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    Another new sound?

    So this was a new sound... I’m guessing it was due to the low temp. It was topping up its charge. The sound that you can hear seems to be coming from the back, and was going up in pitch and then down in steps. Would that be the heat pump? Does it sound normal? Video 1 Video 2
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    Caught in a really HEAVY rainstorm!

    Probably going to sound silly here so please bare with me… Had my M3P for about a month now and only drove today in the rain. The rain was pretty normal for the journey until one part when out of nowhere the heavens just opened and it rained hard for about half a mile and then back to normal...
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    Charging with no power?

    Anyone know what’s going on here? Away from home and checked in on the car. Started to charge but then seemed to stop but still showed charging. I stopped charging on the app but then lost contact with it for 5 mins. Eventually came back and finished charging. Was concerned that the app was...
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    A couple of Throttle questions?

    Hi- 1: Notice a couple of times when pulling away slowly that the very initial split-second acceleration/traction has a bit more bite than normal, sometimes when I’ve been leaving a parking situation. Like letting your clutch out too quickly on a ICE car and getting a bit of an unexpected jerk...
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    First Software Update

    Did my first software update last night (yay!) and made the mistake of sitting in the car for some of it and hearing the variety of sounds which were a bit unnerving. I’m guessing all is normal, but what is the pretty loud “clank” you can hear multiple times throughout the update coming from the...
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    New Wall Charger Notification?

    Hi - just got my Wall Charger installed today and used it for the first time tonight on my new M3P. Been using the mobile charger until now with no issue. When I plugged in the wall charger it seemed fully seated but got this message on my phone. Think when I then checked it was charging at...
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    Wall Charger Install Cost

    Just been quoted $2700 to install a wall charger. The guys seem legit and have great reviews. It’s a bit of a job as the cable needs a lot of routing. Looking at 7 hours of labor and a fair bit of wire etc. It’s a lot but does that sound about right at the high end?
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    Nervous of new car sounds!

    Here you go. Inside (can hardly hear) and outside
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    Nervous of new car sounds!

    Yes, read that but doesn’t address the hum sound while charging.
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    Nervous of new car sounds!

    Thanks for your patience. By charging safely you mean the electrical system/circuit damage due to a possible overload and not damage to the Tesla, correct? I’m assuming the car/charger will only accept a safe charge.
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    Nervous of new car sounds!

    Are you saying that something else on the circuit would cause the car to hum, or the hum is coming from somewhere else? If I feel under the front of the car where it seems to be coming from you can feel the slight vibrations of the hum (pump/fan that is running).
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    Nervous of new car sounds!

    No, it’s def the car. You can hear it change pitch when you start charging compared to when it’s stopped charging. Listening from inside the car so can tell it’s from the car.
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    Nervous of new car sounds!

    Hi, I just picked up my Model 3 Performance a few days ago. Love it so far!! A question about charging. I’m waiting for my wall charger to be wired in and am currently using the mobile charger in a regular wall socket. the car is in the garage and the temp reading is about 70 degrees. When...
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    Suspension + Rough Road Question?

    Hi Sorry for the probably dumb question, I'm not a very mechanically-minded woman :-/ I have a Model 3 Performance on order and was worrying about the suspension. I have a very rough road leading to my house (see pics for example). Broken pavement with small radius but pretty deep potholes and...