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    Ohmmu Battery & 2020.28.6 update

    It doesn't report a voltage, there is a voltage out of the battery and it comes from the 4 LiFePO4 cell voltages summed together. A BMS can't fudge that unless it implemented a massive (>100A) DC-DC converter which is big, expensive and inefficient and complicated to also allow charging...
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    Ohmmu Battery & 2020.28.6 update

    Pretty difficult to "fudge" the actual voltage the battery is putting out without an expensive, bulky high powered DC-DC converter. Too bad Ohmmu isn't more forthcoming with what the problem was, only thing they can modify is the BMS in that battery pack and all a BMS should do is prevent...
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    Tesla now RENTS solar panels

    I don't think you will see any peak demand reduction, APS peak period is 3pm - 8pm and your solar pretty much stops producing by 4pm in the winter. Peak demand is your highest 1 hour of use so cutting demand from 3pm - 5pm doesn't help your demand during the other 3 1 hr periods. I am on the...
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    Time-Based Control?

    It does seem simple to me, given a rate plan optimize for savings. In my case the only time I would want to charge the PW from solar is if the grid is down and my solar output is greater than my home consumption, I get paid more for my solar production fed back to the grid than it costs to get...
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    Aspark Owl

    They faked that time, it only made it 0.7 secs into the run before it appears to have lost power and slowed down for 0.2 secs and it wasn't until the 1.4 sec mark that it got back to the speed that it had at the 0.7 sec mark. It also appeared to be in limp mode at the end of the run, as it was...
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    Driving my Model 3 to Palm Desert Area for meet up!

    I would love to be able to take a look at your Model 3, I am in the Palm Desert area but my Bolt (and Spark EV before that) makes the trip to Cabazon regularly. I'm still 3-6 months away from getting my Model 3, still on the fence over whether I want the larger battery.
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    PowerWall 2 for time of use applicaiton

    Utilities that charge a per kW of installed solar are going to drive people away from feeding the grid, particularly where net metering is resulting in someone getting paid 3 cents/kWh while the energy is flowing to their neighbor's house where they are getting charged 15 cents/kWh. When the...