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  1. K

    HW3 Upgrade

    I should also note: It's a Model S 100D.
  2. K

    HW3 Upgrade

    Was done at the Vancouver SC. My car had HW2.5 and I had previously purchased the upgrade when it was down at $2k. I took ownership of the car Q4 2018, but I don't recall the exact month.
  3. K

    HW3 Upgrade

    You can schedule a service centre appointment for upgrading to HW3 and they'll do it if you're on the list. Had mine done last week. The orange cones showing up made me a bit giddy.
  4. K

    Vancouver strata charger installation

    I'm closer to Gateway. My original parking stall was closer to the parkade exit, so it was beneficial for the person. My building had parking bylaws and the procedure to swap was listed in there.
  5. K

    Vancouver strata charger installation

    Hmm... Less than $30. They haven't been consistent on the whole "charging me for electricity" deal but it averages less than $30.
  6. K

    Vancouver strata charger installation

    I'm in Surrey and went through the whole process somewhat recently. My unit's meter is too far away from my parking stall, so I was able to utilize the building's bylaws and *trade* parking stalls with another unit so that I was right beside the electrical room. Electrical work to wire up 60A...
  7. K

    V10 in Canada - what will it come with?

    2018 Model S. Got v10 but no summon.
  8. K

    Yellow Borders on MCU for Model S/X

    They did offer that, also said there’s no guarantees that it will work and that further treatments will cost.
  9. K

    Yellow Borders on MCU for Model S/X

    No, not new. This is for Canadian owners. Canada apparently has a different policy. It's not available yet in BC either.
  10. K

    Yellow Borders on MCU for Model S/X

    How many people here are suffering from this issue? The service centre is offering a one-time *good will* treatment, but will charge ~$90 for further treatments if the first time doesn't work. They were also unable to explain now it isn't a warranty issue.
  11. K

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    Just received and installed it on my 2018 Model S.
  12. K

    Dashcam footage of rear end collision

    No actually. 2018 car.
  13. K

    Dashcam footage of rear end collision

    I had AEB activate itself on Monday. There was a pileup in front of me and I was braking but the car determined I wasn't braking enough and it slammed on the brakes via AEB. It was... surprising, but effective.
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    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    So while I'm not on v9, I have some new observations to add. I traded in my old 2015 Model S for a 2018 Model S. My previous car would play all the songs but have intermittent *Loading Error* with no particular pattern to the errors. In the new car with no changes to my music flash drive, a...
  15. K

    What does a 2015 Model S go for?

    True that. 1. Air suspension. 2. Leather seats. 3. Black Carbon Fibre interior. 4. Cold weather package. 5. Sunroof. 6. Old style blue colour. 7. Technology package (HomeLink, Powered Liftgate, etc...) 8. Free supercharging.
  16. K

    What does a 2015 Model S go for?

    Tempted to upgrade and curious as to what my 2015 Model S would go for in the private market. Anyone got some sales data? EDIT: Should probably mention its a 85D with AP. That seems important. ;)
  17. K

    "Loading Error" when playing from flash drive.

    I've seen this happen with flac, aac, AND mp3 files.
  18. K

    "Loading Error" when playing from flash drive.

    Well, it mutes the autopilot notifications but I haven't been able to get the timing done for testing the collision warnings yet (They're easy to cause, but only in specific situations).
  19. K

    "Loading Error" when playing from flash drive.

    I *believe* the early collision warnings are muted as well. I vaguely remember testing that a few months ago when I first contacted the service centre about it. I'll see if I can check again.
  20. K

    "Loading Error" when playing from flash drive.

    ALL audio is muted including the early collision warnings. It's a safety concern too.
  21. K

    "Loading Error" when playing from flash drive.

    A few months ago I started getting very intermittent loading errors when playing my music from a flash drive. I replaced the drive but the errors continued. The flash drive contains a mix of mp3s, m4a, and flac. The loading error can happen on any file, and after it occurs, I can touch...
  22. K

    Cracked Windshield in Toronto - Model S

    Bad news for all of you still waiting. I had my windshield replaced a few days ago, was ordered around 2-3 weeks ago. I was told the current wait time is 5-6 weeks now. The service centre doesn't do it here, they referred me to Speedy Glass which did it just fine. Interestingly enough though...
  23. K

    silicone fobpocket - reviews/input?

    I have one too and I rather like it. Only downside is that the small tab that the keyring connects to is slowly being torn off.
  24. K

    [RESOLVED] Insuring Tesla...TD monnex won't :( where can I go?

    Jesus, you guys have high deductibles... I don't even think they go that high here. $200/comprehensive $500/collision here (BC)
  25. K

    Scratch Identity?

    Hit & Run and vandalism claims don't raise my rates.
  26. K

    Scratch Identity?

    I just have to figure out how to classify it to my insurance. Hit & Run? Vandalism? Or was it somehow my fault with the cable.
  27. K

    Scratch Identity?

    Was cleaning the parking sensors when I found these scratches on the front left bumper. The bottom one is quite deep. Any thoughts on what it might have been caused by? I'm fairly certain that it wasn't me. With that said, sometimes the HPWC cable bangs against that panel. Is there any...
  28. K

    Charging in Victoria

    Another Victorian here! Following up on what Ugliest1 (Hello!) said, the malls all have L2 chargers by ChargePoint. All the parkades + city-own properties have L2 chargers by AddEnergie (They usually have a card you can use to activate it but you need to ask an attendant during business hours)...
  29. K

    self employed finacing?

    It was more or less the same as through a bank actually. Vancity offers a good rate for green vehicles and Tesla was pretty close to that. The rest of the banks had a higher rate.
  30. K

    self employed finacing?

    I'm in BC and I went through with this earlier in the year before I picked up my car. I'm self employed as well and all the banks wanted the last two years of CRA NoA's to show my income. Credit score and current income played very little role in it. Since I only got my current income this...
  31. K

    Lower back ache when driving for an hour. Seat adjustment tips?

    I usually put the lumbar support in the curve of my spine as thats where I always figured it should be. I am too tall to do much adjustment to the seat height. It's already as low as it goes and its still too high.
  32. K

    Tesla Premium Console for a Lease

    I wouldn't say its hard to install, but its definitely a very tight fit. I'd be scared of breaking something trying to remove mine. I imagine Tesla would remove it on request when you turn your car in.
  33. K

    Lower back ache when driving for an hour. Seat adjustment tips?

    This is my first car that has had such a customizable seat and I'm completely clueless on how I should be adjusting it. Right now, if I drive for an hour or so, my lower back starts to ache and burn. I believe that's what the lumbar support is for but I have yet to figure out the best way to...
  34. K

    Has valet fee in Canada changed?

    I actually asked a Vancouver Service tech about this. He said there wasn't any plans to stop the $100 ranger fee at that centre because of how vast the area they have to cover is. Considering he wouldn't actually have any control over what they charge, take it with a grain of salt, but that's...
  35. K

    Frunk electric lock?

    I know right? I can only assume the mechanism was already there but only activated with the latest update. I distinctly remember having to push with two hands until I heard/felt it latch. Now, I just gave a little bit of force and I could hear some electric mechanism activate and take it the...
  36. K

    New way to unlock car for passengers?

    On the giant touchscreen, the car locks and unlocks if you press the lock icon (v7) on the top left. Before v7, I thought you had to put the car into park before the doors would unlock. New feature?
  37. K

    Frunk electric lock?

    Before v7.0, I clearly remember having to push down on the frunk until it latched. When I showed off the frunk today, I only had to use very little force before I heard an electric lock catch and close the frunk. Am I remembering wrong, or did something change? I have a 2015 85D built in May.
  38. K

    Trip Planning - Toronto to Victoria

    Aye, thats the one. Its been there months now and does indeed show up on plugshare.com. I charged there when I first got my Tesla. There is also one in Duncan and another in Nanaimo. Do you, by chance, have the High Powered Stations option unchecked? EDIT...
  39. K

    EVmote App

    You need to get a SSL cert on there.
  40. K

    Trip Planning - Toronto to Victoria

    We also have a province-owned CHAdeMO charger you can use. It's not free though.
  41. K

    3G connectivity issues since V6.xxx

    The above is a reply I got from my local service centre when I asked about the issues and LTE.
  42. K

    Distance to Service Center an Issue?

    I live on an island. Its about $75 each way to bring a car to the mainland where the service center is...
  43. K

    Premium Front Console docked iPhone during takeoff?

    Any possible damage to docked iPhones with Tesla's Premium Front Console during launches? It looks like it might bend the connector a bit.
  44. K

    Woo! Got my custom plate!

    Finally got my custom plate.
  45. K

    Key FOB tricks and Uses

    Yep. Just press the edge and it will open. There's a physical button under the edge. (85D)
  46. K

    iTunes to Tesla Music Copy Script

    I wrote a powershell script that'll copy an itunes library to a flash drive converting any Apple Lossless files to FLAC in the process. It will also create a folder called Playlists and copy songs there too. Get it from: joshmackey/TeslaMusicCopy · GitHub Get FFMPEG (for converting) here...
  47. K

    NEMA 1-15 120V charging without ground

    Don't those two-prong outlets usually have that ground screw on the lower half?
  48. K

    Newer VIN constant 12v power options (dashcam)?

    Ordered this: DC DC Converter Buck Module 12V to 5V Mini USB Output Power Adapter Car: Amazon.ca: Electronics so I won't need to find an extra cable.
  49. K

    Special care with gum removal?

    Found that somebody stuck some gum near my wheel and have been looking at ways to remove it. Would a standard bug and tar remover have any affect on the paint?
  50. K

    Easy iTunes playlist syncing for Tesla USB flash drive

    I've got a windows version of this if anyone is interested...