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    Model 3 Highland (Canada) Waiting room

    Just received a phone call from my SA in Kirkland. My car is in the parking lot. Ready for delivery tomorrow morning ! :-)
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    Model 3 Highland (Canada) Waiting room

    I'll pickup mine Thursday in Kirkland (West Island) LR, Grey, black int, 19in,
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    Model 3 Highland (Canada) Waiting room

    Weird, my delivery date is still on the 14th in Kirkland...
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    Model 3 Highland (Canada) Waiting room

    I just received my delivery date. March 14th in Kirkland Qc. Long range, Grey, 19 inches. Ordered Feb 2nd.
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    Model 3 Highland (Canada) Waiting room

    I’m suppose to take delivery in Kirkland too for a M3 LR, grey, 19 inches wheels. I’ll put the 17/18 on my calendar. Thx for the info.
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    Model 3 Highland (Canada) Waiting room

    My EDD has changed from Feb-Mar to march 4 march 31st. LR, Stealth Grey, black interior, 19 inches wheels. Order feb 5th. Montreal area.
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    Supercharger - Alma, QC

    It was from a leaked infos few weeks ago.
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    Supercharger - Quebec, QC - Cap-Rouge

    Probably the best supercharger spot in Quebec City. Right off the highway 40, coffee shop right next door. Perfect.
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    Supercharger - Berthierville, QC

    The Hydro-Quebec transfo is in place.
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    Ontario Ivy chargers, OnRoute

    The new Ivy chargers on the 401 will be Tesla (chademo adapter) & CCS compatible. 18$ per hour! Not bad!
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    Possible Location - Vaudreuil, QC

    Yep, Spring 2022 for the stalls and spring 2023 for the HQ transformer. ;-)