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    Who Has The Highest Mileage 3?

    7,498 miles 304-306miles at 100% Sept 2018 Model 3 Performance reply if only higher miles than mine
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    Web browser showing WebRTC video

    how did you do that? what is the website/what else can you watch on the new browser?
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    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    Just got my spoiler at the Brentwood,TN Service center! I called today and told them i will be in town and wanted to see if they had any spoilers, they said a shipment had just came in and they hadn't been assigned yet, so they installed one for me today! Edges seem fine, no lifting yet, it was...
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    Model 3 Software Update 2019.9.x

    i heard from a little birdie that the new summon is on this beta along with auto wipers ehanced and the car image larger and NoA without conf :)
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    Is it wise for Tesla to refuse FSD refunds?

    they can legally refuse because when purchasing your vehicle, you agree to the MVPA which states all features you purchased for at the agreed price point.
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    Driver Seat Wear and Wrinkles after 4k miles....

    Take a look at my driver seat, a couple of wrinkles on the bottom, is this normal, or could it be premature seat wear? Will Tesla consider this a defect? or is this normal? How are your guys seats? Sept 2018 Model 3 Performance+.
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    Assistance Needed Please - can’t get top two screws off to remove temp license plate

    I had the same issue, the white anchors in which the screws go into, spin around. My solution was the try to hold down the white tabs/anchors and then unscrew slowly. I also mentioned to my service center, since then they have redesigned the tag holder.
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    VIN Concern

    ask your delivery advisor to send you a PDF of the cars Monroney sticker via email. It will have the manufactur date on top:)
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    Delivery Delayed...

    Someone from Vegas who is part of the "Delivery Scheduling Team" contacted me saying my delivery is delayed due to "Logistics" and blamed it on the hurricane.
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    From order to delivery in 8 days?!

    I also was lucky to be scheduled within a month, until they delayed without clear reason, stating "In-Transit" blamed it on the Hurricane even though Alabama is well out the range of Hurricane Florence. Ordered -Aug 24th First delivery email received on- Sept 6 VIN Received- Sept 10 MVPA...
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    Delivery Delayed...

    Ordered -Aug 24th First delivery email received on- Sept 6 VIN Received- Sept 10 MVPA Received- Sept 13 Earliest delivery possible - Sept 18th and scheduled Call received on Sept 15 to delay to Sept 26 Delivery Advisor does not respond to emails, nor will he give me his contact phone number...
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    Model 3 Delivery Issues

    Call the Support Team using the number on the Contact Us page of tesla.com. Express your situation and ask to escalate to a supervisor.
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    Financing disappeared from order screen; Delivery in 17 hours

    If your lucky enough, you wont get a call from Tesla to cancel delivery 24-48 hrs before the scheduled date like i did. You should be fine.
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    Delivery Delayed...

    Ive called the support phone number. I am getting mixed delay reasons, from Logistics, to maybe something wrong with the car. My delivery advisor (Diego) has been MIA since i received his first email asking for us to pick our delivery date. They really need to improve communication. Also when i...
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    Delivery Delayed...

    My delivery was scheduled for Sept 18, i get a call on 15th saying it is delayed until the 26th of Sept. The excuse if get is logistics issue, which is absurd considering I've called 3 days in a row confirming that vehicle will be there, they assured its almost on their lot. My VIN also...