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    Seeking Supercharging Jailbreak service for 2022 Model S - Salvage

    You can't jail break that car nor should you when Toolbox is available.
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    Searching for 1022565-10-G

    Still looking for this?
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    Selling OEM parts for all Models

    How much for Model 3 keys cards?
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    21” Arachnid from refreshed Model S

    Unless you're willing to shell out like 6k for the wheels, I don't think you will get them any time soon.
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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    How do you specificy to redeploy a specific module? service-redeply "bms" or what?
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    WTB Model s next gen seat - black

    Are you look for a complete set of seats or just one seat?
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    Buy parts from salvaged Model S and X

    Just the shell? PM me
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    WTB - Model S White Interior

    white and black or are you looking for either black or white interior?
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    WTB 2018 Model 3

    That just isn't available.
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    WTB 2018 Model 3

    You won't get a Model 3 with free supercharging. In fact, you won't get any used car after 2017 with free supercharging.
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    2016+ Model S White Interior

    Hey guys, have a very clean white interior out of a 2017 Tesla Model S. I have all the pieces. I can sell everything together or the seats separately and all the panels separately in another package. $2,200 for the seats. Includes Front seats, rear seats with bolsters. $1,800 for the rest of...
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    Tesla Battery Modules for sale

    916-708-2657 has them
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    FS: 2021 Used Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD

    And those people can buy a new one for that same price..
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    FS: 2021 Used Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD

    You still have to pay taxes and won't get any state rebates on a used car.
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    Model 3 Windshield replacement $2300 and 2-3 days?

    New windshield from Tesla is $495 + tax. Labor shouldn't be more than $300. You don't need to pay anyone for calibrating the camera in the windshield. If you run into any autopilot issues, you are able to reset the camera calibration through the "Service" page on your car.
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    Did you get the FSD beta update yet???

    Yes but we're not allowed to talk about it yet.
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    WTB Model S center console

    Which kind are you looking for?
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    WTB Model 3 driver side headlight

    I have one for $250 + shipping.
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    White Color Mismatch Unacceptable

    My build date is June 11th also and has the same exact issues.
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    Looking for Roadster to Buy

    2008 Tesla Roadster | eBay
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    WTB: 19" Cyclone wheel for 2015 85D

    I have one but I'm in sacramento. Silver or Grey?
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    WTB - P100D complete battery pack

    What's your budget?
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    WTB: Tesla Model 3

    Interested in a rebuilt title? 2018 Model 3 Midnight Silver with black interior. Enhanced AP, 40k miles. 18" rims. $29k.
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    Tesla Model S 3rd Row Rear Facing Seats $1,500

    Got another pair if anyone is interested.
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    WTB - Tan Next Gen Front Seats for Model S

    Sorry, not at the moment.
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    WTB salvage or rebuilt model S White Awd

    Not white unfortunately. The only thing in white I have right now is a 2019 Dual Motor Model 3.
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    LTE Board

    It's $400 because it's with the SIM. If you want it, $150 without the sim.
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    Tesla Model S dual motor parts

    I have a regulator if you need it. $165 + shipping.
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    What kind of Wh/mi are you guys getting?

    I had to disable my TeslaFi, it was draining over a mile per hour of range..
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    Tesla Model S 3rd Row Rear Facing Seats $1,500

    Out of a 2015 Model S. PM me if interested.
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    Tesla Model S 3rd Row Rear Facing Seats $1,500

    Have the complete set available with all hardware and rebar. Shipping is extra. Located in Sacramento CA.
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    Are Service Centers Correcting Door Hinges with Hammers and Chisels?

    Have the same problem :( Imgur
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    Model Y speaker testing

    My sound on my Y is messed up. No bass, rear speakers cut out every 2 seconds. I'm thinking the amplifier is bad.
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    Model Y Delivery - Dedham Massachusetts

    Make sure your sound works. I'm 90% sure my amp or subwoofer is broken.
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    Should I Cancel Y?

    Thousands of people have taken delivery without issues, I haven't but many other thousands have. Not everyone is going to go out of their way to post how perfect their car is. But someone who has issues with a 60k car that they just bought, they sure will post about it.
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    Model Y: condition of car pick up on June 19 from Fremont

    Your front brake calipers are missing the "TESLA" logo also, unless if that's a new thing.
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    What kind of Wh/mi are you guys getting?

    I have a DM with the 20" induction wheels. Mostly city driving and I'm getting 290Wh/mi which is a little higher. Coming from a RWD Model 3 that was getting about 230 for the same exact drive.
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    2016 Model S 75D SALVAGE TITLE

    You get a lot more range though. I drove from Sacramento, CA to Portland OR, only added an extra 40 minutes to my trip. On the Model S, it would have been a lot more than 40 minutes.
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    2016 Model S 75D SALVAGE TITLE

    Yeah you ain't going to get that 240 miles going 75 mph on the freeway lol
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    2016 Model S 75D SALVAGE TITLE

    A 75 isn't even practical to drive long distances. I use a Model 3.
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    2016 Model S 75D SALVAGE TITLE

    Battery is worth 16, so it'd have to be a little more than that. I'm not here advertising to people who go crazy when they see the word salvage, don't like it, don't comment.
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    2016 Model S 75D SALVAGE TITLE

    You can offer a price if you'd like. If the price is right, I'm looking to sell.
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    2016 Model S 75D SALVAGE TITLE

    Hey, I have a December 2016 build date Model S 75D. It's a Midnight Silver Metallic with Black Interior. Autopilot 2.0. METAL ROOF Accident: It was damaged on the right side. https://www.copart.com/lot/45490088/ Miles: 73,983 (I swapped the battery at 71,000 miles from a 2018 Model S with...
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    Rear Facing Child Seats

    Hi, I have a complete assembly of the rear facing child seats. Comes with the seats, all mounting hardware and the rebar. $1,600 or best offer. Thanks
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    WTB rear facing seats

    I have the seats with all brackets/bolts/rebar if you are interested. PM me.
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    Performance brake calipers for Model S.

    Hello, I have a set with rotors. Very good condition. $800 + shipping