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  1. Ronbo

    Aero wheel cap kit

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TTB2YBW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is the set that I bought, although I see it shows “currently unavailable”.
  2. Ronbo

    Aero wheel cap kit

    You can get it for about half price on Amazon.
  3. Ronbo

    What are you guys using your 12 volt socket for?

    I also use it for my portable air compressor.
  4. Ronbo

    Deep Blue Metallic PPSB touch up paint

    If you read what he wrote you’d see that price wasn’t his only issue.
  5. Ronbo

    No garage door opener?

    More accurately Tesla saved themselves a few bucks per car by deleting it as standard equipment.
  6. Ronbo

    Teslas to show side cameras when backing up. Yes!

    I also look at the visualization before changing lanes but, maybe I’m old-fashioned, I still always check my mirrors and look over my shoulder before the actual lane change. Can’t imagine not doing that.
  7. Ronbo

    Tesla app drains iPhone battery

    I had this issue after upgrading to iOS 13.5 but with a different app. Drained my phone in no time. I restarted the phone as explained above and it fixed the problem.
  8. Ronbo

    2 new cars both with update 2019.35...Your software is up to date

    It seems to take a month or so before you start receiving the updates. It’s normal.
  9. Ronbo

    Text message and favorite contacts issue

    First thing I would try is restarting your phone. This will often resolve these type of issues.
  10. Ronbo

    2020.4.1 incoming

    Yes I’ve noticed this too. I thought it was a purposeful gradual acceleration so it would avoid being jarring to the car’s occupants.
  11. Ronbo

    Current Best Music Source Option

    You can get around this. I have the free Spotify service and play it through the car using Bluetooth. Changing playlists is simply “Hey Siri play XXX with Spotify”. Works perfectly.
  12. Ronbo

    I feel forgotten

    I seem to remember from the owner’s manual that the driver’s profile doesn’t change automatically with which phone is used. I believe it must be selected manually anytime a different driver from the last enters to drive the car.
  13. Ronbo

    Anyone Notice Headlight Indicator is Always on after 2019.40.50.7?

    You don’t need FSD to see the new visualization icons. Make sure they are turned on via the Autopilot menu.
  14. Ronbo

    2019.40.50 for AP and non FSD

    Dan123 you also need to have Hardware V3. I believe your car was built some time before that.
  15. Ronbo

    2019.40.50 for AP and non FSD

    I believe the stop sign and traffic light visualization are only on US cars right now. My non-FSD car displays them.
  16. Ronbo

    Finally happened. Bumped rear wheel on a turn. Fixable?

    Nobody other than you will ever notice that. I’d leave it alone unless it’s driving you crazy.
  17. Ronbo

    Model 3 wipers do a neat trick!

    This isn’t new or exclusive to higher end cars. The wipers on my old 1971 Mustang parked under the cowl.
  18. Ronbo

    Thoughts on this look

    Don’t like that look at all.
  19. Ronbo

    Problem connecting new iPhone 11 to Bluetooth - phone as key works fine

    This is a long shot, but I’ve found that signing out of the Tesla app on my phone and signing back in will fix some odd problems. No idea if it will help with a Bluetooth issue but it’s one more thing to try. Good luck!
  20. Ronbo

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    This has to be a joke. It has to be.
  21. Ronbo

    Manual Transmission / Stick Drivers

    I’ve driven manual transmission cars exclusively for almost 50 years until I bought my Tesla. Being such a different experience I don’t miss it at all. Thought I might, but I don’t.
  22. Ronbo

    Katzkin Interior

    Your seats look great!
  23. Ronbo

    Small Dent

    I would start at a local bodyshop you trust. If it’s Tesla certified all the better. Should be an easy repair. No idea on the cost.
  24. Ronbo

    Is happy customer a priority at Tesla?

    To the OP, I just picked up my car today and I’d say Tesla is very concerned about their customer’s experience.
  25. Ronbo

    Model 3 red vs white, if red is free

    Color selection is totally subjective so get what you like, but between the two I would get red. FWIW I got blue/black.
  26. Ronbo

    Anyone getting 2 Years Free Supercharging/Upgrades

    Picked up my car today 9/22. I got the two year free supercharger use, and was told that this offer is good through the end of September.
  27. Ronbo

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    9/3 ordered and picked up the car today 9/22. LR Dual Motor blue/black. Drive home today was great, this car is a beast!
  28. Ronbo

    2 year free supercharging and car poking!

    Just got my car today, with the two years of free supercharging. I was told the supercharging offer is valid until the end of September.