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    2019 M3 LR A/C recharge R1234yf ND-Oil 11

    ND-11 should be readily available on ebay - it is in the UK anyway. Check out Tesla Service - create an account and you should have access to service info. I say that instead of just giving you the figures as it is model specific as to the amount of gas you charge with. Ensure to draw a...
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    Bumper dent quote

    What model is this for? Done a couple of bumper removals and replacements but that is purely fitment, nothing cosmetic. Bumpers are plastic on all models - so I am guessing they are going to be sanding back and repairing, then repainting. Typically you don't just repaint the bumper but the...
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    Model S - No data from emmc

    Thanks for getting back to me @dark cloud I have managed to pull p1 and p2 from the IC emmc - so have the firmware version now. Also sending off the failed mcu chip to multicom in Poland - see if they can recover the certs. @LuckyLuke can you help with building P3 of the MCU emmc if multicom...
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    Model S - No data from emmc

    Hi I understand there has been a lot of discussion about emmc failures, how to fix and what to do. I am in bit of a situation and trying to work out the best solution moving forward and cant find an answer. I am working on a 2016 model S that was received with a black MCU screen (and also in...