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    Wireless charging a Pixel 7 Pro in a 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance

    I have a similar problem. 2019 long range dual motor model 3. I think I bought the Jeda V2 wireless pad as well years ago. I had to remove the upper lid to my model 3 center console to make my pixel 7 Pro fit with a case and it will charge but very poorly. A stranger situation that I have and...
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    Mirror Autofold issue after update 2022.4.5

    I'm experiencing OP's first issue a few times now, at places that are not home (home is set to not fold). Not the folding while drive issue, though. 2019 M3LRD. I'm on 2022.36.20 in FSD beta. Definitely started since last update. Very unsafe and pisses me off.
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    Schedule departure a bit late

    When I got to the garage, out was still charging and I saw on the Tesla mobile connector (wall side) the TESLA "T" was slow flashing red, at an interval of once per cycle. Some googling tells me this is one of the indications of charger overheating. I'm seeing in some resources that there has...
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    Schedule departure a bit late

    Similar issue, here. This has happened sporadically a few times in the last few months, But not every day. If I've not set any peak or off peak times, had my car plugged in since 7pm yesterday and have preconditioning set for 6am departure today, why would it tell me I've still got 35 minutes...
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    Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High

    Thanks for this thread I just woke up for my work day and saw 3+ hours remaining to charge on my Scheduled Departure. This is second day in a row. I went down to the car today and saw this same error. I did not see this yesterday though. I went back down to garage; de-energized circuit...
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    Odd and (I suspect) common tire wear

    I have same happening with all 4 of my 18" tires. I'm on my second set since buying my M3LRD in March 2019. I put a lot of miles on it without a doubt. But the inside wear band is going to cause replacement soon when the rest of the tire is wearing decently. Alignment checked good when this...
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    Scheduled Charging

    I confirmed tonight that I cannot set scheduled departure with Off-peak times deselected. Strange.
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    Scheduled Charging

    I suppose with off-peak deselected it will immediately charge, but then also preconditioning battery and car climate in time for Scheduled Departure. I haven't tried that. I assumed that when it charges immediately that is ignoring my Scheduled Departure time. I'll try that out.
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    Wiki [UK] Holiday update - 2020.48.26/.30/.35.x

    If you haven't tried yet, go to charge>schedule and scheduled departure go to settings and toggle on both switches for preconditioning and off-peak charging. I had the preconditioning on but off-peak off and Scheduled Departure wouldn't work for be. Toggling both on fixed that
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    Scheduled Charging

    Since this new SW update Scheduled Departure will not work unless I toggle the Off-peak hours switch. I don't have peak electricity here. But, I guess there's no harm in having it toggled on. This whole Scheduled charging and departure needs to move to the app. Seems ridiculous to sit on the...
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    glove box dropping, not slow opening

    I just realized, that probably since my HW3 upgrade (I don't even know how long ago), I think the glove box in my 2019 3LRD has just been dropping like a glove box in a 1978 GM car instead of slow opening like I'm pretty sure it used to do. Anyone know how I could resolve that myself? I'm not...
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    Tesla's vs Jeda Wireless charger

    So, you've got Jeda powered by a battery bank pack, and the car constantly charging that pack via USB-A port in the Tesla center console?
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    Tesla's vs Jeda Wireless charger

    Jeda doesn't effectively charge my Pixel 3. I have a 1 hour commute and often after phone in the charger the entire time, it shows net drain instead of charge. Jeda ghosted me instead of offering assistance or standing behind their product.
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    Model 3 always detects wrong phone key

    I'm having this same issue a lot. Any advice from Tesla Mobile Service?
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    Summon Disconnect (repeatedly)

    Thanks for the detailed description of events. It's definitely happening to me a lot.
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    After arrival today at 10am, they told my wife it should be done by 2pm due to all the cars they have to work on (3 others also in for FSD computer). By 11:15am they let her take the loaner Model X since she needed to be leaving by 2pm. The app notified me that work was completed between 2pm...
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Recently, after getting my LR3D back from body shop (replaced bumper after slight impact with deer), I had a prompt that an update was needed the next morning. The notification on touchscreen said schedule service. So, in the app, I did that and also added request for FSD upgrade. By the time...
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    BUG report

    Thank you. I knew about that method also. I really want Tesla to be informed that in getting ghost text messages alerted to me with the new message readout features... Messages that are months old in my phone's history. Just can't seem to get that little notification "Thank you for your...
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    BUG report

    I'm having trouble getting bug report to work since they released SW with text messaging readout and other voice infectivity. It doesn't work like it used to. I think the rest messaging and vice commands overtook the bug report commands. Anyone having luck with reporting bugs since December '19?
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    Non-Tesla Service Center wheel alignment questions

    45k or close to that, per the Michelin rating and warranty for that model tire. Or at least a year. Tires should last more than a year if you're not drag racing every weekend.
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    Non-Tesla Service Center wheel alignment questions

    I didn't capture or lost the mileage point for first one. It was 3 months after delivery of car. I just missed 24k mi when I did the second one. No question that I should have done it more frequently. A Mobile Service tech told me to do them at 12k miles (right as they received Owners Manual...
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    Model 3 OEM Tires Bald at 19,000

    If this is true, it would explain why Michelin's treadwear warranty page says OEM tires aren't covered.
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    Non-Tesla Service Center wheel alignment questions

    How did it go for you, nearly a year ago, if you recall? I have similar issue. All 4 tires show this inside tread band wear @ 24k mi (LR3D).
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    Horribly Disappointed in Tesla Service (Alignment Issue)

    It sounds like there's a lot of Tesla apologizers here. At only 6,000 mi and one tire rotation this situation is ridiculous. I'm now finding myself in a similar situation, albeit much farther on in the life of my tires. Shame on me for not checking more closely sooner.but I was following...
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    Tesla phone app suggested features.

    I tried to email customersupport@teslacom to provide feedback on the app (suggestion that I posted above) and found that email address is no longer monitored. Anyone have a bead on the best feedback channel for the app? Also, with new voice controls in car, I don't have any success with...
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    Tesla phone app suggested features.

    I agree. it appears things are more consistent now.
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    Tesla phone app suggested features.

    Here's a new suggestion: bring Scheduled departure charging options to the app. I've had my departure plans for next morning change on me more than a few times nearly 3 hrs from when I parked the car and set my preferences; it would be good to not have to go back into the car in the garage to...
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    Anyone using the pixel 4xl and Jeda Wirless Charging Pad?

    They sent me a list of questions to answer; most of these scenarios, I have not tried, especially plugging into a wall charger....I'm not going to drive with it that way... Order # ? What phone and case do you have ? Does the problem replicate without your phone case ? Have you tried using...
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    Anyone using the pixel 4xl and Jeda Wirless Charging Pad?

    I'm seeing the same issues with my Pixel 3 & Jeda Wireless charging pad I just installed before Christmas. Time to send back the Jeda, I guess. I just replaced my phone because I think the usb-c charge connector and angle of the charging tray caused it to get worn out from my repeated lifting...
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    Why is FSD going up $1000?

    Can anyone confirm that it did actually increase as of November 1? I can no longer see that price & option my account because I bit the bullet and made the purchase on the 30th. It was a pretty steep price tag at $6,000 but it is a really good feature set. I don't think I would want to pay...
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    v10 TeslaCam- supposed to overwrite, do I even need > 16GB USB now?

    As an update, I bought a new $12 USB OTG drive and put it on after v10 update. Haven't had any problems for ~2 weeks now.
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    v10 TeslaCam- supposed to overwrite, do I even need > 16GB USB now?

    I had my old 8GB Cruzer fill up in same day after this post. I've since bought a 32GB OTG USB device. It's been working for 48hrs so far. Maybe I've just had a ridiculously bad run with drives.... Probably got scammed on Amazon with the Samsung BAR...
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    v10 TeslaCam- supposed to overwrite, do I even need > 16GB USB now?

    I got the v10 SW update on my LR3D on 10/2/19. I've been plagued with USB for TeslaCam issues since about August. I bought the Samsung BAR 128GB in June and partitioned/formatted it to work with TeslaCam, but after 3 months it gave the Write Speed Too Slow warning and won't work now for...
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    Tesla phone app suggested features.

    What about on main screen? I find it different on main screen vs representation in Controls screen. I have Model 3, in case it differs by car
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    Tesla phone app suggested features.

    Does anyone else not like that the l lock/unlock controls don't indicate current status? If car locked, then you should only see an unlocked padlock icon indicating you can press that to unlock? Also, when adjusting charge limit in phone app or in vehicle (Model 3), a SOC percentage should...
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    Tesla App Down Again?

    Same here
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    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Piling on... I have 128GB Samsung BAR Plus USB, formatted for FAT32 and partitioned for half music and half TeslaCam. Been working since i bought the USB stick in early June and 8/14 I got the Too slow to write message. Drive was cleaned off to fee up space just a week prior. I have notified...
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    Annoying braking on TACC - is this normal?

    There's this thread also: AP2 / TACC Still slowing when passing freeway offramps
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    AP2 / TACC Still slowing when passing freeway offramps

    I'm just wrapping up a 2400 mile road trip and have observed this intently. My Model 3 LR DM with only autopilot SW definitely brakes abruptly when traveling in right lane when another vehicle is merging onto highway. It also does this when a car ahead of me leaves the highway at off ramp...
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    Teslacam Right-repeater cam not recording and is extra pixelated -sentry mode

    I have had much better success with that same Samsung BAR 128GB drive used with partition for TeslaCam and for music than i've had with several other USB sticks. But, I also have random Right and Left repeater 0KB file sizes. Also, no issues observed with AP. (edited: random left or right...
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    Car wash: How to keep charge door closed?

    I hand wash regularly and this happens to me also M3 LR AWD. Can't seem to find the config they keeps that port from opening.
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    Roof - Windshield glass surface mismatch?

    The Tesla Service Center in Rockville, MD replaced the windshield and rooftop fixed glass panel (fixed glass is the nomenclature for that part) on 4/29. My wife had to go pick up the car. I didn't drive it on the highway for a few days after pickup. Then, when I did, I noticed that they...
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    Sentry Mode

    Does anyone else have this problem: whenever I return to my Model 3 and an "incident has occurred" the teslacam icon shows grey X and teslacam stops working. I need to remove USB device and use PC to reset TeslaCam directory before it will work properly again. Should I be reporting this for...
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    Roof - Windshield glass surface mismatch?

    I have an appt now. I'll find out a week from tomorrow, I guess.
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    Roof - Windshield glass surface mismatch?

    I've had my Model 3 LR AWD only 10 days. While washing it this weekend, I noticed a bit of mismatch from windshield to roof glass. It's fine at Driver's side, but a bit pronounced at Passenger side. both images included. Anyone hear of or see something like this? i'm wondering if Tesla...
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    glass roof - production change (July 2018)?

    (First Post) I just took delivery of my Model 3 LR AWD a week ago. Yesterday it rained. I recalled, during my research seeing/hearing about the orange effect of the UV protection in ceiling glass, so I wasn't surprise to notice it yesterday. However, mine has what appears to be a blemish...