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    Cost of Front Half Shaft replacement

    Hi Everyone - hope you are having a great weekend. I drive a 2018 Model X, which has been great for me. I have the front half shaft shudder on haard acceleration, and want to take to Service for replacement. I am out of warranty, but have an XCare warranty. In order to use this warranty...
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    Active Spoiler - transplant from older X? Will software see it? Ideas?

    This is going to be expensive and time consuming and may or may not work very well. Not sure why you would even attempt it, honestly.
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    About to order new MX. Do they all vibrate?

    Mine is a bit older (2018), no, I've never had vibrating or shaking ever.
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    Need your input - I'm an idiot

    Easiest service appt ever - parked the car in the driveway. Mobile service arrived, and started work without me even going out. Replacement took about 20-30 mins. Looks great. Very easy and a total of $103.
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    Need your input - I'm an idiot

    Thanks for the advice all - got the mobile tech scheduled for Friday - $90 or so and I don't have to go to the SC.
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    Need your input - I'm an idiot

    Thanks all - I'll reach out to the SC.
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    Need your input - I'm an idiot

    I have a 2018 Model X in the Chicago area. While the Winter has been mild, we had about a 2 week period with lots of snow and zero or below zero temps. An iceberg approximately the size of the one that sunk the Titanic formed at the end of the driveway, due to the weather and with the aid of...
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    Side window visor stand in?

    Mine aren't "cling" - you push it up slightly between the window and the gasket - stays in place just fine.
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    2018 Model X under seat drawer

    I ended up buying this item: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CG1CM3JP?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1 2 for the price of 1.
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    2018 Model X under seat drawer

    Any recommendations for an underseat drawer for a 2018 Model X? I did some searches today but found LOTS for Model Y and for later year Model X. Thanks in advance.
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    Beginner Question - appreciate your input

    I think I answered my own question. I just had to turn back on FSD Beta in the car. Disregard - thanks all.
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    Beginner Question - appreciate your input

    I tried FSD Beta (monthly sub) for several months early in the year. It was interesting, but not worth the $200 per month for me at that point. I just resubbed to try it again and see what progress has been made. When I used the app to sign back up, it told me about all the features I would...
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    Side window visor stand in?

    These have been a life saver for me: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07964LTYX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1 They sit between the seat and center console out of view when not needed, and do an amazing job of solving EXACTLY this problem when needed.
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    Front wheels sound like a bucket of Legos

    My 2018 was making a racket anytime I turned. Got upper control rods replaced, and not a peep since.
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    Less positive X-care experience

    I have XCare as well, and while I've had occasional issues, their participation on this forum and their followup has been excellent.
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    the instrument cluster and round wheel

    Exactly why I went with a yoke replacement.
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    Metromile dropping all Tesla coverage outside CA

    One other crazy bit of info - I spent a couple of hours today looking for a new auto insurer. I got the craziest range of prices. Geico quoted me $400 per MONTH (I'm currently paying about $55 per month). Another provider wouldn't even quote because I "didn't pass their driver...
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    Metromile dropping all Tesla coverage outside CA

    Whoops - sorry about that - BOTH should say "outside CA". Was set to renew in about a month, and received a letter yesterday about it. Called them this AM to find out "Why", and they simply said "we just aren't covering any Tesla vehicles outside CA at this time".
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    Metromile dropping all Tesla coverage outside CA

    Super disappointed - been using Metromile for insurance for 5+ years. One claim 4.5 years ago (not my fault), and just got a letter that my car (2018 Model X) is no longer an eligible make and model. Called them and they said they will no longer cover any Tesla vehicle outside Chicago...
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    Issues after 3.0 FSD computer upgrade.

    Sounds like perhaps they failed to reconnect the GPS after the upgrade. I'd contact Tesla and have them come take a look.
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    New York State "Model X" Vanity License Plate

    There is no way someone will pay 5 figures for that plate. Sorry...
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    Creaking/Squeaking control arm ball joint fix

    I just had this fixed at the SC. It came on suddenly - no squeak, and then one day squeaking like crazy. The total cost was $390 - was covered by my extended warranty (except for $100 deductible). It's so depressing (and embarrassing) to drive when it's squeaking like that! Once I...
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    Cleanser for white seats

    I realize I'm replying to myself, but I screwed up that first sentence - I've seen posts that you should NOT use something like 91% alcohol. Sorry.
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    Cleanser for white seats

    I don't have white seats, so don't take this as gospel, but I've also seen posts that you should use something as strong as 91% alcohol - thats really strong stuff. I've seen people recommend water or baby wipes. I'm sure you'll get more feedback.
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    MCU Upgrade - 2016 Model X AP1

    I did the radio as well, because on road trips in the boonies there will be places where cell service is spotty - while you can find FM stations pretty much anywhere.
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    How to use Tesla's advanced chip to mine BitCoin?

    Yeah - this is a really dumb question.
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    SC not honouring 12 year Body Rust Limited Warranty for spoiler

    Thats pretty bad. I would completely agree with you that this should be covered under the warranty.
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    Creaking/Squeaking control arm ball joint fix

    Is this only an issue in the front of the Model X? I feel like I'm hearing the same squeaking from the rear as well (from all 4 wheels)?
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    Gunmetal or Jet Black Rims for 2016 Model X?

    The MCU upgrade is perhaps the BEST thing you can do on a Tesla - changes everything - much more responsive, much quicker navigation.
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    USAA doubled premium!!

    I had this happen with my homeowners insurance this past year - jumped from $1200 to $3000. No reason in particular. If you dont drive a ton, or your driving is variable, check out Metromile. You pay a base monthly fee (I think mine is $18), and then per mile. I spend something like...
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    MCU Upgrade - 2016 Model X AP1

    Yes, I mean on the main display. I don't think I've ever seen traffic coloring on the dash display, even with MCU2.
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    MCU Upgrade - 2016 Model X AP1

    I think this is already supported on MCU1 - it is a setting to show or not show the traffic.
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    MCU Upgrade - 2016 Model X AP1

    It will look the same, but be much more responsive and interactive.
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    2018 Model X with Enhanced Autopilot should I upgrade from 2.5 to 3.0 hardware.

    I did this upgrade, primarily because I wanted to try FSD. I didn't have to play any of these games to get it - I simply entered a service ticket and paid the $1K for the upgrade. I haven't noticed any change in EAP, but the traffic light awareness is a nice plus.
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    If you purchased FSD or EAP after delivery....

    You've received some excellent feedback here.
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    Carvana trial: Should I keep or not

    I also bought a Model X from Carvana. First, as you alluded to, their business model is a trainwreck right now, so I'm not at all sure how lucky you would be with getting issues addressed under warranty. At the very least I'd want a signed due bill or other contractual agreement where they...
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    Tire puncture

    I'm sure you'll hear from others, but I don't think there is anything that makes a Tesla more prone to punctures - you may just have had a bad run of luck. Can't comment on the plug situation, did the tire center give you an opinion?
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    Trade in X for new one that has Hardware 4?

    Like others have said, you are about to get on an endless treadmill. Once HW4 is released, there will begin to be discussion of HW5. We are lucky that to date upgrades have been available.
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    Most reliable way to buy a used 2016-2018 Model X - tesla direct, carmax, carvana, shift, vroom?

    Apply for financing with a bank like DCU in advance. They will want to actual car details before they issue you a check, but it's pretty easy to do.
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    Most reliable way to buy a used 2016-2018 Model X - tesla direct, carmax, carvana, shift, vroom?

    I bought a 2018 Model X from Carvana about a year ago. Horrendous experience. Cancelled the delivery 4 TIMES the day before, delivery took 9 weeks longer than when car was purchased, and my trade-in price dropped in that time period. I would avoid them in the future.
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    Steering angle sensor reset? Had alignment done.

    Not arguing the point - just stating that statements that it's not adjustable are just wrong. It is. But the right way to do it is via the realignment procedure.
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    Steering angle sensor reset? Had alignment done.

    Fair point. The mounting ring has MANY small spokes, so you have very fine control over orientation. I agree that you should err on the side of very small adjustments.
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    Steering angle sensor reset? Had alignment done.

    You certainly CAN remove and recenter the steering wheel - I know because I did it when I switched from a normal wheel to a third party yoke. You DO have to deal with handling and unplugging the airbag (a bit scary), but at that point you can put the wheel in just about ANY configuration.
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    I got a question for upgrade the infotainment.

    You are truly the absolute FIRST person I've heard unhappy about the upgrade. And thats with hundreds of happy reports. There is something else going on with your car or install that is not right.
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    Scratched my new X front rim :(

    I love how the OP wants Tesla to fix this and wants to blame Tesla for the design of the wheels. This is poor driving, and nothing else. I've done it too! But take responsibility and either 1) live with it or 2) pay to get it fixed. It's that simple.
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    Deep scratch on bumper, worth trying to fix myself?

    I would completely ignore it.
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    FSD - Worthwhile Investment?

    I'm always amazing at people who report being able to use FSD most of the time for their drives. When I've tried it, I have several issues: 1. It frequently does really dumb and dangerous things. 2. Even when it works it stops and starts and act like a 16 year old learning to drive...
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    FSD - Worthwhile Investment?

    It's a science project at this point. It wasn't purchased with my Model X, but I've tried the current beta via subscription for several months. I found that it's still beta enough, and using it is stressful enough, that I cancelled my sub. It's getting better slowly, but I'll wait for a bit.