal and actual miles went to dashes. I would estimate I had about 5 to 10 miles left when I...
  34. Lancelac

    How realistic is this?

    I live in a city as well, and drove all winter in the Tesla last year, with the Sport tires no less. Never skidded once or got stuck (never parked outside though in snow). I found the low center of gravity and weight made for a nice, safe drive. This year I am going to get the "suggested"...
  35. Lancelac

    Do you keep a backup car?

    The Roadster is my primary car as well. I kept my Jeep Wrangler as a backup car, but I am now looking to get rid of it. I've driven it 5 times in the past year. I thought I'd drive it a lot in the winter, but I still drive the Tesla. Renting is a good idea for such habits. I already had to...
  36. Lancelac

    Roadster standard mode miles?

    Several times in the past 3 months I've had my post-charge number go from 185 or so to 175-177. Tesla has given me a bunch of info on this when I ask them about it and recommended different courses of action. One thing I often do is not charge the car at all for a few days at a time. This...
  37. Lancelac

    Necessary options

    My sound system is FAR superior to the Tesla electronics group for less than $3,500. Mine includes a flip out screen, real Ipod control (Ipod in glove box), backup camera, all 4" speakers changed to 5 1/4", Bluetooth. I don't have NAV, but could have added it and still been right on the...
  38. Lancelac

    CF Door sills by Carbon One

    The above are pictures of my car, and I would highly recommend Carbon One. The quality of the work, personal service and price are all great. I am excited to have them make a few more CF parts for me as well, and have them in the works. :cool:
  39. Lancelac


    I've got State Farm as well, and find them very easy to deal with and they were by far the lowest price when I was shopping around. It was my second car with them and I also have condoowners insurance as well there. I haven't made any claims though.
  40. Lancelac

    Palatine man leading high-voltage life with Tesla Roadster

    Nice article. :) I'll be going up to Madison for the Green Drive Expo also.
  41. Lancelac

    Roadster 2.5 The new Roadster

    Regarding the heated headlights, I wouldn't get my hopes up. I was getting the same fogging that everyone else gets, and requested the upgrade. After Tesla checked the records, they told me I already had the heated headlights. I think it may help a little bit, but not much. The headlights...
  42. Lancelac

    Carbon fiber for your Tesla!

    I'm interested as well. I'd probably do the side air intakes and doorsills first, but could be persuaded on a few other parts as well.
  43. Lancelac

    New Roadster Sport owner: questions

    I usually think of mileage in terms percentage of ideal miles. I'm a bit surprised to see your actual miles come out so low. You were getting about 105 miles out of 190, or about 55% going 75-80mph. I can say from experience that I get about 65-70% at that speed and have to average 90mph to...
  44. Lancelac

    Tesla on 190 North (Local Chicago Program)

    That's me gushing about it being my everyday driver, and my Very Orange Sport. :)
  45. Lancelac

    Tesla on 190 North (Local Chicago Program)

    See link below
  46. Lancelac

    After Market Wheels. What Do You Think?

    Any news on this, A-E? I will be buying an extra set of wheels this summer for my winter tires and wouldn't mind buying an aftermarket solution over a 2nd set from Tesla.
  47. Lancelac

    Chicago Supercar Saturdays

    I am definitely in for this event, and the drive to the event as well. I'm pretty excited about showing off my car and seeing lots of other great cars! :biggrin:
  48. Lancelac

    Carbon fiber door handles on Ebay

    That price is a joke! $550 for interior 2 door handle pulls? They could be done custom (meaning 1-time use molds) for less than that.
  49. Tesla


  50. Rear Deck Spkr

    Rear Deck Spkr