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  1. Jashev

    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    First 2000 miles, averaging 285 wh/mile.
  2. Jashev

    Looking for independent repair shop for light and preventative maintenance. OH, WV, PA

    First, if you are in Pennsylvania, I'd suggest that you join the official owners club (www.tocpa.club). The club maintains a list for members of service centers who do Tesla repairs (and know what they are doing). The club also has a private Discord server where members have these discussions...
  3. Jashev

    CCS1 Tesla Adapter

    They asked that we not change the password back until we get a tracking number from DHL.
  4. Jashev

    Range on Long Road Trips

    Sorry, but you are totally incorrect. When you are displaying battery percentage it is the actual percentage of battery charge remaining. When you display miles, it is the EPA estimate of your distance based on that charge. The percentage is accurate, the distance is an estimate based on the...
  5. Jashev

    I see so many model Y owners having issues. Would you buy again?

    No issues worth mentioning. June 2020 build. Absolutely love the car and will buy again!
  6. Jashev

    Range on Long Road Trips

    First, it is important to note that the range estimates are not provided by Tesla but are provided by the EPA which has it's own testing methodology which may or may not be related to real world situations. It's really no different than their MPG ratings which are rarely achieved even in ICE...
  7. Jashev

    Is Tesla sending a message to the US Model Y customer

    If you need it, you can retrofit a HEPA filter into your car for $100. Tesla Model 3/Y HEPA Cabin Air Filter Replacement (Set of 2)
  8. Jashev

    Autopilot Model Y vs Model 3

    Actually, I would say that the FSD has been improving since I got my car last June. Much more reliable on secondary roads, the stop sign/traffic light functions are working better. No complaints. Can't wait for them to release the version currently being tested. I would say I use it 90% of...
  9. Jashev

    Who uses automatic car washes?

    The staining on the black trim has been reported in "touchless" car washes. They use pretty harsh chemicals. I run my car through a "brushless" car wash once or twice a week. Have done this with my Tesla's for 6 years and have never had a problem.
  10. Jashev

    Let's See Your Charging Setup

    I used to have a Model S with dual chargers, so this is a 100 amp line. I split off a NEMA 14-50 under the junction box just in case the wall connector ever fails.
  11. Jashev

    Model Y For Sale in Phoenix

    That's a silly offer. I'll give you $55k. ;-)
  12. Jashev

    Trading Model 3 with FSD for Model Y with FSD

    You wouldn't look at it that way with any other car you have purchased. If I buy a BMW and add bunch of options to the car, do I expect to be able to get those same options for free on my next BMW? Why not, I already paid for those heated massage seats ;-) Why should I pay for them again? Or...
  13. Jashev

    Supercharger - State College, PA

    One of our other club leaders is the liaison to the Tesla planning team. I will forward your comments to him for discussion. Some of the locations mentioned in here I know are already on their radar.
  14. Jashev

    Supercharger - State College, PA

    The PA state club is now working directly with the Tesla planning folks to identify future Service Center and Supercharger locations in the State. You can expect a lot more on the way.
  15. Jashev

    "Devon Service Plus"

    Yes that is correct. I believe they call it Service Plus because they also have a service location in Lancaster.
  16. Jashev

    Model Y Driving Experience

    Coming out of a Model S with air suspension into my Model Y was certainly a transition. There is no question that the ride is stiffer. BUT, some folks like that. My wife would always complain the the Model S made her car sick. She prefers the stiffer ride as opposed to the gentler swaying of...
  17. Jashev

    Progressive insurance Model Y

    I doubt that it's "everyone". I can't speak for anyone else. I had problems with GEICO being high on my Tesla a few years back. I left them and went to Liberty Mutual. Then Liberty got ridiculous renewing my policy so I shopped it again and GEICO gave me the best deal by far. At the time I...
  18. Jashev

    model y long-range 12v battery

    I believe that the algorithm that Tesla uses to charge the 12V battery depends on a particular type of battery. There were problems way back when I bought my first Model S related to the algorithm allowing the battery to discharge too much before recharging which was causing the batteries to...
  19. Jashev

    Tire Rack now offering Model Y TPMS

    Thanks. That makes sense. I haven't bought a tire/wheel package from them so it didn't click. I just bought tires from them and picked up an extra set of wheels from ebay. I'm going to get the TPMS from Tesla and have them mount my winter tires for me. The Tesla winter tire package for the...
  20. Jashev

    Progressive insurance Model Y

    I find some of these prices really steep. Now I'm a bit older and have a clean driving record and I also have four cars on my policy and have my homeowners through them, but GEICO is charging me 242.54 every six months for my Model Y. I do keep a higher deductible for comp and collision ($2k)...
  21. Jashev

    Opening door and warning about weather stripping

    Yup, the pull handle is for emergency use in case you lose power. Now in the Model 3 they had all sorts of problems because of that. But, in my Model Y, though I still get the warning, the window does come down an inch even if I use the pull handle. I think the warning is just a leftover from...
  22. Jashev

    Tire Rack now offering Model Y TPMS

    Just curious, why would you want to buy them from TireRack for $80 more than you can get them from Tesla? I'm certainly capable of installing them and if you are going to a tire shop, I would bet they would installl them too if you are getting tires mounted there.
  23. Jashev

    model y long-range 12v battery

    No problem. If I'm not sure about something I'll hedge by saying something like I'm pretty sure that...... It is confusing and Tesla is not exactly working to get accurate information out there.
  24. Jashev

    model y long-range 12v battery

    You might want to check with Tesla before you do that. Had a buddy actually put a lithium ion battery there and had some warranty issues.
  25. Jashev

    model y long-range 12v battery

    It is not an AGM battery. I've had one or two go bad in my previous Model S's. You get a warning message. When I had them replaced, Tesla told me that I would be good for a week or two before it failed. They were correct and changed them both under warranty. The battery was almost identical...
  26. Jashev

    Deep Blue Metallic Model Y Picture Thread

    Personally, I just prefer the 19's for the ride quality and the resistance to pothole damage. Also cheaper to get good winter tires here in PA!
  27. Jashev

    Deep Blue Metallic Model Y Picture Thread

    Ceramic coating done!!
  28. Jashev

    Cargo box for the Y

    I have a Stowaway that I've used with my pick up truck and motor homes for years. They are great! When you swing it away, it will definitely not interfere with the hatch. I haven't tried it on my Y yet but it isn't a lightweight so I would assume it will have a significant range effect.
  29. Jashev

    Why not buy a Mustang Mach-E?

    Don't know where you are in PA, but I am too. When I first started driving Tesla's (2014) their charging network was barely adequate. Fast forward to today and it is amazing. Nonetheless, there has also been a big increase in non-Tesla chargers since that time. If you travel the PA Turnpike...
  30. Jashev

    Excellent Service Visit.

    Yup. I think us east coasters have been pretty spoiled in general with good service. West Coast seems to have the toughest time ;)
  31. Jashev

    How to purchase Homelink

    Works perfectly in the car (same as when I had my Model S). The first few times I tried to use it through the app, it told me that I didn't have a compatible homelink device. Then a few days later, tried again and now it seems to work fine. I figured it must've taken them a few days to update...
  32. Jashev

    How to purchase Homelink

    Depends on your service center. When I got notification that the shipment was coming I setup the appointment. Package arrived the day before service.
  33. Jashev

    Tesla Mobile Service

    It varies. I've seen some of them cover 80-100 miles around here.
  34. Jashev

    Why not buy a Mustang Mach-E?

    I absolutely agree wth this statement. BUT, I think there is a better chance of startup EV companies expanding the market than the legacy automakers. The real problem is that the dealers have no incentive to sell EV's. They make most of their money on service and EV's don't need much of that...
  35. Jashev

    How to purchase Homelink

    As an owner I don't disagree. As a shareholder, it's not so bad ;)
  36. Jashev

    AC Turns off when Driver Leaves while Back Passenger is in the back?

    If you set the climate control to on before you leave the car, it will stay on.
  37. Jashev

    Tesla Mobile Service

    Agreed. Can't say enough about how good mobile service has been here also.
  38. Jashev

    How to purchase Homelink

    Includes installation. Mobile service came to my house. Took an hour.
  39. Jashev

    How to purchase Homelink

    Here ya go..... Automatic Garage Opener
  40. Jashev

    I took delievery of a new MY today!

    Congratulations and welcome to the family!
  41. Jashev

    How long should one wait for a near perfect Model Y to roll off the line

    Got mine 6/29. Have not seen the repair shop once. Maybe a slight panel gap issue here and there, but nothing I care about. Car is amazing!
  42. Jashev

    Less expensive home charging alternative

    Sorry man, I am not an electrician and was just trying to point out the potential problems that can occur with constantly removing the plugs. Thanks for correcting me.
  43. Jashev

    Quality not so bad

    Not to downplay anybody who has had issues, but remember that they are producing thousands of cars. If even a small percentage of them have some issues, that will result in dozens of posts from folks that are dealing with that. You don't get very many posts from people who have no issues. I...
  44. Jashev

    Less expensive home charging alternative

    The main disadvantage to this is that you don't carry your charging cable with you. If you don't travel much, not a big deal. There have been reports on this forum of folks trying to unplug their charger and take it with them each day who then had problems with the outlet wearing out and...
  45. Jashev

    5mph over speed limit

    If you are using just TACC, there are no limits on where you set the speed. If you are using Autopilot (without the traffic light beta feature) you can set the speed to +5 mph over the speed limit on normal roads. If you are on a limited access highway, I haven't reached a limit yet (had it...
  46. Jashev

    To finance thru tesla or find financing on your own

    I went through Tesla and got 2.34% for 72 months from Chase.
  47. Jashev

    Cleaning Model Y Upper Interior Trim

    I had a few in my car. I just took some plain old windex, sprayed it onto a micro fiber rag and wiped the stuff off. Came off easy, didn't seem to hurt anything that I can see.
  48. Jashev

    Delivered without Gemini covers

    When I took delivery on 6/29 they pulled the car up without the wheel covers and told me they would have them drop shipped to me. I said okay, then proceeded to go over the car. Found the wheel covers in the back of the car. They were pretty hectic at the end of the quarter ;-)
  49. Jashev

    Terrible Tesla Service, what would you do???

    It really seems to be hit and miss depending on where you are located. I hear lots of horror stories out of California. Here on the other coast, we have a few service centers which are problematic and a couple that excellent. Over the years I've actually used service centers in Texas...