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  1. mk18_obe

    265/35 vs 275/35 Conti DWS06+ on 19x9.5

    I just picked up some Model Y gemini wheels, they are 19x9.5 and this thread has been helpful to see the comparisons.
  2. mk18_obe

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Clean build! 👌
  3. mk18_obe

    replacement 12V batteries for 2018 M3: OEM or 3rd party "group 51r" ok?

    That price jump is considerable compared to 12v replacement prices I've seen on the forums. Tesla serviced mine at my home: retrofit trunk lid wire harness(recall), replace 12v battery and check tire pressure, It was $115.20 total, super convenient and affordable.
  4. mk18_obe

    US Only: Model 3 Promotional APR (1.99%) 06/06-06/16/2024

    Eager to see what end of years deals they'll have for Model 3
  5. mk18_obe

    Expired 19" Black Rotiform LAS-R Rims/Winter Tires from M3 [Expired]

    mk18_obe posted a new question on the marketplace listing 19" Black Rotiform LAS-R Rims/Winter Tires from M3.
  6. mk18_obe

    New Model 3 Setup

    Set up your own profile for seat and wheel ergo. You can also mess with the driving dynamics. I personally set mine to the sportiest settings but thats my preferred driving experience.
  7. mk18_obe

    Lowering the Model 3

    I just picked up a set of UP coils, used. If comfort is your deal breaker then you should just get the non adjustable comfort. I wanted more of a better feel for the road and greater driving experience through spirited driving.
  8. mk18_obe

    Best way to keep heat from coming through the sunroof?

    Most likely to keep production costs lower. There is an aftermarket product that clips into the M3 glass panels and are able to manually retract, I forget the name of the product but it has decent reviews from what I recall.
  9. mk18_obe

    How worried should I be about buy a higher mileage M3 LR (70k+)

    100% of original range at 66k miles?! That's surprising. I am at 85k miles, original range is 310 miles. At 80%, I have an estimated 215 miles of range which is 86.77% of its original range(assuming I did the math correctly).
  10. mk18_obe

    How worried should I be about buy a higher mileage M3 LR (70k+)

    I'm at 85k miles so far on my 2019 M3 LR, I've only spent money on cabin air filters, tires and have an upcoming 12v replacement. Got the famous suspension squeak so I'll be looking to inject some grease into them soon.
  11. mk18_obe

    Model 3 @ Local Time Attack in 2024

    Impressive driving. Not bad for a sedan that can go to costco comfortably after the event ;)
  12. mk18_obe

    Sold Tein Flex Z Coilovers AWD M3

    How many miles on these?