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  1. gde_eu

    Any Tesla owner from Europe

    Yeap, they are plenty of chargers/destination chargers around here. The problem is more the have the right access card to activate them. They are few operator that provide European wide roaming service.
  2. gde_eu

    U-Joint Problems

    I have the same problem on a 2017 X90. I'm waiting feedback from Tesla. Do you know if it's safe to drive like this? The "tight/loose" is barely noticeable and without post like this one I don't know if I would even have contacted Tesla. Thanks.
  3. gde_eu

    Extended Warranty Switzerland (Tesla Anschlussgarantieversicherung)

    I have for that damn eMMC chip (before the recall) and for a failing trunk door lock. The process was absolutely like usual. I don't even know the cost of the repair. All was done between Tesla and the Insurance. The only think I had to do is to provide Tesla the insurance policy number.
  4. gde_eu

    Is Your MCU1 Model X Still on 2019.40.2.1?

    I have a MX 90D april 2017 (MCU1, AP2) I receive 2019.40.2.5 at the very beginning of the year (don't remember when exactly) (I'm in Europe)
  5. gde_eu

    Limiting Autopilot on S and X with new software

    I have AP1 and AP2 cars. The AP1 was never affected and still work fine. I'm afraid that by this email they inform they will kill the usefullness of AP1 as well. I'll not do the update for now !
  6. gde_eu

    2019.40.2.3 for AP1 cars

    Did the 419 wh/km normal for your driving style ? (never see that except in mountain)
  7. gde_eu

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Did someone apply 2019.40.2.2 in Europe ? How behave the AP1 ? (today, I prefer AP1 than AP2 and I don't want AP1 will be downgraded to AP2 level !)
  8. gde_eu

    Reduced mileage after 2 years

    In my use case, I charge at 70% when I reach 30% with a Tesla home charge, it's about once a week. About once a month, I charge to 100% for a trip that need that and maybe 5-6 times à year I do road trip > 1000 miles with several supercharge each day, occasionally to 100%. Your 7% looks a bit...
  9. gde_eu

    Reduced mileage after 2 years

    MS85, 4 years + 4 months, 76'000 km (47'000 M). Battery down by 2.8% (30% supercharging)
  10. gde_eu

    67 Miles To 0 Miles In One Hour In The Driveway

    Try holding the two wheel for a "very" long time. If the car is in an infinite loop it can take a while to react. Is the screen responsive ? If yes, did you try the power shutdown from the menu ?
  11. gde_eu

    67 Miles To 0 Miles In One Hour In The Driveway

    Never heard about that but did you try a reboot ? The software is maybe stuck in a power hungry cycle indeed using more power that the plug can provide.
  12. gde_eu

    Nav on Autopilot arrives in Switzerland

    Yes, it's a pity but I probably don't want to use it as it is now. The car want to change lane all the time for no reason (I spend more time cancelling the lane change that accepting) and it failed most of the time to detect work zone and keep wanting to change lane to go "back on the road". I...
  13. gde_eu

    Drove 18 miles today, took 32 miles of range

    Was it windy ? Strong head wind can cause such consumption hike.
  14. gde_eu

    2019.20.1 update in EU

    Thanks for the info. Sadly, I think we'll never receive Enhanced summon in EU (or Switzerland for that matter) as the new law impose a bluetooth connection and a 6 meters maximum distance from the car making this feature moot (Let's hope I'm wrong...)
  15. gde_eu

    Random Car Alarm Triggers

    Yes, same here (2019.16.2), happen twice in the garage with no reason. (I'm in Europe so I think the so called "Enhanced Anti-Theft" is installed by default since day one here)
  16. gde_eu

    Nav on Autopilot arrives in Switzerland

    I also notice an improvement but it's probably not linked to 2012.16.2 as I'm still on 2019.12.1.1. It's more probably linked to the good weither we have currently :-) I have to admit it's not so common to see consumption below 200 wh/km with the X, especially driving at highway speed.
  17. gde_eu

    Nav on Autopilot arrives in Switzerland

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm on the fence (receive the update but didn't apply yet). I like how AP work today (and I'm using auto lane change all the time). I'm not too afraid about tight turns, it should not happen too often... will see if I can wait :-)
  18. gde_eu

    Nav on Autopilot arrives in Switzerland

    Does the new restriction imposed by law on Autopilot a real problem in the country ? Do you often see "autopilot limited" on highways ? Is NoA worth it in Switzerland ?
  19. gde_eu

    Tesla charger won’t open charge port

    Mine suddenly stop working either, neither at a Supercharger. Tesla told me it's a software bug. (I'm on 2019.11.1, AP2, MCU1). It still work with same release on an AP1 car.
  20. gde_eu

    [2019.12.1.2] [Supercharging]

    It's the opposite for me (90D), I had 103kw max before and now I can reach 116kw (same as my old S85 was doing since day 1) I imagine that's the max of the Supercharger stations (I'm in Europe). Maybe 20% is not "low" enough to reach max peak.
  21. gde_eu

    MX on 2019.8.3 but still no navigate on drive

    You are probably right. My S85 was already getting 116 since day 1 in 2015. It's was not the case with the X90D. Now both can max the supply. Let's wait they move to 150 kw :-)
  22. gde_eu

    MX on 2019.8.3 but still no navigate on drive

    I just got 116 kw on a 90D which I think is new. (It was barely over 100 previously). As for AP, I just drive about 1000 km the past two days all within CH without any complain (but yes, mostly highway). Work like a charm.
  23. gde_eu

    MX on 2019.8.3 but still no navigate on drive

    I'll try later today as I have to supercharge with an almost empty battery.
  24. gde_eu

    Sentry Mode: Model S - AP 2.0

    Thanks, I miss that thread. Will try that.
  25. gde_eu

    Sentry Mode: Model S - AP 2.0

    I also receive Sentry mode (April 2017, AP 2.0). Someone know how to test it ? The release note don't talk about USB, it just said send footage to "Tesla cloud". I can activate the mode and when I approach and "shake" the car, the screen light up with HAL showing but I don't get notification nor...
  26. gde_eu

    MX on 2019.8.3 but still no navigate on drive

    good catch ! But we still don't have NOA...
  27. gde_eu

    MX on 2019.8.3 but still no navigate on drive

    MX with 2019.8.5 today but still no NoA. Maybe they don't have enough miles in Swizerland/Austria for the IA to be confident (Germany is way bigger, so they got miles faster). Let's hope the big flock of M3 coming here will help!
  28. gde_eu

    Manual firmware update (for new charge port)

    You didn't mention, but did you connect to the 25956 port ?
  29. gde_eu

    True mileage of a 100kw MX in winter switzerland

    The problem is speed! In Switzerland we drive way faster than in Finland, especially in winter. 125-130 km/h is not uncommon to flow with the traffic, highway are everywhere. Consumption go crazy high (260-280 wh/km not uncommon). We also have mountains to climb (400-500 wh/km, even more) and...
  30. gde_eu

    True mileage of a 100kw MX in winter switzerland

    percent is percent. You don't know if you consume more or less than expected. Let's say I have to drive 300 km and I have 350 km to start with. I know (with the S), that if I don't go over 239 wh/km (average) I'll be fine (350*205/300). (you can use the 50 km average or consumption since start...
  31. gde_eu

    True mileage of a 100kw MX in winter switzerland

    I think you have to live with that. I'm in the same boat but with S85 and X90, same country and same condition. I can drive about 350 km with the S and about 300 km with the X in winter, mainly highway and winter tire. But today, nice weather, I was able to drive 390 km with the S. My point is...
  32. gde_eu

    Manual firmware update (for new charge port)

    He was talking about 48 km / h which is what you get with 3 phases 16 A in Europe with the standard charger (11kw) so this plug is working correctly.
  33. gde_eu

    Manual firmware update (for new charge port)

    For info : "Limited charging" appear when the plug is not well inserted. It still charge, but it's limited to 11 kw (Euro spec), so if you have the basic on board charger, it's also the max the charger can handle so you see no difference.
  34. gde_eu

    Falcon doors (randomly) only open part-way

    Check if the car is somewhat level. In my case, the falcon don't open fully when I'm parked in an heavy slope (very far from plate, the air-suspension are far to be able to level the car). In this case, it didn't show a ghost object. It just didn't open fully. You can override through without...
  35. gde_eu

    Biodefense Order Tracker - For Non-PUP Old-Timers

    With time, I start not supporting the smell of exhaust smoke, especially diesel. It's even more significant in tunnels and we have lot's tunnels around here!
  36. gde_eu

    Biodefense Order Tracker - For Non-PUP Old-Timers

    I wanted to order one but it looks like it's not available in Europe ! (We don't have an online shop either but the SC told me it's not available for us). It's a pity as we have so much dirty diesel here !
  37. gde_eu

    Anybody on V9 in Switzerland?

    My car is parked in front of a service center in Swtizerland and I receive right now a software update notification. I can't verify what it is (the car is in for service) but I previously had the latest v8.0, So maybe it's coming :-)
  38. gde_eu

    Tesla app won't work correctly

    It's only for Model 3 right now. No ?
  39. gde_eu

    Tesla app won't work correctly

    The car itself has no connection problem ? You can use the online feature without problem (outside of wifi) ? It may be an antenna problem in the car (wifi OK but poor 3G/LTE or something related to 2G/3G/LTE with only one working or something). I would ask the SC to check the car. You have...
  40. gde_eu

    Tesla app won't work correctly

    Do you have a good network ? The "summon is intermittently working" make me wondering if it's not a communication problem. Indeed, summon constantly communicate between the phone/the car/the mothership and if the connexion is not good anywhere on the line, everything is stopped. If your...
  41. gde_eu

    Minivan to Model X

    There is no serious electric Minivan. I never though I would put $100k in a car, but I have, twice, just because of that ! And one is basically used as a minivan and I'm happy with that :-)
  42. gde_eu

    New Navigation Coming This Weekend! (circa March 31, 2018)

    I didn't know it was available outside USA. I see nothing, no message or anything just that in the morning the map was different :-) I have no idea if it's better or not (I have only drive known roads for now). I may miss the "exit panel" that is not shown anymore but we'll see.
  43. gde_eu

    New Navigation Coming This Weekend! (circa March 31, 2018)

    I realize today that I have the new navigation, was not there few day ago. I'm in Europe.
  44. gde_eu

    2 for 1 Model X 100D - Zero compromise? What's your story?

    We sold the ICE after one year idle. That was completely unnoticed as we didn't use it anyway. Sharing was good for us, but it depends on your actual need.
  45. gde_eu

    2 for 1 Model X 100D - Zero compromise? What's your story?

    Same here but we have made the plunge one year ago. Our "backup" ICE was standing still for more than one year after we buy our first Tesla. Then we realize we need a second car (more drivers) but simply using our ICE was not an option... everyone fighting to NOT drive it so we got an X.
  46. gde_eu

    Does anybody regret buying Model X for your main car?

    no regrets... in fact one, not buying our first Tesla earlier ! (Model S in 2015). Model X, 5 seater is our perfect car now. Absolutely zero range anxiety in daily driving and a little bit planning on crazy road trip outside of civilized area. (Area were it's sometime easier to find electricity...
  47. gde_eu

    Road noise in MX vs. MS

    Yes, exactly that. Can't drive an ICE anymore because of that delay between the push on the "gas" and the actual move :-) (Remember me switch from 286 to 386 or 486 or pentium...) There is probably something here, My Tesla are the quitest car ever owned. It may be the tire or configuration of...
  48. gde_eu

    AP2 surpassing AP1 in the rain?

    Yeap, I agree. At least in rain. I drive both S AP1 and X AP2 in same condition. On rainy day AP2 is rock solid, including for overtake. AP1 won't engage most of the time and never accept to overtake.
  49. gde_eu

    New DC charger in Switzerland with Tesla plug !

    We cannot skip CCS completely in this thread. The problem is CCS is now mandatory in Europe. Switzerland is NOT in Europe, so they can do what they want, including DC Type 2 ! It's great for Switzerland (and Tesla Owner) but it won't help in Europe. That said, I understand that an independent...
  50. gde_eu

    Did AP1 get beter in recent updates?

    Probably not. I'm in Europe and panel are different and there is no text. For me it happen everywhere randomly, it's a bit frustrating because it was working so good maybe a year ago.