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    Refreshed 2021/2022 Model X Owners Thread

    I can't say I absolutely love the exterior of the iX, but I also don't hate it. A few things (like the lack of frunk and the look of the "back" with the trunk open) are not that great, but also not critical - I've never owned a BMW and all the criticism of the iX is pretty much flying over my...
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    Model X refresh meet and greet in Lad Vegas, NV

    Hello, I’m ready to place an order for MXP, but I’d love to meet someone here in Las Vegas with the car to just ask a few questions / take a look at the yoke steering wheel. We have a MYP right now and since this upgrade will be a pretty significant step up, I’d like to make sure I like the...
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    Refreshed 2021/2022 Model X Owners Thread

    For folks who took deliveries of their refreshed MXLR / MXP, are there any of you who are absolutely happy with their car AND had no issues (trim, internals, sensors, etc)? I've test-drove BMW iX and I REALLY liked the ride comfort / trim / overall experience, so now I'm questioning my decision...
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    Progressive insurance Model Y

    A pretty much maxed out Progressive insurance for our MYP just renewed (5 days ago) for another $627/6 months. Interestingly, our M3P used to cost us $935 for exactly the same coverage. So far no adjustments / notifications about future adjustments. We'll see what happens in May 2021.
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    Performance Waiting Room

    Ordered a M3LR, but decided to contact sales people at our local Tesla store. Asked if they have any performance vehicles and got a message with a picture of M3P+ in red with a pretty large (I think) discount. Probably will go with that one. My point: don't be afraid to contact (or, even...
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    Owners service experience

    Haha, who knows :) Also, when I asked if they know anything about the car I found through their used inventory search engine, I've been told that they only sell new cars / new inventory and don't have access / can't help with used inventory. Is that how it always was? Sounds a bit weird to me.
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    Owners service experience

    Just to add to what you guys said above, it totally makes sense to consider something else. The problem is that wife doesn't really want to consider anything else - our current car is just fine, but "eats" a lot of gas and is suboptimal for a lot of city driving. On the other hand, getting such...
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    Owners service experience

    So... here's my report :) First, we were surprised that we were not accompanied by a Tesla representative during our test drives. We were given a car and asked to return it within a "reasonable" time frame. We test drove a M3D. Really liked the car and it had more than enough space for 2...
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    Las Vegas Service Center performance

    Hey folks, We plan to purchase a P3D soon, but I've been hearing a lot of negative feedback about Las Vegas service center. Specifically: 1. No loaners if something's wrong with your car and you need a temp. replacement. 2. Customer service people don't know what they are doing - people...
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    Owners service experience

    Thank you very much for all of your responses / suggestions! Really appreciate it. I'm about 10 minutes away from the service center, so I suppose that's a positive thing. Scheduled a test drive for P3D for tomorrow, we'll see how it goes :-) Also, will create a topic specifically for Tesla...
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    Owners service experience

    Hey folks, We're about to finally commit to getting a Tesla and the only theme (and a pretty uncomfortable one) that we still encounter on the forums / Yelp / Google reviews is the customer service experience. The car will be driven mostly by my wife and we have 2 kids - she does a lot of...