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  1. DrumCoder

    Can't Reset Sonic On "Legacy" Model S

    Been a while since I posted here...I still have my 2015 70D and it's going great. Did the MCU2 upgrade (with FM tuner) last year. When I played Sonic, I noticed I can't actually "close" the game, or reset it. If I back out of the game, when it comes back it loses the sound and might lose...
  2. DrumCoder

    Notable change in 17.34 (folding mirror routines)

    In my last house that I just moved out of, I had to fold in the mirrors to get into my garage, and because it was a steep hill to get into my garage, I might have been going over 10MPH to get in. (Also, I had to fold them in to get out.) Obviously I can't check, but this would have caused some...
  3. DrumCoder

    Media player in 8.0 actually got worse (for local music)

    I'm personally now hating that the Albums view doesn't respect the Album Artist ID3 tag and instead goes by Artist. I listen to a lot of compilation albums (soundtracks with multiple composers) and I can't just listen to an album, I can only listen to a specific artist's contributions to an album.
  4. DrumCoder

    Android App Notifications Missing? (Dec 2016)

    Also confirming that they're back for me as well. Hooray!
  5. DrumCoder

    Android App Notifications Missing? (Dec 2016)

    Already tried, and even went ahead and manually shut off notifications in the app after the reinstall and re-enabled them. My update was to 6.0.1. Once thing I did notice is that the Charging Started/Stopped notifications are not enabled by default, at least they weren't when I reinstalled. I...
  6. DrumCoder

    Android App Notifications Missing? (Dec 2016)

    First, I did a quick search and didn't find anything about this, but go ahead and merge this with an existing thread if I didn't see it... ...Starting last week, I stopped getting notifications from the Android app. This coincided with a recent update of my phone (Galaxy Note 4 on Verizon, not...
  7. DrumCoder

    Body Shops in the ATL

    Yeah, with Magnum, there was a several week waiting period while they waited for the initial parts - luckily, my car was still fully driveable - and then when they got it in and took off the bumper, they realized they needed other parts. There was a little bit of fighting with the insurance...
  8. DrumCoder

    Body Shops in the ATL

    My experience with Magnum was top notch. I went with them instead of ECR simply because I live way closer to Magnum, I'm sure I would have had great work done by ECR had I chosen them.
  9. DrumCoder

    Media player in 8.0 actually got worse (for local music)

    I noticed that. It pulled the album art from the podcasts that I had as favorites, but not from the streaming station I own. It doesn't even show the logo right now, but I was having trouble getting the main Tunein page to load today and could only access my favorites that I was able to get to...
  10. DrumCoder

    VOG Network Tesla Videos

    This was a trip I had made back in July, but issues with the Adobe Premiere update made it impossible to edit in a timely manner. Relive the fads of July, such as Pokemon Go and the 7.1 interface, with this trip from Atlanta to Louisville, KY for a sci-fi/comic convention. (The convention...
  11. DrumCoder

    Supercharger - Myrtle Beach, SC

    I actually stayed at the Best Western Plus Grand Strand last October, which is a destination charger. The owner of the hotel was a huge Tesla fanboy, which is why he got the chargers, and we were his favorite guests for the weekend. We've been looking forward to going back, especially since now...
  12. DrumCoder

    Media player in 8.0 actually got worse (for local music)

    There's also a minor change they made to terrestrial radio for the five of us who still listen. (I don't want to make a new thread so I'll piggyback on this one since it's "local music") For HD stations, the car used to go out and get the album name and cover art from the internet based on the...
  13. DrumCoder

    7.1 > 8.0? Seems like an update for Tesla's legal team, and a net loss for customers.

    Real AP lovers never upgraded from 7.0 to 7.1 since it introduced limiting to 5mph over posted speed limit on roads it doesn't deem a "highway".
  14. DrumCoder

    Supercharger - Chattanooga, TN

    The rumor I heard was that the airport deals (both Chattanooga and Savannah) are for five years only, and they were made because Tesla needed a location badly. I believe their first choice was the big mall that's in that same area (Hamilton Place or something like that?) but couldn't wait for...
  15. DrumCoder

    Supercharger - Chattanooga, TN

    They are in Long Term 2. You do not have to pay to get in. You should not have to pay to get out - as long as you take your ticket to the reader at the gate as you drive out, it should let you out without demanding money, especially if you're there for less than two hours. If there's a human in...
  16. DrumCoder

    VOG Network Tesla Videos

    Someone at a party last weekend told me that they believed Tesla needed to disable their "Faulty Autopilot". I told this story, and then decided to make it a video. Me + Autopilot is a better driver than either of us by ourselves.
  17. DrumCoder

    Supercharger - Augusta GA

    I'm pretty sure if you call Tesla's Supercharger support line (the number on the chargers) you can inform them and they can talk to the property owner. That way you're not confronting anyone in the parking lot. (Which, BTW, I don't think was the suggestion. The suggestion was to either call...
  18. DrumCoder

    Supercharger - Atlanta, GA

    I believe they do detect a Tesla somehow. It hit me once when I was there for Cirque du Soleil. I parked by the SC's (but didn't use them because I didn't need them, I live too close so I would have only charged for two minutes) and went out that gate. I had already paid for my parking at a...
  19. DrumCoder

    Crash impact conversations outside the forum.........

    I sadly had the opposite experience last Friday night: "Every time I see a Tesla on the road, I get nervous. I got my kids in my car. I don't trust your autopilot system to not hit me. I really hope the government steps in and stops you from using it after the news today. No offense." -From an...
  20. DrumCoder

    Tunein Login Not Recognized

    It had been fixed once since I originally created this thread. The fix was several months later, but still sometime late last year. I'm guessing it has broken again on Tesla's side, and might even be the same bug from last year...I'm too afraid to log out to verify.
  21. DrumCoder

    Tesla moments

    At a counter service restaurant: Cashier: "That's a nice car, what is it?" Me: "A Tesla." Cashier: "Who makes it?" Me: "Tesla." Cashier: "No, I mean WHO MAKES IT" Me: "Tesla Motors" Other Cashier: "He's pulling your leg. That's a Jaguar." Cashier: "OH! I've always loved Jaguars. Have a...
  22. DrumCoder

    Supercharger - Augusta GA

    The last place I'd need a CHAdeMO is about to no longer need a CHAdeMO...
  23. DrumCoder

    VOG Network Tesla Videos

    Did a trip for work from Atlanta to Nashville. Not as long of a drive as most long-form road trip videos, but I wanted to attempt to regen down a mountain. I also show off how to force the time zone to update in the car.
  24. DrumCoder

    Firmware 7.1

    What a lot of people aren't emphasizing is that a short clip of "Don't Fear The Reaper" from the classic SNL bit with Christopher Walken and Will Farrell is played over the speakers when you engage the Rainbow Road feature. That's where the "cowbell" part comes in.
  25. DrumCoder

    Firmware 7.1

    Confirmed it also works on a 70D. I shot a video before Elon tweeted it was cowbell related and decided it was a Mario Kart easter egg. (I posted it in the VOG Network Videos thread in the Videos forum, so I won't re-embed it here.)
  26. DrumCoder

    VOG Network Tesla Videos

    Elon called it a "cowbell" road, but I think it's Mario Kart...
  27. DrumCoder

    VOG Network Tesla Videos

    Being inspired by the other road trippers in the Tesla community, I decided to try my own hand at them. I only have one at the moment but want to go ahead and make a thread for any future ones. I have been a video game podcaster for almost 11 years, and I run my own podcast network dedicated to...
  28. DrumCoder

    New Forum Design

    Is there a way to show all new threads in specific forums? I had a bookmark that used vBulletin's What's New feature with a bunch of forums excluded, and that worked well for me. I tried selecting some forums to be watched, but haven't figured out how to show all new posts in just those forums...
  29. DrumCoder

    Staged update disappeared after a few days

    So, right after I left for a 13 hour trip last Wednesday (Feb 17th) I got the "Software update is available" notification on my phone and saw the icon on the dash. Me, being a smart person, says that I will wait until I get home in a week to actually apply the update, especially since I won't be...
  30. DrumCoder

    Summon Changing to Smartphone Only (According to Consumer Reports)

    It was a fun parlor trick while it lasted, but I don't trust it with the app. I only used the fob because of the instant communication, rather than relying on two internet connections (my phone's and the car's.) If they're taking it away from the fob then it's pretty much useless to me. Thanks...
  31. DrumCoder

    Tesla Autopilot: What happens if you fall asleep?

    The car does not know if there is a safe shoulder to pull off of - it could be a cliff! The current sensors can't detect that. I'd rather take my chances on the road just like a stalled car would.
  32. DrumCoder

    Hello from Athens, Georgia

    Congrats! I go to Athens a few times a year (I'm an alum) and I was never so excited to drive 316 as I was the first time I went out there in my 70D...
  33. DrumCoder

    Two questions about the Summon feature

    Nope, fob must be in range for summon to work. The car itself only goes in a straight line for something like 40 feet, and then stops. (Or it stops when it sees an obstruction.) It will do a slight turn around an obstacle (including people) as long as it's basically in front of the headlight. If...
  34. DrumCoder

    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    Was just about to post this. I use "A battery of Tesla's".
  35. DrumCoder

    Two questions about the Summon feature

    Yes, you can use it anyway. I believe the Summon button appears on the first screen in the app when the fob is in range and the car is not plugged in. I haven't been able to try it myself, but according to the screenshots I've seen, that's where it is.
  36. DrumCoder

    Kman's Tesla Videos

    Hope you guys enjoyed The General, that museum is around the block from my house. Used to go there on field trips all the time as a kid, now I only go when I want to drag out-of-towners there. Sorry about the humidity.
  37. DrumCoder

    Good Tesla joke!

    Heard this one at a Tesla meetup yesterday: What do you call a Tesla that drifts? An electric slide.
  38. DrumCoder

    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    Yes but at least you can catch up here, whereas you would have missed out on meeting all of us in Asheville if you stayed home. :) Thanks for the rides and the demos. Really cool to see your work in person.
  39. DrumCoder

    7.1 keeps dimming my screen!

    I've always used auto brightness and did notice that the screen was much making itself much dimmer than it used to in 7.0. One time it didn't even switch to day mode when it was dusk out - usually I'd back out of my garage and it would switch to day mode, but then it just stayed in night mode...
  40. DrumCoder

    Summon Why ?

    Todd's #2 is actually a very good reason for me, too. I have wooden columns in my garage, and they don't hinder my front door, but I can't open the back door on the Driver's side when it's in the garage. But, if I summoned it just a few feet (not all the way out of my garage, since my driveway...
  41. DrumCoder

    Summon Why ?

    I usually never park in a space where there are close cars on either side of me. But that means there are open spaces next to me where someone else CAN get snug...Especially if they're a pickup truck.
  42. DrumCoder

    Summon Why ?

    I'll be using it if I'm in a situation in the parking lot where other cars are really close to mine and I'm too fat to squeeze in safely.
  43. DrumCoder

    7.1 no summon and no spotify

    Tesla always said Spotify was only going to Europe, Austrailia, and Hong Kong due to Rdio going out of business. Most people just chose to ignore that and assumed it was coming out worldwide. I'm not exactly sure what more they could have explained considering people weren't listening in the...
  44. DrumCoder

    Model S Nature Pictures

    Lake Weohyakapka, Florida
  45. DrumCoder

    Supercharger - Louisville, KY

    I have a buddy who lives just around the corner from these superchargers (he was texting me some pics early on in construction, too) who is now excited I may be able to now come visit him "for free". These superchargers are making me want to visit places I never would have wanted to visit...
  46. DrumCoder

    Tesla-box: Anyone else receiving these spams?

    Thankfully for me, Gmail already classified it as spam before I even saw the first email. I only saw it because I periodically look in there to see if there are any false positives. They could have gotten it via a combination of means, probably partly my theory, partly from the DNS hijack...
  47. DrumCoder

    Tesla-box: Anyone else receiving these spams?

    I got the spam a while back, too. My theory about how they got the email address is because of Tesla's forum software on their official site. My theory only works if everyone who got the spam answers yes to two questions. If either of these are no for anybody, ignore me. 1. Have you ever...
  48. DrumCoder

    Autopilot: Learning Curve + Weather!

    I noticed the ping ponging is directly correlated to the wipers passing in front of the camera. If I was more adventurous, I'd put on a whole bunch of Rain-X and see if it would work if I didn't need to use wipers. But I'm a wimp and will just drive my car like a normal person in those situations.
  49. DrumCoder

    Supercharger - Greenville, SC

    The selfish part of me wants it to get pushed out to next weekend so I can go with the group. ;) (I can't make it this Sunday.)
  50. DrumCoder

    Tesla moments

    Did a 1k mile trip (mostly with autopilot) from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach. Lots of Tesla Time at the hotel, since we stayed at the Best Western that has two destination chargers. Turns out the owner, Jack, is a HUGE Tesla fan, and that's why he bought the chargers. He's actually never ridden in...