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  1. kinho

    Tesla App doesn't show location anymore?

    This happened to me the other day. I went into Apple Maps settings but didn't change anything, then back to the Tesla mobile app and my location address on the home screen no longer shows any address. I've rebooted the car, uninstalled/reinstalled the Tesla app, but the problem persists. Would...
  2. kinho

    2023.12.10 - LTE online but Tesla Support + app can't connect

    I get poor LTE connection where I park at home. Sometimes (1-2 times a week) I find that I am unable to sign into Spotify the next day even though the car shows I have 1 bar LTE connection. I am also unable to connect to the car via the App during these phases. I have tried to wait the car to...
  3. kinho

    P R N D display MS after update

    Yeah, it took me a few drives to readjust to the new cluster layout. But, after a day or two, your eyes/mind will get used to it.
  4. kinho

    Tesla 2020.28.5 Software Update

    Just updated to 2020.24.6.11 for my 2017 MX. Never had "Tesla Arcade", and games were always in "Entertainment" tab. They are still there along with all the goodies in my "Toy Box".
  5. kinho

    TuneIn radio issues

    MX 2017...running latest version of software in Hong Kong. TuneIn was running smoothly up until last week (with no OTA update). Right now, I can only see my favorites when the music screen is minimized, but when max'd, FAVORITES no longer show my channels, it only shows that I am logged in (as...
  6. kinho

    Model X cup holders stuck and not ejecting

    I ended up getting it fixed at the SC...free of charge.
  7. kinho

    V10 in Hong Kong

    Got V10 for my 2017 MX today. As expected no Smart Summon and no Tesla Theatre. No Caraoke and no Cuphead. No nothing. :( Well Joe mode is great if you’re annoyed at the chimes in traffic jams...and visualisations have been improved. Not sure if I would ever use the Tesla app to open windows...
  8. kinho

    V10 in Hong Kong

    i'm pretty sure we won't get smart summon since regular summon was not approved by TD. However, since Netflix/YT supposedly only works when the car is in Park with wifi, i'm hopeful this will be approved. unfortunately not many SC carparks have wifi, so don't think it will be used much.
  9. kinho

    V9.0 update

    yes: missile command, lunar lander, centipede and asteroids.
  10. kinho

    Does your MX charge port open with the HPWC/SC button?

    Since I got my MX in March 2017, I've never been able to open the charge port with the button on my HPWC or a SC. I've searched online and tried pointing the handle to the C pillar and the rear hatch window to no avail. It's probably easier just tapping the charge port to have it open, but does...
  11. kinho

    360 camera view and hotspot

    Wow! How???
  12. kinho

    Financing and insurance in Hong Kong

    You should try Cindy ([email protected]) at Prudential, email her with a brief explanation of your case and she'll follow up with a quotation.
  13. kinho

    New Map?

    unfortunately, if you look closely at the maps, a lot of detail is no longer there (like the outlines of building footprints)....hope map layers/details will be slowly pushed to our cars. i don't have wifi, and wonder if that's the reason why my new maps lacks the details of the old one.
  14. kinho

    New Map?

    Well it appears we got new maps after recent update. Looks dull to me, hope they will revert back to old maps, but Tesla support told me this is the new look. Sigh.
  15. kinho

    Upgraded to 2018.21.9

    New update fixes bug....unless you are used to having Energy Savings mode ON, coz that means sometimes you won't be able to connect via LTE (reboot fixes it). For the time being, turn it OFF and everything will be smooth as butter.
  16. kinho

    Just upgraded to 2018.18.2

    the trick is to start the car first THEN reboot MCU by pressing both scroll wheels. otherwise, you'll be holding both buttons down for a long long time. nothing you can do now but to wait until the next update to fix this bug.
  17. kinho

    Tesla App Down Again And CS has no idea what’s wrong

    App is up and running as of 11:34am local time.
  18. kinho

    Unauthorized use of my HPWC...

    And that is why you should keep the circuit where’d you get this? A fine looking box!
  19. kinho

    Automatic wipers on model x

    Got mine on Saturday, it's still in beta, but I find that the 2nd setting is much better than the 1st setting. I think it has no problem with light to heavy rain, but for misty rain it can be a bit slow.
  20. kinho

    Model X RHD Front Floor Mats Available in HK

    For those of you who may be waiting for the RHD front floor mats, I have good news. Tesla has them in stock now @ HK$1460 for a pair. If you're interested, give the service center a call to make sure they have a set for you.
  21. kinho

    Bob Lutz: Tesla "going out of business"

    In reply to Lutz' point where Tesla has no special sauce, I'd like to add that they have a growing network of superchargers, a great design and engineering team, a CEO with a vision that appeals to a sizable audience. Are those not Tesla's special ingredients? Not to mention the gigafactory...
  22. kinho

    "Software" performance upgrade of Model S and X (75D and 100D; but not 90D!!!)

    I have a MX 75D, called SC and my car is eligible for the performance upgrade lowering 0-60mph time from 6.0s to 4.9s. I'm scheduled for the upgrade next week. Was told that the upgrade takes about 2-3 hrs.
  23. kinho

    trunk opens half way

    Here's a work around, although it requires an additional step: 1) If your trunk doesn't open to it's pre-set height, wait for it to open then 2) Click (do not hold) the "open trunk" button on the trunk again, this will override the overrhead sensors and open fully.
  24. kinho

    Auto-fold Mirror suddenly stopped folding today.

    UPDATE: Since Tesla HK said they could not push a firmware update for my car at will, I scheduled an appointment to have this non-responsive folding mirror problem fixed, but had to wait until late November. Then, last week, got a regular push update for my car, after which, the mirrors worked...
  25. kinho

    Auto-fold Mirror suddenly stopped folding today.

    thanks guys. apparently Tesla can't OTA update individual cases in HK...so it's off to the service center I will go. unfortunately, they are full until mid-Nov. have no choice but to live with that.
  26. kinho

    Auto-fold Mirror suddenly stopped folding today.

    Ok, so there wasn't an OTA update last night, and I didn't do anything different. But noticed the mirrors of my MX didn't fold when locked this morning. Reset MCU, nothing. Tried to manually fold, no can do. Read on forums that many people experienced this after the running the Xmas light show...
  27. kinho

    New EV charging corner at Festival Walk

    Try opening it manually:
  28. kinho

    Front Trunk unable to open - Model X Safety concern

    You can open the frunk manually from the front bumper, a little known secret that allows anyone to access the frunk. That's why you should never put your valuables up in there. Check out this old video by LIKE TESLA:
  29. kinho

    Spotify Tesla Account not working

    ***FIX***FIX***FIX***FIX*** got my update today, after which couldn't sign into my tesla spotify account. reset the mcu (hold both scroll wheels for a few seconds until the display goes out), then all was back to normal. try it and see if it works for you as well.
  30. kinho

    Autopilot and parking now available in HK for AP2

    for those who got the latest software update, have they activated auto wipers?
  31. kinho

    Model X Key Box (with keychain) available now!

    I purchased them online through abstract ocean. Since I don't use the key fob with a keychain, this was the best solution for me to keep my keys free of scratches. I choose "stealth black" which is completely black. Buy Car Accessories and Parts of Tesla Model X Online
  32. kinho

    Model X Key Box (with keychain) available now!

    For those of you who took delivery of your Model X without getting the "X" box (w/keychain), it's available now for free behind the showroom in Tsuen Wan where you took delivery of you car. Go get yours now! (Yeah it's not fingerprint friendly but is still a good looking box for your spare key...
  33. kinho

    Model X cup holders stuck and not ejecting

    Yes, previously when it was first delivered, all you had to do was push it gently and it would eject out (springs). And if you wanted to close it, push it back it and it locks. Now after being bumped, the spring is jammed, you can feel the friction and it locks in place. To open now, i need to...
  34. kinho

    Model X cup holders stuck and not ejecting

    My son bumped the 2nd row cup holders recently and now when I push it in, it doesn't eject out. I can't find how to remove the mechanism for repair. Anyone have any advice?
  35. kinho

    Autopilot and parking now available in HK for AP2

    Just got this in the mail. Seems like Tesla is going to roll out the autopilot updates to MX's soon if not already.
  36. kinho

    Opening the trunk in car park fix...kind of

    As some of you may have discovered, that even if you set the opening height of the trunk, it will almost always open to its default height when opened in a car park where clearance is low. Problem is that the default height is relatively low and I've bumped my head a few times and it's not a...
  37. kinho

    360 camera view and hotspot

    if they could only implement a software that allows a bird's eye view while parking...with all the cameras in AP2, this should be easily accomplished (ok, i can do without the front view).
  38. kinho

    Loose Rearview Mirror (interior)

    Picked up my MX in March, and almost immediately suspected that the interior rearview mirror was loose. It would hold its position for smaller drivers, but at the angle that would allow me, a taller person to see, it would kind of wobble slowly and shift upwards. Last month, the SC told me that...
  39. kinho

    Model X Build Quality

    Yeah I had a similar experience testing the TACC a few weeks ago. It was on Fanling Highway somewhere in between Sheung Shui and Fanling (heading towards Shatin direction) when the car braked even though there wasn't a car directly in front of me. However, there was this big column which may...
  40. kinho

    Model X Build Quality

    You may want to try it in an open space. The trunk has a sensor that overrides the saved height if it detects an obstacle overhead (low clearance), which unfortunately means most local carparks.
  41. kinho

    2017 FRT Renewal

    I think it's actually the date you confirmed your order, a binding contract with terms and specs and pricing. The M3 hasn't even been built, and therefore our deposit is a non-binding (fully refundable) reservation to be able to purchase the vehicle when available.
  42. kinho

    Model X Energy Consumption Rate

    MX 75D, 20" wheels, averaging about 250wh/km. MX is about 12-15% heavier than the MS, hence less efficient.
  43. kinho

    Dash Cam Installation

    How do I sign up if I want an English version one too? Can you disable the "greeting" every time it turns on? That can be quite annoying.
  44. kinho

    HK: Model X Deposit date - confirmation - Sequence # - expected delivery

    No, the premium package does not include the "performance pedal set", at least not in mine.
  45. kinho

    Model X Floor Mats

    CORRECTION: Small Trunk Mat @ HK$730, Frunk Mat @HK$650, 6 Seater Mat @ HK$1,300 = HK$2,680.
  46. kinho

    Model X Floor Mats

    The red TESLA bag is the emergency first aid kit, which also includes a foldable hazard sign. This kit is found in the frunk and attaches itself to the inner linings like velcro. Funny thing is that the back of the kit is a smooth surface that works like velcro, but doesn't feel or look like any...
  47. kinho

    Model X Floor Mats

    IMG_9451 by kinho posted Mar 6, 2017 at 4:24 PMIMG_9449 by kinho posted Mar 6, 2017 at 4:24 PMIMG_9446 by kinho posted Mar 6, 2017 at 4:24 PMIMG_9445 by kinho posted Mar 6, 2017 at 4:24 PMIMG_9444 by kinho posted Mar 6, 2017 at 4:24 PMIMG_9443 by kinho posted Mar 6, 2017 at 4:24 PMI bought the...
  48. kinho

    Model X Build Quality

  49. kinho

    Model X Build Quality

    where can I find the checklist? taking delivery tomorrow.
  50. kinho

    HK: Model X Deposit date - confirmation - Sequence # - expected delivery

    I decided to go with Prudential, and windshield coverage is now $30k without affecting NCD.