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    Model Y - vehicle 4 weeks old already 2 tire punctures - warranty coverage?

    thought I was the only person to lose a tire to a box-blade...
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    Two questions about a new Y

    Actually they came out at the end of '20
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    MY Eating Tires

    I know my driving is probably the main cause as I am typically first off the line and bank the corners hard. I have the OEM Goodyear 255/40R/20 All Season I rotate every 6k - 8k I keep PSI around 40 to smooth out the ride. Original suspension. The rear shred more than the front. I put on...
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    MY Eating Tires

    2020 MY with 20's is going through tires about every 10 - 15k. Does anyone have some tips to prevent MY from eating tires so frequently?
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    preconditioning and regen braking

    Your garage sounds like it is warmer than the outside temperature, which is what is causing you to lose regen after you've left and have been driving in cold temps.
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    Are our new Mobile Connectors actually used?

    I remember when the Mobile Connector used to be included... 🙄
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    Discussion: HW.4 Suite - Availability, retrofit, suitability etc.

    The MY came out ahead of schedule...
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    Windshield Defogging issues

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    Model Y front windshield replacement

    I replaced mine through Safelite in December. I only had to wait until they had an available time slot for me to drop off as they only can do 2 Tesla replacements a day because they have to coordinate with Tesla to reconfigure the cameras.
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    Model Y cameras all not working

    Have you attempted the 2 button reset?
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    Nail in tire 🤬 is it repairable?

    Had a nail in the same place and patched it last week. Hasn't lost any pressure yet.
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    Service - No Uber/Loaner

    3 years ago before my Tesla, actually... And if I schedule the service visit, they would have a loaner available as well.
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    New 5mp camera upgrade possible?

    What fer?
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    Anyone hearing "SEGA" when the car boots up?

    I randomly have the Polytopia them song play when I startup the car. Then again, I used to play it all the time so I figured it was just residual data stuck in Memory.
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    General maintenance?

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    General maintenance?

    Treat them with?
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    Back seats dog cover

    The Tesla seat cover came out a few months ago and I love it.
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    Model Y LR Delivery, Registration in Houston TX area (and some newbie items)

    "In Houston you can ride with Paper plates for a long time too. But only if you are undocumented. 😉" is what I disagree with.
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    Mobile Service vs Service Center

    College Station? I was under the impression that you have to live less than 100 miles to qualify for mobile service.
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    Vendor Washer fluid recommendations for summer

    I've used the green RainX for 20 years without issue, including two years in the MY.
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    Automatic window and trunk safety

    Or a bump!
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    New horn sound

    I'm enjoying watching this guys carefully crafted image, crumble.
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    Not locking soon enough & unlocking too early. Adjust?

    Do you have a link for said handles?
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    What items would you take on a long road trip?

    Hollowed-out Bible.
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    What audio source do you use the most?

    FM tuned into NPR 95% of the time. Sounds great!
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    What did you name your car?

    Yulia...was an Xmas gift to myself.
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    Baby On Board magnet

    Just don't.
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    Reverse Camera Video Lag

    Am on 2022.4.5.3 and have to say that camera lag that I have been suffering for almost 18 months appears to have improved for the time being. Maybe there is hope...
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    Actual range less than 1/2?

    It is safe to assume you will only get about 2 miles per percent of battery. You'll need to find a place to charge or get the 14-50 adapter for your mobile charger so you can GTFO as quickly as possible, seeing as how they are your in-laws.
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    New red dot on Model 3 screen at top?

    It usually is. https://www.notateslaapp.com/software-updates/version/2022.4.5.3/release-notes
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    Closing the frunk with one hand

    My MY, 11/7/20 delivery date too!
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    Full matrix headlight functionality just approved by NHTSA!

    My 2013 Ford Fusion was lightyears above and beyond my '21 MY.
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    Charging cable not fully secured

    They replaced my charging port because they found a fault.
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    Buying $150 Key fob for wife, worth it?

    My battery died and was again left standing in the freezing rain trying to unlock the door. The car did warn me the battery was low but I was a little disgruntled that it died within 13 months of purchasing it and assumed it was cold weather related. It has since warmed up to almost 70 here...
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    V11 backup camera laggy

    IDK about you, but I'm ready TO GO as soon as I enter. Fix yo $hit, Tesla.
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Just dropping this here. Top Organization Contributors Also, why would he endorse someone that has actively worked against his best interests?
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    V11 backup camera laggy

    For sure. That's why they told me there was nothing they could do until the service bulletin for the issue is resolved.
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Unfortunately, the Venn Diagram of TMC users and Joe Rogan fans is practically a circle...
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    Phone connected but not unlocking

    Make sure Android Battery Optimization is disabled for he Tesla app. Go to your smartphone's Settings Select "Apps & notifications" Select "Advanced" Select "Special app access" Select "Battery optimization"
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    Indicator Not Activating

    It happens more for half depresses than full, but I'd say its about 1:2. Just yesterday I let the SC know it happens at 3 specific times and I didn't bother telling them about the two on the drive home.
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    Indicator Not Activating

    LOL Why use two words when one works just fine?
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    Indicator Not Activating

    My commute is 11 miles each way, and I believe in moving around slower traffic so I use my blinker probably 10 - 20x during that drive. Sometimes, probably 5-20% of time, the blinker does not activate when I press it. It happens for both the half press and full press of the indicator stock but...
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    Reverse Camera Video Lag

    I've had the issue since Xmas update 2020, however the audio (spotify/FM/TuneIn) also "studders" along with the choppy video. It finally got so bad that I almost backed into a pole because the video froze for about 10' of backing up, so I reported it to SC back in November '21. Finally got it in...
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    Side Cameras and Purple Light

    They have not informed me that the replacement is not covered under warranty. They did push the apt until the 14th due to another issue I have them looking at. Only time will tell.
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    Side Cameras and Purple Light

    We will find out soon what they replace it with. Regardless, it's strange seeing as though my Nov 2020 MY's left indicator does not block the camera but the right one does...
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    V11 backup camera laggy

    Had the same issue since the 2020 Xmas update. It's literally in the shop for the issue right now and they told me it was an issue with the latest firmware. Fighting them about it now as having a defective backup camera and/or MCU (the audio studders along with the camera freezing) is a...
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    Side Cameras and Purple Light

    I put in a service ticket for mine and they are replacing next week.
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    Is there a list of vocal commands

    For the exact same reason you can't say "Alexa, open my garage door." or "Alexa, disarm the alarm.", it's a security risk, or in child lock case, a safety risk.
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    Snow storm

    I lived in mine last year during the Texas freeze for 3 days. Lost about 20% a day with HVAC, Hulu, and laptop running.