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  1. Art VandeIay

    Door Opener Not Present in the App

    Unfortunately that feature is only available for Palladium Model X' with the horizontal screen. Since you have a 2020 Raven, you can only use the key fob to open the doors. The Tesla app only allows you to unlock and lock the vehicle remotely. We just recently replaced my wife's 2019 Raven...
  2. Art VandeIay

    Used X Plaid or New Model X LR

    You should check out this thread with the exact same Dilemma. I would go for the 2022 Plaid just for the fact that it [still] has working ultrasonic sensors, so the automatic front doors work as they were originally designed for, but most importantly, the ability to choose via a software...
  3. Art VandeIay

    Turn Signal Auto Cancel on 2024.14.7?

    The "Park Assist" option in settings is only available for Palladium S and X with ultrasonic parking sensors. It let's the driver choose if they want the traditional parking interface with the distance measurements and the color arches or the new Tesla Vision with the High Fidelity Park Assist...
  4. Art VandeIay

    Supercharging - how to keep cabin on sitting back seat

    Leave the driver's seatbelt buckled behind you, press the brake pedal (in case you see the Car off message in the Instrument Cluster) and then open the driver's door and move to the second row seats.
  5. Art VandeIay

    Anyone know these wheels

    Yes. They are Martian MW05. Martian Wheels
  6. Art VandeIay

    Cabin Overheat Protection: how to activate?

    Since you have a European Model S, you first have to disable the Tilt/Intrusion feature. You can find out more here: Tesla Owner's Manual
  7. Art VandeIay

    ADDING Chrome - is there a kit

    Interesting timing for this post @StanMI, as I was planning on tackling this exact job this weekend. My wife has a 2019 Raven Performance Model X and we just got a Plaid to replace the Raven yesterday. We both just CAN'T stand the new look of the chrome delete look, specially on darker color...
  8. Art VandeIay

    2023 Model S is a disappointment.

    Actually, if you have Autopilot Hardware 4, your 2023 has one camera less than your 2018, as the inline triple cam on the windshield now has a dummy camera 🤦‍♂️... granted the other 7 cameras have a much higher resolution.
  9. Art VandeIay

    2022 Used Model X Plaid or 2024 New Model X Non Plaid

    I would get the 2022 (June Build) Model X Plaid just for the fact that it [still] has working ultrasonic sensors, so the automatic front doors work as they were originally designed for, but most importantly, no ridiculous High Fidelity Park Assist 🤦‍♂️on the 2022... plus all the benefits of...
  10. Art VandeIay

    Drivers setting and dashboard display questions

    Tesla Model S Owner's Manual:
  11. Art VandeIay

    Problem with AP and CC in 2017 MS

    You can do number 2 from the Service Menu (which I know you can access just by seeing the pictures you uploaded to your first post in this thread) and number 3 you need Toolbox 3 and a Ethernet-Fakra cable.
  12. Art VandeIay

    Problem with AP and CC in 2017 MS

    Hola all the way to beautiful Spain! I had the exact same issue and the exact same service mode error with my February built 2017 Model S 100D with FSD. I have a rooted MCU2, so I decided to check out what was going on with the backup camera feed, and your suspicion is completely correct. It...
  13. Art VandeIay

    FWDs “open fully at this location” nowhere to be found…

    I was having the same issue with our Model X on 2023.38.6, and I found out that the "open fully at this location" needs a fresh GPS lock, since this feature is location based. So I took a short drive around the neighborhood, came back home, parked inside the garage and used the physical button...
  14. Art VandeIay

    Perforated Seats in P100D

    I'm going to cross-post here and quote myself from another thread:
  15. Art VandeIay

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Unfortunately not so unusual issue. Some very early first batches of the FSD computer had overheating issues. Watching your video, your Autopilot ECU overheated and has now failed. There are a few owners here (myself included) who went through this. If you open the Service Menu on your 2020...
  16. Art VandeIay

    2017 Model X Windshield Wiper Proble.

    Known software bug... As with many things Tesla, the software updates are like a box of chocolates... You can find out more here and here.
  17. Art VandeIay

    ECU shutdown Assistenzsysteme ausgefallen

    Ja, das ist richtig. Sie müssen mit Ihrer Tesla-App einen Servicetermin vereinbaren, um das Steuergerät auszutauschen.
  18. Art VandeIay

    ECU shutdown Assistenzsysteme ausgefallen

    Hallo, Es tut mir leid, Ihnen mitteilen zu müssen, dass Ihr Autopilot-Computer tot ist. Einige andere Besitzer (ich eingeschlossen) beschäftigen sich mit genau demselben Problem. Es ist noch zu früh, das zu sagen, aber es scheint, dass es eine Reihe schlechter FSD-Computer gibt, die überhitzen...
  19. Art VandeIay

    Window not closing completely.

    I have this issue with my 2017 Model S like once or twice a year. It's simple to fix. The window control module needs recalibration. Make sure you are sitting in the driver's seat and you must have your key fob with you. Then perform the following steps: Window Re-Calibration
  20. Art VandeIay

    Autopilot/FSD, navigation, and side backup cameras not working

    Hi Larry, I'm sorry to tell you your Autopilot computer is dead. A few other owners, (myself included), are dealing with this exact same issue. It's still too early to tell, but it seems there's a bad batch of Full Self-Driving computers that overheat and fail. You can find out more in this...
  21. Art VandeIay

    How to manually open the rear doors of a 22MS

    It's all a matter of perspective... Better to have a definitive "You don't have a manual release at all in your Model 3 so don't count on it, than to have a Model Y and have a 50/50 chance of maybe having one"...
  22. Art VandeIay

    How to manually open the rear doors of a 22MS

    Be glad that you don't have a Model X!!! The Model S back doors become simple normal doors once you get them open... On the X you have to remove the speaker grill at the bottom of the Falcon Wing Door (FWD) by pulling it towards the 2nd row seat. Just out of curiosity, I tried it on my wife's X...
  23. Art VandeIay

    How to manually open the rear doors of a 22MS

    Please don't take this the wrong way -as I'm genuinely curious- but wouldn't it be easier to just type the word: "Doors" in the search box of the Tesla Online Owner's Manual, than to write a whole new forum thread on TMC?
  24. Art VandeIay

    Sat Nav location frozen - few other bugs

    Enable Service Mode and click on Driver Assist and then Cameras. Take a picture with your phone of your ECU section in Fallback mode and schedule a Service appointment through your Tesla App with the picture you took. Forget about the stupid email they want you to send them...
  25. Art VandeIay

    Sat Nav location frozen - few other bugs

    Forget about Full self-driving, Dashcam/Sentry, a working Instrument Cluster behind the steering wheel and headlights that turn-on on their own when it gets dark... The things I miss the most about all the features lost with the death of the Autopilot ECU, are the battery preconditioning when...
  26. Art VandeIay

    Sat Nav location frozen - few other bugs

    Hey @mvrlogins, I'm going through this exact same situation right now with my 2017 Model S 😢, and it's a very rough road, unfortunately... In short, your Autopilot 3.0/FSD computer is in Fallback mode and is dead. @Nikon201068 and a few of us here are going through the same problem. All the...
  27. Art VandeIay

    Viewing Sentry Videos on MCU1?

    MCU1 is the issue here. You could buy the fastest and largest USB drive money can buy, and still MCU1 wouldn't be able to process the video feed from the cameras, [let alone write to the drive], fast enough to produce a watchable clip.
  28. Art VandeIay

    Viewing Sentry Videos on MCU1?

    From a technical standpoint, the hardware that determines if your Tesla can record video to a USB drive, is the Autopilot computer (only Autopilot 2.5 and 3.0 computers can)... BUT since the feed from the rearview camera goes first to the MCU and then to the Autopilot ECU (with the other 7...
  29. Art VandeIay

    MCU2 upgrade downsides?

    I know you said you never used it anyway, but your XM radio should still work after the MCU upgrade. I had mine done on a 2017 Model S, and I still have XM on my vehicle (it stutters and refuses to save favorites), but it works... There are 2 different part numbers for the radio tuner for...
  30. Art VandeIay

    Why can’t I just plug in and have it automatically charge?!

    Sad to see that the "official Tesla channel" has only owned Teslas "in the United Kingdom" and only for "over 7 years" considering the company was incorporated in 2003 ;)... Here's the real official Tesla YouTube Channel
  31. Art VandeIay

    No longer WTB - Model S/X Autopilot 3.0 FSD computer ECU

    You are right! Bummer :(. Thanks anyway David, I really appreciate it!
  32. Art VandeIay

    I retrofit MCU2, IC2, Tuner2, and FSD Computer into my HW2.0 Car

  33. Art VandeIay

    gen 3 wall connector slow start

    I was having the exact same issue with my Gen3 Wall Connector. Seems to be getting worse with every firmware update the Wall Connector gets. I realized it was the "Only Teslas" and "Only Authorized Teslas" can charge here setting that was causing the super delayed charging. I changed it back to...
  34. Art VandeIay

    How to keep lights on after stepping out of the car?

    Just needs to be inside the cabin when you press the brake pedal. After that, you can take it with you.
  35. Art VandeIay

    How to keep lights on after stepping out of the car?

    1.- Open driver's door. 2.- Buckle driver's seat belt. 3.- Press brake pedal. 4.- Turn on headlights if not on a dark enough location. 5.- Press the "fold" button (the one in the middle) on the mirror controls located on the driver's door, (the one on top of the window controls). 6.- Close...
  36. Art VandeIay

    Tesla coffee travel mugs don’t fit a S plaid

    It's not just a Model Y or Model 3 center console, it's the stock picture from the Tesla Shop:
  37. Art VandeIay

    Shared app use

    Yes, by "mothership" I mean the Tesla servers that manage the app services for the entire fleet. What happens when you (or your partner) open the Tesla app on your individual phones, is that the Tesla app (through the phone's internet connection) contacts Tesla servers (the mothership)...
  38. Art VandeIay

    Shared app use

    The "last seen" message you see in your Tesla app tells you the last time your car contacted the Mothership. This was just recently changed this way with version 4.12 of the Tesla app, as it previously used to tell you the last time someone's app contacted the vehicle.
  39. Art VandeIay

    No longer WTB - Model S/X Autopilot 3.0 FSD computer ECU

    UPDATE: Got a few contacts from very helpful TMC members, so this Autopilot ECU is no longer needed. Thanks to everyone who reached out... You know who you are!!! 😉 ORIGINAL POST: This may be a very long shot but here it goes... I'm looking for a Fused Autopilot 3.0 FSD hardware computer ECU...
  40. Art VandeIay

    model S turned on dyno mode - why?

    Should go away after a power off cycle, but you can also go to: Controls -> Software -> Press and hold the "Model S" logo at the top for 5 seconds until it flashes-> Type: "dynotest" in the Access Code text box.
  41. Art VandeIay

    2018 Model X with Enhanced Autopilot should I upgrade from 2.5 to 3.0 hardware.

    There's no retrofit path even for Palladium S/X models, let alone for the Legacy platform...
  42. Art VandeIay

    Camera calibration vanished

    Your Model S has Autopilot 1.0 hardware, so just a single camera on the windshield. Camera calibration is just available on vehicles with 8 cameras. Raven S and X began production during the last week of April 2019, so it's not a Raven thing. Camera Calibration is only available for AP2.0 and...
  43. Art VandeIay

    Camera Blind Spot MS Raven

    Since the Instrument Cluster is just a screen/display on MCU2 vehicles, it should appear there, just like on Hyundai/Kia vehicles. @verygreen did a amazing proof of concept a few years ago, so hardware-wise, it's very very possible: I would trade blind spot camera for the ability to...
  44. Art VandeIay

    Camera Blind Spot MS Raven

  45. Art VandeIay

    Model S not auto opening and requiring authentication with FOB

    Search is your friend! Service Center disabled the Passive Entry feature. Make sure to enable it in: Controls -> Safety -> Passive Entry
  46. Art VandeIay

    Model X 90D speed limit 90 ml/h

    1.- Correct. 2.- It changes the throttle mapping of the accelerator pedal. In short, it puts the vehicle in Chill mode in addition to limiting the top speed. 3.- It's quite hard for Tesla to keep up with all the hardware changes it does on its factory lines, so it's owner's manual has to be more...
  47. Art VandeIay

    Model X 90D speed limit 90 ml/h

    The feature you mention from your Tesla app screenshot was implemented with firmware version 2018.24 as a result of a tragic accident of two 18-year old teenagers in Florida. It is meant to tame the acceleration curve and top speed of the vehicle as a safety measure for inexperienced or young...
  48. Art VandeIay

    Update MCU

    Infotainment is the customer facing term Tesla uses for the MCU.
  49. Art VandeIay

    Update MCU

    Labor/installation costs are included in the price of the upgrade. The Service center should only charge you any applicable tax. As you can see in Tesla's own website, the Infotainment Upgrade should cost $1,750 plus tax for the MCU2 and additionally $500 plus tax for the FM/SiriusXM radio...