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    What’s in the new Update 2020.32.3

    Phew! Thank goodness. Now I can sleep tonight.
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    2020.4.1 and AP1?

    It's always been push once for me. Never thought of pushing and holding.
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    Model S 19" wheels - any style

    Looking for some 19" wheels to use for winter. Any style and somewhere in the midwest. Thanks!
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    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    What were you on before the update? Trying to determine if "about the same" will apply to me being currently on 2019.32.12.3.
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    Supercharger - Emporia, KS

    Not an update but just an inquiry - what was the reasoning for detouring through Salina as opposed to Topeka for that trip? Not enough (comfortable in winter) range to do the extra 50 miles to Topeka? I thought the SR was ~240?
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    AP1/MCU1 and Software V10

    Loads if you're currently on V8. If on V9, seems to be a nothing worth noting good or bad.
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    Supercharger - Mission, KS (expansion in progress)

    Looks like the same setup as the one near the airport, SuC in the NE corner, HyVee gas and convenience store on the west side. Even the same glass recycling behind the inconvenience store!
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    Tesla mandatory software update

    Just found that the answer to this is yes. It's as easy as tapping the update notification again and postponing. I could have sworn the update notification disappeared after you scheduled it. But it doesn't now, at least on 28.
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    Tesla mandatory software update

    Does anyone know if you change your mind after selecting "update @ (whatever time)", if you can go back in before that update time and change it to skip the update?
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    Supercharger - Kansas City, MO

    I stopped by late last night, and other than the overhead lights being off and packing material still being on the charger cables, it looked like it could be operational. I tried, but it wasn't. :( It looked good though!
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    Supercharger - Kansas City, MO

    I don't want to derail the thread, but since we're talking about KC SC's...Is there really no supercharger at the Plaza retail location or the service center on Manchester Trafficway? The Plaza one I can kind of understand, but the service center?
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    Supercharger - Kansas City, MO

    So THATS what the "days" means - I thought it was a countdown till a scheduled opening.
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    Supercharger - Kansas City, MO

    Supercharge.info says 9 days (though I don't know how they get their info or if it's accurate).
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    Silver Model S60 2013 54,741miles, mint $43,000

    Not at 54,000 miles.
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    What's it worth? 13 S85 - might be for sale.

    I would estimate you end up with 46-48 for it.
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    ESA - now eligible even with dealer in chain of ownership?

    Agree with your description of the EULA, it's right there for all to see. However, it's EXACTLY an insurance policy. Actually it's the definition of an insurance policy. Not that that's bad, it just is what it is. After much research I will self insure.
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    New HOV Stickers

    Anyone have experience removing these ugly stickers? I've been avoiding buying a CA CPO because they all have these crappy looking things in them.
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    Is this a good buy?

    Does anyone know what the end game is for these scammers? So they get your email address, so what? They don't have a car so they can't sell you something. It's so common it must be "working", bit I can't figure out what the scam is. Does it all go back to a Nigerian prince that needs me to...
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    "non refurbished" CPOs?

    That wasn't my understanding of the old process (certainly could be wrong though). My understanding was that once they were accepted as a CPO, that they went into the refurb queue. It's just that it it usually only took a short time for someone to buy it once it hit the website, so they ended up...
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    CPO Warranty = second class owner?

    Wonder if the adviser was new and mixing up CPO and ESA.
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    First time ever seeing Model S for sale as Carmax!

    Makes me wonder why these are at Carmax rather than CPO if they really came through Tesla and weren't traded in to Carmax. If Tesla was going to spend the money to recondition, they would surely list on CPO to triple their money. If Tesla decided to pass on these because they were going to take...
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    First time ever seeing Model S for sale as Carmax!

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    Spectacular 2015 Model S 85D for sale

    You're in the market for another one?
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    "non refurbished" CPOs?

    They are probably going to raise the standard for trade-ins that make it to CPO and dump the rest. Since they're not putting any money into refurb, maybe they will be able to actually lower the price (yes, crazy). I would think this would mean an influx of sub-par condition trade-ins will now...
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    Model S60 AP1/Tech low mileage

    Curious what this means?
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    (S) RadioFlyer Model S (Red) for Kids

    Might have better luck in the proper for sale forum. :)
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    Curious about this, since I'm getting close to making a trip to see one far from home. If it wasn't a local buyer, how did you structure the deal so that you were assured to get paid, and they were assured to get the car, and didn't have to wait around for the money to move after inspecting...
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    2015 Tesla Model S 85 D for Sale (Houston): $64,000

    How many drinks? :)
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    2017 Tesla Model S 75

    Curious where this calculation came from? I haven't seen it anywhere else. Common knowledge that I've missed? If true that would put many of the 2015's with mileage in the 35's at about $25K offer from Tesla. I haven't seen anyone mention a trade in offer that low.
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    2014 Tesla P85D only 8500 miles

    Gloves, $18.99. :)
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    2017 90D for sale.

    Could you make these a little smaller please? I was able to make out out a few details. :)
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    Selling my 2012 Red Signature Series Model S P85 (low mileage)

    I found that interesting too. Tesla states the ESA can be purchased "no later than 30 days or 1,000 miles (1,600 km), whichever comes first, past the expiration of your New Vehicle Limited Warranty." I would have thought the NVLM ran out in 2016. Vehicle Warranty | Model S and Model X
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    Selling my 2012 Red Signature Series Model S P85 (low mileage)

    Especially given the poster! :)
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    2016 Model S 75D, 17,179 Miles - Open a Private Conversation With Me If Interested. Thanks!

    Of course. In fact if you don't live in the purchase state, you can't register it there. Do a search, lots of threads about how to get it home.
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    21" Turbine wheels & tires with warrantie

    I'm only interested if they also come with a warranjacket.
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    2014/15 Tesla Model S - P85D, Autopilot, White, heavily optioned

    As I've been researching an ESA purchase, I've found that it's not very competitive at all with CPO. Service agreement (read: insurance) vs warranty. ESA: $200 deductible for repairs, lots of things not covered. Would having one make deal sweeter for a buyer, absolutely. Same car private party...
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    2016.5 Modle S 60D

    To be clear - that was meant as a joke - that accident was all over the news and was in California I think.
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    2016.5 Modle S 60D

    Maybe it's the one we saw on the news...
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    2015 Model S 60 for sale

    I thought Elmo already offered 48? Oh wait, maybe he's not a serious buyer? But he's on all these for sale threads! :)
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    2016.5 Modle S 60D

    What's a "Sumunes feature"? That's a new one.
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    Selling my Tesla - Model S - 75D

    Didn't you ask earlier in the thread if the car was sold, to which the OP replied yes? :)
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    2015 Model S 70D w/ 28,500 Miles $52,000

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    2014/2015 Fully loaded P85D+ for sale

    How about just the first one? :)
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    FS 2015 70D CPO

    Curious how you got this? Was it included in your CPO paperwork?
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    On a different topic...does it seem like there needs to be a new thread/board/place for the influx of people joining just to unload their model 3 at premium prices that they appear to only have taken delivery of to make $ on the tax credit? They're starting to clog up all the sales sites as...
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    2015 Tesla Model S 85 D for Sale (Houston): $64,000

    Just curious, why redact the VIN? I've seen about 5% of sellers regularly do this. Are people concerned someone will steal the car's identity and open a Sam's Club account in it's name? When people look up VINs they avoid asking you all the silly questions about options and history because...
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    Radioflyer Model S for Kids

    The board is "Tesla for sale", not toy for sale. Might have better luck (and be properly categorized) on Craigslist?