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  1. Sethsla


    Yes, a subscription is required after a 30 day trial. Tesla In-Vehicle Garage Control with myQ | myQ
  2. Sethsla

    Model S (2012-2020) Snow Chains

    We have a 2013 S and the original Tesla chains showed up later as a referral bonus. We had to replace the rear lug nuts with a narrower width set to give the chain something to latch onto. It sounds like you need to do something similar. It was explained to me that the original lug nuts were a...
  3. Sethsla

    How was your model Y delivery?

    Hi. I voted for small defects. Our blue Model Y is nearly flawless, picked up on Nov 4. Some very minor trim issues addressed at pickup and have a home scheduled service call next week to replace the black trim piece below the window which had a pretty minor scratch. Hope yours is just as...
  4. Sethsla

    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Thank you for all of your reports - great help! I have read that thread and the Bowlus punches way above my wallet's opening. Since I have yet to see any reports, I am planning to test out the relative aerodynamics of a small pop-up like the Aliner using a rental trailer. Now all we need to...
  5. Sethsla

    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    I've been following this thread and others to help us decide on our first trailer for use with our impending Model Y. Does anyone have thoughts on any reduced drag pulling a hard side pop up such as an Aliner instead of a teardrop trailer such as the Altos or T@B 320s? This model LXE - Aliner...
  6. Sethsla

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    As a 2013 S85 owner, I have been watching this thread for weeks now with sympathy for the affected members here and dread for any large range reduction on mine, which has not occurred. I just Supercharged my car and it shows 223 miles of range @ 90%. That is minimally down from my last...
  7. Sethsla

    How to view XM Channel list in 8.0

    We have SiriusXM in our 2013 Model S and have not had the channel list for quite some time ether. It's favorites or direct # input only
  8. Sethsla

    Replace TPMS sensors yourself

    6 month DIY replace update: My Gen 1 replacement sensors were installed by my local tire store in December 2018. Once installed, I reset them on the service screen. They have been trouble free ever since (July 2019) with 15K miles on them so far. Here is a link to the TiresNation page on...
  9. Sethsla

    I-40 through Arkansas?

    Little Rock to Oklahoma City via Tulsa: I recently returned westbound from an 8,000 mile cross country trip in my 2013 85S. My return featured part of this run so I thank you for the prior discussion and guidance. Regarding this leg: I started the day in Memphis, charged in Little Rock...
  10. Sethsla

    Strange Bluetooth issue with phone calls

    Mine too. Thanks, I stand corrected. I must have previously tried the opposite scroll wheel in error.
  11. Sethsla

    Strange Bluetooth issue with phone calls

    To clarify, volume scrolling worked for me (Thanks y'all!) only when invoked from the center console and not the steering wheel scroll button. The phone type (iPhone or android) does not seem to matter as I have the same problem with my Samsung 8+ as iPhone users reported. Now at least its...
  12. Sethsla

    SiriusXM Cover Art/Album Art

    Hi Ron - Welcome to Tesla. I hope you enjoy your ride as much as we have ours over the last 3+ years. There are s/w quirks that you'll find now and some more that have yet to show up. That's because Tesla updates software pretty regularly. In fact, you can look up media player here in the...
  13. Sethsla

    Flipping navigation and music location on new update

    I am not a big fan of the new verison either. However, I did read the latest notes to see that I can simply turn the A/C and heat on without the pop up by long pressing the fan icon. HTH.
  14. Sethsla

    Replace TPMS sensors yourself

    Hi David - I just got my first warning this morning that my TPMS need to be checked on my '13S. I was thinking it might be batteries as well. How did you verify that that was your problem? Can you share your TPMS source for the replacements? Thanks in advance, Seth
  15. Sethsla

    Supercharger - Oxnard, CA (EXPANDED Jun 2018, now 20 total)

    The Oxnard SC just received 2 more stalls which were not operational when I was there last week. Hence the reduced service notice on screen. The existing 18 were working fine and were very busy. HTH
  16. Sethsla

    Supercharger - Salinas, CA (LIVE 14 Oct 2017, 14 V2 stalls)

    My first stop here (rather than Gilroy) on the northern to southern Cal 101 route. It is in a newer, big box mall section of Salinas. Sushi lovers should check out Arigoto Sushi right near the chargers. I had a great, fresh happy hour special. Their lunch specials run from 11:30-2:30 and HH...
  17. Sethsla

    Kingman to Flagstaff AZ Trip Question...does MS75D have range?

    Hello - I've made this trip several times back and forth in my 2013 S85, including some mild snow flurries along the way - Flagstaff is high altitude. You should make it comfortably in your 75D unless you are traveling in extremely frigid weather. The trick for you will be to fuel up to the...
  18. Sethsla

    CPO Question - Should I be Happy or not?

    We bought a CPO 2013 S in Sept 2015. We procured it through our local sales/service center and I befriended the manager. He was terrific in addressing our few initial problems and reservinmg us a loaner for a long scheduled 2000 mile trip whiole our CPO was getting serviced. In fact, Telsa...
  19. Sethsla

    Touchscreen Keeps Rebooting - Can't get support!

    Hi - I'm in southern California so YMMV. (Side note - I am a Rider College alumni) Who to call? I have had great servce response from a variety of local Tesla service centers - even when long distance traveling through Nevada and Texas. I dial up their local numbe and hit option 2 (service...
  20. Sethsla

    New Media Center Bug

    I park underground @ work. The darn radio switches from XM to AM quite frequently if the car sits for a long time. It is an annoyance to hear the AM buzz/static when I get back in the car. Not sure why this happens but it has been going on for a long time for me. FWIW, I am at ugrade .42 now
  21. Sethsla

    How to view XM Channel list in 8.0

    10/25 Update: Good news - The latest S/W update on our classic Model S restored the categories and channel listings for XM. All is well in my universe. S/W rev 2017.42
  22. Sethsla

    Any Way to Know Current Altitude on Navigation?

    Here's another helpful web app made for the in-car browser: Tesla Winds and Elevation This thread discussion covers getting the API keys which involve a little work, I think they're worth the trouble. I found this tool invaluable on my cross county trip. Its bookmarked in our car. Enjoy the...
  23. Sethsla

    How to view XM Channel list in 8.0

    I can now count our 2013 S in on the XM invisible listings problem. There are no stations or categories for XM listed other than my radio favorites. The service center installed 2107.38.4 be 12575 software this week. Hope they fix this sooner than later.
  24. Sethsla

    Supercharger - Mojave, CA (EXPANDED Dec 2021, 6 V2 + 4 V3 + 2 urban stalls)

    I visited Mojave last Saturday, 10/7/17. We were the sole Tesla there at first. When I saw power fluctuations on 3B, I moved to 1A, same problem, and then moved to a solid charge on stall 2A. I called Tesla support, they remotely looked up my car and the charging station. It's a Mojave...
  25. Sethsla

    Advice on Buying a CPO Model S

    I got our good deal by working wtih the Santa Barbara store manager. He put one of his reps to work finding my preferred car. He located our CPO on the internal Tesla web that had not been put up for sale on the public website yet. As for inventory, there are major fluctuations throughout a...
  26. Sethsla

    Advice on Buying a CPO Model S

    Ours is a late 2013. We have had a few issues, all resolved by Tesla under warranty with no hassle. For instance, I was on a road trip across middle of nowhere New Mexico heading east. That day, the drivers side doors stopped opening from the outside and the drivers side windows were...
  27. Sethsla

    Advice on Buying a CPO Model S

    As an extremely satisfied CPO buyer, I'll add that we saved over $30K by buying a 2 year old Model S 2 years ago. We now have ~60K miles and are still under factory warranty. While I enjoy the autopilot in the loaner cars (I'm currently driving a new X100D loaner), I really enjoy the ride in...
  28. Sethsla

    What's the record for longest service/loaner period?

    INCONCEIVABLE! WE all feel your pain Tinm. Sorry you've had to go through this. Having had the exact opposite responsiveness in Tesla's service calls on my 2013S, I can't imagine how the SD service center & Tesla support could have screwed this up so badly. Locally Santa Barbara, Van Nuys...
  29. Sethsla

    Model 3 vs. 2013 P85+

    Still loving ours with over 55K miles now... ---- Sethsla, Feb 28, 2016 A Great CPO Experience This past September we bought a CPO 2013 Model S 85 from Tesla. The Vin range is 17000 and was built in September 2013. The Tesla staff in Southern Cal restored this car to as nearly new as they could...
  30. Sethsla

    Rear door handle intermittently quits and service center unhelpful. Should I try another?

    I had a similar problem during a cross country drive. All of the drivers side door controls and locks quit for both the front and rear doors on my 2013 S85 CPO. No locks, windows or mirrors could be controlled. I had to crawl across from the passenger seat to enter. I called 800 service...
  31. Sethsla

    Supercharger - Oxnard, CA (EXPANDED Jun 2018, now 20 total)

    As of Friday, May 26, 2 new stalls were powered up and added to the 10 existing stalls. 6 additional stalls are installed but not yet powered. Total will be 18 when this addition is finished. Also, there was a security guard watching out for us on Friday night.
  32. Sethsla

    Bromptons in the Trunk

    There are times that I want to upgrade my 2013 rear wheel drive to a newer Model S. Then, I open the frunk where my Bike Friday lives and I forget that idea :)
  33. Sethsla

    Tesla SAE J1772 Adaptor for sale 1005617-00-C

    Hi - please send me an email if you want to sell your used one. [email protected] Thanks
  34. Sethsla

    Tesla SAE J1772 Adaptor for sale 1005617-00-C

    Hi. I left mine at a charger last weekend. I need a replacement. Do you still have one to sell? If so, I'll do the $80 Paypal. thanks
  35. Sethsla

    Western US driving conditions information website

    Thank you for that link!!! Awesome info for Cal drivers.
  36. Sethsla

    Supercharger - Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Blvd. South

    I visited this Supercharger this past Thursday coming in from Utah, headed to So Cal. It is nicely located out of the Vegas traffic. Lazy Dog, Flemings and Bonefish Grill are in the same corner of this shopping center. Well done Tesla.
  37. Sethsla

    Supercharger - Page, AZ

    Hi. I just returned from a great drive through UT& AZ in an 85S. You should be just fine if you don't speed too fast. Your drive is the reverse of my Page - St George drive through Zion NP. My anxiety issues had to do with temperature and wind. One day last week winds were blowing steadily...
  38. Sethsla

    Supercharger - Ozona, TX

    Hi. Sorry - Its been a few weeks since we were there. I looked at my pic and the sign shows BW. We did not stay overnight there and I cannot recall, but it is probably now a Quality Inn. The new SC charger is right there in their pkg lot.
  39. Sethsla

    Supercharger - Van Horn, TX (permanently closed)

    The Ozona SC is up and running. We used it a few weeks ago. Enjoy the ride.
  40. Sethsla

    Supercharger - Ozona, TX

    The Ozona SC is up and running. We stopped there recently, here's proof. The site doesn't have many food choices nearby. But, important to us, the BW has nice bathrooms.
  41. Sethsla

    Supercharger Live Status

    Thank you again for this brief experiment. As a southern Cal owner, it provided confirmation of how popular daily Tesla supercharging is in our largest CA cities. Nowhere else came close to these usage levels in my observations. Three cheers!!!
  42. Sethsla

    Supercharger Live Status

    Thank you for putting this into a desktop browser view. Just a note: the Waze traffic data points made it difficult to see the Superchargers in LA today. If you were soliciting a change request, I would vote to add a Waze traffic data on/off toggle. Regardless, this is very cool and thank you...
  43. Sethsla

    Supercharger Live Status

    This is a terrific update!!! As a southern Californian, I should now be able to choose an open charger when traveling up the busy I-5 corridor. And I concur that: " it would be nice if it displayed the availability when you are actually using the navigation" Keep those updates coming Tesla...
  44. Sethsla

    Supercharger - Barstow (EXPANDED, 5 stalls added, now 16 total)

    We charged at Barstow last Thursday afternoon, 2/2/17, and the temp stall put out a full charge of over 100KW. Fantastic!!
  45. Sethsla

    Supercharger - Midland, TX

    One of these is not like the others
  46. Sethsla

    Supercharger - Sweetwater, TX

    I charged at Sweetwater on Wednesday, Jan 11. I got a great 100kw charge at stall 1B. I had called ahead to Tesla to learn that 1A&B had no issues.
  47. Sethsla

    Buying from Dealer vs Tesla CPO

    Hello I'm an NJ refugee living in California. Our 2013 CPO 85 does NOT have AP. What it has is all the other amazing Tesla benefits. I couldn't justify buying new but your situation is different. Our great experience with CPO is in this prior thread. Enjoy the ride. If you'd have never...
  48. Sethsla

    Receiving Text Messages--Problem and Possible Solution

    Yes, it would be cool if Tesla enabled the text reading function. My Android workaround is to mute Tesla audio and talk to the phone mounted on my dash. Have you tried "Okay Google, read last text message?" I use "Okay Google" from my home screen (Nova Launcher enabled). I can read, reply...
  49. Sethsla

    Tune-In radio station bug with 2.44.130 S/W

    But wait, there's more. The car updated to 2.46.16 Lately, when TuneIn is playing and the car is turned off, then back on, the system will sometimes shift itself to AM radio. Now if you've listened to AM reception in the Tesla, your ears are tougher than mine ;)
  50. Sethsla

    Tune-In radio station bug with 2.44.130 S/W

    I have noticed an 8.0 audio bug (and hope that Tesla watches these threads). When listening to Tunein radio in my classic 85, the audio system will move to the next TuneIn station when it loses the 3G signal. This has happened after closing out a phone call, or when the system loses the 3G...