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    Cautionary Tale of reservations

    A dedicated team wouldn't have difficulties in finding reservation offers in this forum anyway. However, these reservation threads clutter the forum and make it harder for a normal user to find used cars. Just a thought.
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    Cautionary Tale of reservations

    Has TMC considered a forum category just for reservations sale?
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    WTB: 2015-2018 Model S

    Thanks for your feedback. I've owned a 2015 Model S, and I didn't like the experience traveling from LA to Vegas, and for that reason I prefer to find a car in the Los Angeles area.
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    WTB: 2015-2018 Model S

    I'm looking for a Model S in the Los Angeles area and will consider 2015-2018 cars. Please reach out via DM.
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    2017 Tesla Model S75 w/ FSD - $65,000

    Unfortunately the pictures are not being displayed. Maybe it's just me, but see the attached picture.
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    2017 Tesla Model S75 w/ FSD - $65,000

    Can you please upload the pictures?
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    2017 Long Range Model 3 White with FSD + unlimited data - $46k

    I'm in Redondo Beach and interested in your car. How can I reach out to you?
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    Tesla Solar and Powerwall Install Complete - SoCal Oct 2021

    I've been thinking of installing at my home and I'm curious what's your expected ROI?
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    WTB: 2015 Model S

    I'm looking for a 2015 Model S with Highway Autopilot. Free Supercharger would be great but it's not a must.
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    New Member from LA

    Hey... I'm from Los Angeles and I just joined the forum a day ago, mainly to look for a Model S or Model 3. Hopefully I can soon find a Tesla and join the community. I'm still trying to find the rules and understand how to send private messages to people selling their cars, so any help is...
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    FS: 2015 Model S 85 RWD MSM/Black w/Warranty w/FUSC - North OC

    I'm in LA County and interested in. Can you contact me. please?
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    2014 Tesla Model S (Extended Warranty, Auto Pilot, Super Charging Enabled)

    Hi David. I've just registered because of this ad but I don't think I can send you a direct message. Would you mind initiating a direct message with me?