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    Early life inverter failure

    The more I read about some of these and that many seemed to occur immediately after charging, I'm curious - does Tesla use the left rear motor's drive inverter bi-directionally? Does it route AC from the charge port to the drive inverter to put it into the battery as though it were regen, rather...
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    Adaptive Suspension Damping… Real or Ruse? Which one do you have? Find out fast!

    Sure, but I've lowered my car and have aftermarket winter tires/wheels on now. Besides, it's supposedly been done, with laughably unscientific measurements, and still doesn't resolve any of the squawking.
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    Adaptive Suspension Damping… Real or Ruse? Which one do you have? Find out fast!

    This thread is so aggravating. So much completely off-target "scientific" analysis. Why would you even bother looking at what is clearly a software-only datapoint (the commanded duty cycle or damping %) and drawing a conclusion about the actual physics? The only way someone's readings would be...
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    Navigation Question - Preferred Route?

    The flip side is that in Northern Virginia, my car will try to use the reversible toll lanes on I-95 when the barriers are down and they're going in the other direction - I'd rather have your issue ;):p
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    The new media controls are crap

    For my Plaid, the changes are all pretty positive. The route directions font is larger now, which is kind of ugly, but they finally fixed the stupid homelink card covering the repeater cameras at exactly the time that you need them. The media controls are unchanged and can still be moved...
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    Tesla App status code 400

    There have been API failures the last few days on Tesla's end, which may be related. However, there's no need to do financing yet unless your car is actually available. You'll need to re-submit an application after 30 or 45 days or so, so anything you do now will likely expire long before...
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    Fed up w/not getting new FSD. Lawsuit?

    This is where the argument falls apart. I had FSD beta on my previous MSP, and it is, in no way, a benefit. You have to watch it like a hawk, it drives (and still does, from videos) like a nervous teenager just learning to drive. It's at best a parlor trick to show friends while you watch it...
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    2022.16.1.1 is now rolling out globally.

    It's new - you won't get updates for a bit. It's always been this way...
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    Suddenly speed up after disable autonomous driving

    Others do, as shown by a number of posts on this very forum where people accidentally put it in Neutral. But I guess your familiarity with an objectively bad stalk design makes it OK, whereas the yoke (and its objectively better button-activated AP) is an abomination that must be railed at daily 🤪
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    Changing display position

    No - those are specifically designed to appear in the WORST possible place, by blocking each other, cameras, etc. It's a feature! :)
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    Repeatedly getting texts that Tesla has been offline

    Why didn't you just uncheck this notification option in your TeslaFi settings? You can still let TeslaFi monitor your car (and in my experience the default settings do a great job of continuing to let the car sleep, which you can verify because you're using TeslaFi...).
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    Limited AC charging

    One of your three onboard charging boards is down, so you can only charge at 2x16A (~7kW). The chargers are in your car for AC - the thing on the wall is just a power supply. DC charging uses off-board chargers (coincidentally, banks of the same 16A charging boards in the V1/V2 supercharger...
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    Teslas to Have Windows Auto-Close When It Rains

    Don't they do this when the weather is cold, so that if it freezes you can still open the door? I thought I read that this was intentional (on some models?) Maybe it's going down a little too far and a calibration would help? (Hold the window up button for a few seconds, roll it down and hold...
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    Honest review of the wheel

    I guess it's nice to be short. I haven't been able to see the full instrument cluster of any car I've owned up until my Plaid. I find it refreshing.
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    Version 2022.16.x

    Whomp…. Same release notes here. Although mine is a November build and Elon did say cars had the horn hardware starting in November so maybe mine missed the cutoff 😁
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    Version 2022.16.x

    Well his release notes wouldn’t have included it so if mine ever finishes installing then we can bitch lol. The first is cool though - I know a lot of people have been waiting. Speak of the devil I just got the complete notification. One sec….
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    Version 2022.16.x

    My car (2022 Post-first but pre-second refresh S Plaid) is installing this version now. Don’t see any other .16 builds on TeslaFi yet. Release notes coming in a few minutes…
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    Honest review of the wheel

    I’ve never looked at my turn signal buttons… Why is this trolling? Are all the other hand-wringers trolling also? I thought this was just an opinion - something that everyone else who doesn’t own a refresh car seems to have plenty of (with a little humor thrown in). 😁
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    Early life inverter failure

    Just posting in the interest of science here. Had a pleasant service experience for a failure that was obviously inconvenient, but things happen. I expected some early life gremlins when I ordered this thing on battery day. I got my 2022 (November 2021 build) Plaid S back after a failure of...
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    Honest review of the wheel

    This is the defense of this clearly unsafe design flaw? It’s a safety issue that you have to push it almost to reverse to disengage autopilot, or could get confused and turn on (or fail to turn off) a turn signal while trying to cancel it. They should get stalks off the road before people are...
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    Honest review of the wheel

    Yes, that’s what it does - I know exactly how it works. It’s working as designed. Except if you’re in autopilot, then pushing down to the soft detent just blinks but doesn’t change lanes. You have to push down to the hard detent for it to execute a lane change (or I guess hold it down in that...
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    Honest review of the wheel

    I was being a little bit facetious as a counterpoint to all the hand-wringing over how utterly unsafe and chaotic and unusable the refresh S is. I preferred the autopilot stalk on my previous S vastly over the 3/Y setup, and the scroll wheel single-click is very close (and it’s absolutely a...
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    Honest review of the wheel

    So my Plaid S has been in the shop for a week after the left rear motor failed as I was leaving a parking garage. Service center says it’s the inverter, part arrived and I should have it back in the next day or so, I hope. November build, failed at ~5,000 miles. I’ve had a Model 3...
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    An honest review of the yoke

    It's clear since it's an option on your build details for "Yoke Steering" that they will offer a choice eventually if they ever have enough batteries and production capacity to keep up with demand. Until then, it makes 100% sense not to complicate their inventory with yet another choice. I'm...
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    An honest review of the yoke

    They don't need to care about those people. They're selling every one they make, they're generating buzz, and they can always introduce a wheel whenever they need your money. Statistically they probably have lower costs too - I'm sure there's a correlation between people who are willing to try...
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    Tesla Broke Off-Peak Charging

    Again there are three settings. You people are all asking for a mode that allows them to contradict each other, and even more confusing, you're asking that the car prioritize the worst possible choice - to let you set things in a contradictory way and then end up with less charge than you told...
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    I got this software last night on my 2022 Plaid. On my drive after installing (and also my first drive this morning), Autopilot was unavailable. I never got the indicators that it was available, and trying to engage it just gave the usual "not available" error as though I was on an unmarked...
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    Tesla Broke Off-Peak Charging

    Why is that a problem? Again, the car gives you two modes, both of which prioritize the car reaching the level of charge you want, which is 100% the correct behavior in my opinion. You can tell it when to start, to align with the start of your off-peak period. It will take as long as it needs...
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    Tesla Broke Off-Peak Charging

    It literally does exactly what you asked for today, using Scheduled Departure and setting an Off-peak end time. It doesn't need to know or care about the start of your off-peak to meet the objectives you laid out, and that's why it doesn't. It will start more-or-less as late as it can to hit...
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    Show of hands… Adaptive Suspension

    What difference would you expect on a flat surface? The whole reason suspensions exist is for not-flat surfaces.
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    Tesla Broke Off-Peak Charging

    They didn't break anything - it's always worked this way. For a while you could only set a start time, later they added the ability to set an end time (but still never both), and even more recently they've added the ability to set a departure time separate from an off-peak end time. I guess...
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    Software Version for Noise Cancellation

    Your car won't update from that version until a production version is available that implements the various ridiculous software-based recalls (e.g. disabling boombox in drive). They had to update the factory build with those recalls implemented since they can't sell a car with an open recall...
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    Software update for 2021 Model S Plaid

    You may have opted in to have your Safety Score tracked until you get in, but they haven't added new cars to the Beta population for a while - they only add people when they roll out new versions and new versions have been a bit lumpy lately.
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    PWS - why not model s?

    The requirement was based on manufacture date, and was also extended (I think after it first went into effect). The S and X need it, but didn't come with it until they were required to. The 3 started including it earlier.
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    Show of hands… Adaptive Suspension

    It was very noticeable in my Raven Model S Performance and is also very noticeable in my Plaid, FWIW.
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    Software update for 2021 Model S Plaid

    It's the other way around. Your Plaid has the FSD Beta, which is Vision only and hence has tons of phantom braking. Your LR was still using radar. Email [email protected] and ask to be removed from the FSD Beta program and your car will go back to Vision + Radar soon (until they make...
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    2021+ Model S and Model S Plaid Refresh Issues Thread

    Did you verify that the Auto Cancel turn signals setting is still on? It might have been flipped off. Also have your cameras finished calibration (e.g. is Autosteer available?)
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    Selling after 5k NJ rebate

    It says "may be" because there are exemptions, and the most recent poster already indicated that they are trying to get the money back as part of the sale transaction. The rules seem clear. You won't be able to transfer the car without paying it back, unless you receive an exemption, for which...
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    Selling after 5k NJ rebate

    The details are literally in Post 14 - it says you have to reimburse the program unless you are granted an exemption. So make up a sob story and ask for an exemption if you want to get around it.
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    What does your customized license plate (tags) say? Especially Plaid

    I'm guessing uNDeR 2SeConds? Seems like a bit of a reach lol
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    Refreshed Model S and Plaid Vibration demographics

    I think a few different types of vibration have been described. I previously thought I didn't have it, but as with some of the other reported gremlins like the yoke buzz, when I tried really hard to find it, it was there. Mine is a very very subtle lugging feeling at steady, light throttle...
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    Early '22 Exterior Refresh Tracking (Lights, Charging Door, Appliqué delete)

    The old ones pre refresh have the same part number and are called UPLEVEL as well. There was a base headlight back before maybe 2018 or so. The matrix lights are referred to as GLOBAL on the models that have had both.
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    daily drive track mode

    Sure, if you want. It may not be great for the battery by keeping it warm all the time, and it will disable many safety features. It cannot be set to always on. You have to turn it on while you're in park. It turns off after the car is sitting for a few hours.
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Pre-refresh wheels and covers were called Tempest. Post-refresh, the wheels are now Cardenio and they have a darker Tempest cover (but interchangeable). And Tesla refers to the winter wheel package as Tempest wheels even though they are actually Cardenio wheels and don't even come with the...
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    But in the owner's manual and the parts catalog, they are called Cardenio...
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Yes, although technically these are now called Cardenio rather than Tempest. (I'm not exactly sure what the difference is - I think maybe the Cardenio wheel is different but it's the same Tempest wheel cover on top?)
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    Model S 2022

    FWIW - the spoiler should fit. The OEM spoilers are not the same for pre-/post-refresh, but the trunks themselves are. They just made the stock spoiler longer and thicker.
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    Plaid center console light turns off when fully opened?

    My theory is that they were supposed to be motorized and they weren't able to get the motors due to supply chain issues, so they decided to just leave them out - same as the tilting center display.
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    N2itive Lowering Links for Refreshed LR/Plaid

    I haven’t noticed the vibration, before or after lowering. For what it’s worth, the old shudder was temperature dependent and my Raven only had it when cold, and I’ve only had my plaid in really cold temps so far, so it’s possible the new shudder/vibration happens mostly in warmer conditions...
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    What other vehicles do you own?

    No love for the Mustang on the lift in the garage? :-)