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    Glass leaking above driver in M3

    Have done that. Will see what comes of it.
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    Glass leaking above driver in M3

    Just noticed that the glass about the driver is leaking above the driver. Only took delivery about a month ago. Headliner is damaged all around. Scheduled service to address.
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    2023.7.10 (FSDb 11.4.2) quirks

    My biggest issue on my 2018 M3MR is constant exits into turn lanes. Rolling straight down the road and it signals and exits. Cannot override with blinker.
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    Current score and simulator do not quite match

    My safety score is showing a 98 after about 1000 miles. I plugged the numbers into the sim and it says 99. Just driving more manually to bump them up. Anyone seen this?
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    Safety score broken

    Agree with the warnings. I was driving to a T intersection where I was going straight. Had to hit the stalk to continue in AP. Vehicle was in opposite side. All the alarms went off and it deactivated AP. I reactivated and kept going. That leg I got a 78. Saved the video of the intersection...
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    Blog Tesla Looking for Good Drivers to Test Full Self-Driving System

    I agree. I drove the evening and the app mention hard braking and it was doing all the driving. Not sure if the car I'd driving why you would get values like this.
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    Will it be a release or have we received the release already and they just turn the button on as an option?
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    Model 3 12v Battery issues, monitoring, Aftermarket replacement

    Had a 12 volt battery failure the other day. Had my M3 for less than 2 years. Fortunately I was at home and I needed to pull vehicle back in the garage. Got into the car and closed the door. No power at all. Had to use the door lever to open door. Contacted Tesla and they could not communicate...
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    Powerwall with non Tesla solar?

    In my situation, I did not look at Powerwalls at the same time. I did multiple bids but Tesla was not willing to negotiate so I went with SolarDirect in Florida. They use Trina TallMax 340w panels. I did have a 45 panel, 15.3Kwh system installed and the company worked with whatever I needed as...
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    TapTes Wireless Charging Pad Issue

    I have a Tesla Model 3 mid-range. I purchased the TapTes wireless charging pad since I have a Note 10+ and you can lay the phone down to charge as it does not fit vertically. When I plug only the charging pad left cable into the left port the light comes on as it is turned on. I place my Note...
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    V10 update: 2019.32.12.2 - Release notes same as previous V10 versions

    Just installed mine. More bug fixes I am sure. Smart summon has not been reliable for me as the car took a right instead of left to come to me. Real carefully now where I test it.
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    2019.32.11 Stuck in software updating

    So either Tesla kicked it or it backed out on it's own. Unplugged usb devices and reapplied update successfully.
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    2019.32.11 Stuck in software updating

    Well not at home at the moment but my 3MR is responding again and is back on 2019.32.10.1. Will try the update again later. Not sure if the car handled the failed update itself or if Tesla intervened.
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    2019.32.11 Stuck in software updating

    When I updated to 2019.32.10.1 on Friday I had noticed that sentry was not turning off at home but did not think much of it. Then received notification of 2019.32.11 Saturday. Started update around 10pm last night. Got up this morning and the screen says software update in progress. Contacted...
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    Significant range loss in 48 hours M3

    I believe that is the case as I have it set to fan. Stuck at this point as I cant manage remotely. I will have to supercharge when get back from my trip. Learned my lesson on this one.
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    Significant range loss in 48 hours M3

    Requesting suggestions. I am on a trip away from my car. Had 190 miles range on Sunday. Just happened to check the car and I am at 112 currently. About 80 miles lost in two days in a garage. I do not get back for another 5 days. What can i do remotely to find out what is happening?
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    Dashcam Icon Missing

    Originally I was using Windows prior to this update. After being able to spend a few testing, I ended up using guiformat to format a 128gb drive. Working just fine. Also prior I had a partitioned USB but not I just am going to use a separate one for Music and TeslaCam.
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    Dashcam Icon Missing

    Yes, formatted fat32. It works with sentry but not teslacam. So has to be fat32.
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    Dashcam Icon Missing

    Actually have 3 128s that stopped working with 2019 20.4.2. I know this is release related as I have been using them since I bought the car. None will work above 32 on the TeslaCam. Sentry works just fine just not for normal driving.
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    Dashcam Icon Missing

    Just another note. For my music partition I used a 128gb fat32 and it works fine.
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    Dashcam Icon Missing

    Well that was it. I have been fine all along until this update. While I did not have a 32gb USB, Just partitioned what I have to 32gb and left the rest of space alone. This worked. I will order a 32gb for my TeslaCam and have music on a separate USB. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    Dashcam Icon Missing

    Just tried it and still only have sentry.
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    Dashcam Icon Missing

    I have premium on mine. Tried power off and scroll wheel brake.
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    Dashcam Icon Missing

    Since updating to 2019.20.4.2 my dashcam icon is missing. Century mode is working just fin . Even prepped a news USB but still is not appearing. Any ideas?
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    Tesla's Delivery Difficulties Nov-Dec 2018; or, The Odyssey of My Model 3 Delivery

    Congrats! I take delivery of mine on Sunday 12/16. Same exterior color with white seats. Can't wait!!
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    Mid Range waiting room

    Blue with black/white interior, aero, EAP.