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    Hopped in the car today and myQ started working again. I'm not signed up for the paid subscription, is there another 30 day free trial going on? Anyone know? -Cheers
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    Sticky/Clunky/Crunchy Gas Pedal sound upon release.

    My car doesn't have that issue, probably because I don't have a gas pedal....lol😜😉
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    Cleaning the sun visors and area above windshield

    Steam clean, with a little APC.
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    New Tires Install - Uneven Front and Rears

    Thanks. That's pretty cool.....So say my car pulls slightly to the right, I would go into service mode and adjust the angle to the left a few degrees and go for a short test drive, then reevaluate after? ...Also, would it be advantageous to reset to zero before taking it in for an alignment at a...
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    New Tires Install - Uneven Front and Rears

    I was messing around in the service menu today.....What does resetting the steering angle do?
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    Question about A/C Operation

    In my car, if only driver is in the car.......If your dash and floor vent "button" is selected on, both driver and passenger vents/on screen controls will function. Conversly, if only your dash vent button is selected on(no floor), it won't turn on passenger side vent/controls. I suspect that's...
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    New 5mp camera upgrade possible?

    Possible. Not probable. 😉
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    Power Inverters for newer 16V Outlet Cars

    The only unit I've found to work in my MYP, is this 120 watt unit front Harbor Freight. Not ideal, but better than nothing. https://www.harborfreight.com/automotive/automotive-accessories/inverters/120-watt-continuous240-watt-peak-modified-sine-wave-power-inverter-56574.html
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    Issues with Glass roof and rear passengers / Kids

    Wrong. ❌️ 👇 Win•dow noun 1. an opening in the wall or roof of a building or vehicle that is fitted with glass or other transparent material in a frame to admit light or air and allow people to see out.
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    Issues with Glass roof and rear passengers / Kids

    Dude...you're funny. Have you ever complained about any other car windows not being tinted? The answer to the rhetorical question is no. Everyone just gets their windows tinted if they want more shade/less sun.
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    What inverters work with the 16 volt Tesla low voltage power socket?

    I tried a few from Amazon, Wallyworld, and big box hardware....none of the 120 AC outlets worked, only the USB's. Finally found one at Harbor Freight that works. It's only a 120w, but better than nothing...
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    Undercarriage cup

    At least you now know the service techs jacked your car properly. 👍
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    MY key fob no longer on Tesla store site

    Key fobs are soooo 2019.🙄 😉
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    Has the rear camera view been updated?

    Noticed the same today. No doubt, it definitely changed.
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    Installed Swivel Mount but encountered loose problem..

    It clearly sounds/looks like you did something wrong during the install. Try again.
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    Accidentally Hitting Seat Adjustment Controls

    I just confirmed, you are the only person on the face of the Earth having this problem. 🤣
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    Wheel Noise

    Turn up the volume on your stereo....Problem solved.
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    Single click/knock noise when accelerating or slowing to a stop - MYP

    Part of the fun with this vehicle is the great sound system. TURN IT UP, jam out....your clicking sounds will disappear. No more worries.😉
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    Model Y HEPA filter air intake cover?

    Google search...model y air intake vent cover. Problem solved.👍
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    Weak Windshield Wiper Spray - Normal or Service Call?

    Uh, yeah....that doesn't look normal.
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    Decisions Decisions

    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....don't over think it. 😉
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    Single folding side mirror from touch screen?

    3asy solution....Just hire a contractor and make your garage wider.
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    Tesla model Y

    Yes. But then again, maybe no.
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    Tire protection from discount tire

    Geographical location and road conditions in your area should also be a consideration.
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    Tire protection from discount tire

    I just bought the Discount tire road Hazzard, it was $225 for the Michelin's. $56/tire seemed like a reasonable price for what it offers.
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    Why my Wh/mi so bad?

    Stop driving like an A-hole, and your #'s will get better....lol😉🤣
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    How about a drive in movie mode?

    Uh.... drive-in movie? What's that?.....lol🤣
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    Did you make a mistake with installing rear mud flaps? I did it until seller send me the instruction.

    ...as opposed to?? Where else might you put them? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    Vendor UPDATE (IN STOCK): Be notified when LDCRS 2022/2021 Model Y Floor Mats are available! (And launch discount)

    These mats come from the same Chinese supplier as the 3DMAX, minus the logo, correct?? Much better w/o the logo👍
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    Model Y Headlights Flash in my garage every minute

    Check your app, sometimes mine automatically turns Sentry back on. ...or maybe you've got Gremlins living in the garage?? 🤷‍♂️🤣
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    What did you name your car?

    Wagon Queen Family Truckster 🤣
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    Cover for Passenger inside door handle

    Forget the cover.....get new passengers😉
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    3D-printed rear seat shoulder belt guides

    Bought some a few months ago, just installed today. They look pretty good, and seem to function well too.👍
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    What is the whooshing sound I hear when I'm in the car in park?

    The answer to every strange new noise you hear is always going to be.......It's the Gremlins playing under the hood. Let them be.
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    Brand new Model Y noise while parked

    It's the Gremlins playing under the hood. Let them be.
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    Mirror Wrap Suggestions

    This wrap seems kinda exciting....and hip to the times. 🤷‍♂️🤐🤣
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    Newest wall charger questions

    Do you happen to know what the newest firmware version # is?
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    Intel chip time again...

    I heard, the MY orders placed before the most recent price hike are getting the old chip/battery. Anyone who paid more, gets the upgraded car.
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    Hansshow auto frunk warped my hood?

    Yikes😳 That doesn't look good. Although.....it's still probably within Tesla spec. 🥁🥁
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    2022 Model Y Took delivery today

    That stinks. .....and for 90 Grand? You definitely got ripped off.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    MYP/MSM/BLK, Just assigned 19th-22nd. See you there. 😉
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    Florida Waiting Room

    Just about the same here. MYP, MSM, Feb 15th - Mar15. Must be pumping out a large batch of P's around that time frame.
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    New Model Y high pitch whining sound

    High pitched whining sound you say.....just let your significant other out of the car. Problem solved.👍😉
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    Occasional Knocking Sound and feel from underneath the car

    Gremlins under the floor....trying to get in to stay warm.
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    Austin will start MY production within the next 7-10 days. You heard it here 1st.
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    Current Delivery Times

    My SA just called about a trade-in question I had. I inquired about the auto hold removal yesterday, she said I still won't be considered for a vin match until 1/1/22, then depending on specific config(MYP for me), it could still take several months. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I think I'm more confused now than...
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    Current Delivery Times

    Same here. 1/1 hold changed to prepare 4 delivery.
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    Fragile top glass and windshield 😠

    Lol....just the opposite, drive it like you stole it, and get the heck outa there.🤣🤣
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    2022 MYP 90% Range

    Maybe that's why it's "estimated" range.
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    Door handles are hard to see at night

    First World problems 🙄