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    Model 3 Reservation Numbers Appearing in My Tesla

    Tesla 3 ordered :-)
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    Model X Tally

    Number 24xxx will be picked up this Thursday, bringing us to a two Tesla family :-)
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    New SC in Seattle

    I had heard that they are looking at the 405 & I90 area, i.e. factoria.
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    Porsche 911 out - Tesla Model S in?

    I old my 911 for my S85D in April. Yes I miss the 911, it was my dream car. It is light and great coming out of a curve. No doubt about it it is a great car. But Do I regret selling it? no. The S is an awsome car. I will never go back to an ICE.
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    Any configuration regrets?

    The executive seats are restrictive when you need to haul a fifth person. Our solution will be coming in late 2016 when my wife's X arrives.
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    Random Model X sightings

    I spotted a titanium one in Maltby yesterday so it looks like all the colors are here in the PNW. My wife confirmed her configuration this week, so all we can do more is wait.
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    Our surprising (to us) decision to go with 6 seats instead of 7...

    Got to sit in an X last night, thanks again AL, it sold us on the 6 seat config. We occasionally want to haul 7, seldom do we need to haul 7. For those occasions it will be either two cars or another parent can step up and drive. For approximately 360/365th of the year out will be 4 people or...
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    Lost J1772 adapter. Anybody selling?

    Look on eBay, I got mine for $60 with free shipping, works great.
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    Model X at showrooms?

    Bellevue WA didn't know anything, in fact they were a little terse and off hand with their reply. Not the kind of customer service I have come to expect. Certainly not in the same league as the Bellevue service center, those guys are fantastic. Maybe the sales team could learn a thing or two...
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    Random Model X sightings

    You're correct, fast fingers and not proof reading strikes again.
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    Auto sock traction study/test

    I have a set, have not had to use them yet. Hopefully never will. Anyone used them?
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    Random Model X sightings

    Saw your wife again today, she came up along side my red S on 450 and we both had big smiles! got a quick glimpse of the white seats until traffic forced one of us back from driving side by side.
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    Random Model X sightings

    Very cool. Just sent you a PM with my contact info. I'm trying to configure my wife car and would love to see the inside of yours first.
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    Random Model X sightings

    what colour is your interior? My wife is about to configure her X, she is looking at blue also but has not decided on an interior.
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    Random Model X sightings

    First I've seen in the PNW, heading onto East bound I90 off I405 today around 3pm.
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    All possible cargo configurations?

    Great pictures, thanks
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    Missing seat heaters

    Latest update (Dec 23 2015) significantly improved the wiper performance but eliminated rear seat heating! Anyone else have the same issue? Tesla know about it and are working on the software, but since I have the executive rear seats I'm guessing this may only affect a few of us, so probably...
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    Random Model X sightings

    I saw the same bunch over the weekend, love the brown color.
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    Any Sig Model X owners willing to show it off after it arrives?

    Great pictures, sorry I missed the show and tell. I'll be looking out for you on the road.
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    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    The license plate question sprang to mind for me also. It's a shame to have to mount a plate, but it's the law in WA so not an option I can ignore
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    Model X license plates

    I have S_LCTRC on my S and X_LCTRC on my vw, waiting for the X to be delivered later this year.
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    Autopilot At NIGHT?

    Yep, better at night than in the day.
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    Do I need snow chains for a 90D in Tahoe, CA?

    I'm looking at the auto socks, how much clearance do they need on the inside of the tyre?
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    snow chains

    Bump. Tis the season for chains mandatory on the pass here in WA. I have 19" stock wheels and tires. Anyone had good success with chains? If so what make and model?
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    TACC as standard

    I use TACC and auto steer every day on my 45 minute commute. I estimate that the stress level of driving 405 is at least ten fold less than before. I unwind on the drive instead of after the drive. I will never buy a car without it, whilst I am commuting to work, again.
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    What smartphone are you all using?

    Windows phone
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    New warning icon in energy app

    I'm in Seattle and setting it daily now, we are in the mid 40's at night.
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    What happens if you don't grab the wheel during autopilot

    Thanks for posting.
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    New Tesla Android App Available

    Still lacking an official Windows phone app that can sync my calendar to the car.
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    morals of self driving cars

    Interesting article. Why Self-Driving Cars Must Be Programmed to Kill | MIT Technology Review
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    Back to the Future

    88 in a 55! Lets hope the cops of the future aren't watching.
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    Firmware 7.0

    Currently at work, update started an hour ago, so the future arrives in 90 minutes. May have to nip out for a Starbucks (from Canada) at lunch time.
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    Model S Executive Rear Seats With Arm Rest

    I am on my second arm rest. This last one only lasted a few trips with someone in the back before the hinge broke. Anyone else having issues? The people in the back of my car are adults and certainly don't abuse the arm rest.
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    extension cord anti-theft device?

    Thanks for the suggestions, I was looking for the connector protector link when I wrote the first message. But after seeing the picture with the padlock, I've changed my mind (and saved some money) and will be getting a padlock today. Thanks for posting.
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    extension cord anti-theft device?

    Any ideas on how to secure an extension cord whilst leaving the car charging over night? I just paid $150 for a good cord and would hate to see it walk off! I know I've seen a plate like device that holds the cable and then you drive onto the plate, but I can't find it now. I drove into the...
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    TACC in bad weather

    I use TACC all the time, I consider it one of the best features of my car. Never had an issue with rain (Seattle isn't the driest place on earth). The only problem I've had is the stopped car issue that we all know about and just need to be aware of whilst driving.
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    Tesla Tini (Harris Ranch)

    Looks like I need a road trip
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    Executive seating

    I have them, there are good and bad things about them (as there are with everything). Love the comfort for four, miss being able to fold the seat. Rear control is not a big deal, they ask, I change.
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    New Owners: What was your last car? How much more was the MS than that car?

    911, my dream car since I can remember, sold it for $18k, so the difference is around $85k.
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    Sound generator for our Model S ?

    Keep the silence. If a sound is mandated, I vote for two coconuts knocked together to sound like a horse (think Monty python and the holy grail)
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    To P or not to P, that is the question...

    The 85D is plenty fast, I gave a launch experience to a relative this week, she said it took her breath away! I hate to think what the P would have done! I have no regrets from only going 90% and saving the $20k.
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    Firmware 6.2

    update from 251 Got the update message this morning, will install tonight. Currently on 251. Anyone installed the update yet?
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    Firmware 6.2

    update from .251 Just got notification of an update today, will install tonight. I'm currently on 251, anyone know what the install is?
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    Beginner questions

    I'm using a Windows phone with outlook. Can not get the calendar to sync, I've had my car for several months now and still have not been any to get it to work. Any advice from a Windows guy would be appreciated.
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    Driving Habits

    Use TACC almost on my commute. Much less stress and allows me to relax on the way home, just set it to 4 lengths (to avoid the jerky drive) and sit back and relax. Can't wait for auto steering.
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    LTE roll out

    Just checked my April build 85D, still showing 3G :'(
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    Model S versus a Motorcycle

    My best Tesla moment, so far, was to take a Harley at a green light. Once I showed down and dropped down to the speed limit he passed me with a big thumbs up and a smile
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    Windows Phone Tesla App - Please vote "me too" here if you are a WP user

    I'm running Tesla connect, love it thanks. However I can not sync my calendar with my car. Anyone have any luck syncing outlook with their car?
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    I'm seeing red...

    Red all the way. Love it.