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  1. xxxholic

    Tesla service center no loaner Tesla anymore?

    I am dropping my car off for service today at the Tyson's Corner Service Center and received Uber credits in the amount of $200 for one day. I will ask them if they are no longer giving loaners or maybe because my service request should only take a day, I will not get a loaner vehicle. My...
  2. xxxholic

    Questions for all of you M3 owners about buying a 3 from a private seller; how to check for EAP, FSD

    Maybe treat the sell like people do with an online purchase such a cell phone or tablet. I've seen people meet at Apple or cell phone carrier to ensure safety and to ensure the phone or tablet is unlocked and can be sold. Maybe a Model 3 seller will meet you at the closest Tesla Service Center...
  3. xxxholic

    Would You Buy a Model 3 Again Today?

    I would but I’d get the PD3. If I could splurge definitely a Model S as it just had a few more creature comforts the Model 3 lacks. Overall, besides the horrible supply chains issues and questionable customer service, I’m happy with my purchase.
  4. xxxholic

    Can someone sell me on the black interior!?

    Lol there’s a fix for that. Center Armrest Seat Protective Pad for Tesla Model 3, 25% Off
  5. xxxholic

    Can someone sell me on the black interior!?

    WOOOOOOOOOW. So glad you walked away from that. I chose black because I had tan seats in a Lexus IS 250 many years ago and swore to never ever have light colored seats. The lightest I've gone is red seats in my BMW M235xi and Acura MDX and those were easy to maintain. If you want lighten up...
  6. xxxholic

    So this happened today...

    Upate 3 10/9/2019 My third wheel finally came in yesterday admit is being mounted today. I also discovered over spray on the passenger side of the vehicle - and that is being buffed out. 43 total days to fully repair my car. I guessing that is way better than the 2-4 months some have...
  7. xxxholic

    Extreme Vampire Drain

    @St☰v☰ - what are the settings on your car now? What did you turn off and leave on etc...
  8. xxxholic

    Extreme Vampire Drain

    Hmm. So I wanted to see if my car was suffering from same type of vampire drain and now I think I may have a similar issue haha o_O:D I went 256 to 213 in roughly 12 hours of no driving, no sentry mode entries, and no checking the app. I will do another test with turning off advanced software...
  9. xxxholic

    Any way to turn off Easy Entry when rear seats are occupied?

    Maybe set up an additional profile and name it "backseat" and do not pair it the easy entry option.
  10. xxxholic

    Extreme Vampire Drain

    I'll definitely be checking back in @St☰v☰ for your update. I have arrive to work with around 270 - 273 range and when I leave 8-9 hours later I am usually around 256, from sentry mode and I assuming the car checking for software updates. Which model is your 3? Are you charging to no more...
  11. xxxholic

    Anyone use Bomeilai Model 3 Interior Covers?

    I was attempting to find more information on Bomeilai but my Google search didn't return anything. Most of the items on Amazon are sold by Lazarus 1 (a reseller with only a 92% rating :confused:). I won't be moving forward with this set- as I worried about 1) fit/warranty and 2) I would prefer...
  12. xxxholic

    Extreme Vampire Drain

    My car a experiences similar drain when I am at work. I am not expert at all, so my questions/advice could be completely off lol. Could it be your car is being pinged by the Tesla servers to check for software updates? What is you setting on the software screen? I can't remember the exact...
  13. xxxholic

    Take autopark warning seriously - ruined the driver side door

    The owner's manual doesn't say we don't use cameras and sensors together. However, when description how autopark works, its says the following: Autopark uses data from the ultrasonic sensors and GPS to: • Simplify parking on public roads by maneuvering Model 3 into parallel and perpendicular...
  14. xxxholic

    Prefer Wired Phone Charging vs Wireless

    I like the convenience of having both options. If I need a quicker and powerful charge - then I just use the Anker quick charge adapter in the arm rest. If I am going for a longer ride or my phone is mostly charged, I like the using the wireless pad. Something about just laying the phone down...
  15. xxxholic

    Take autopark warning seriously - ruined the driver side door

    Sorry for your accident. You're quite lucky about your repair on average you're looking at around 2-3 months or longer for something that significant. Your accident definitely taught me something about auto park. I did not realize the camera and sensors did not work in tandem. This would...
  16. xxxholic

    Spotify: Bluetooth vs Tesla built in app

    From my experience using the iPhone XI Pro on iOS 13.1.2: Functionally: the iPhone app beats the Tesla's app hands down. All my playlist and albums are available without issue. Sound: I think the Tesla app sounds better than streaming through bluetooth. Its not leaps and bounds better - but...
  17. xxxholic

    Anyone use Bomeilai Model 3 Interior Covers?

    Does anyone have experience with Bomeilai Model 3 Interior Covers? Found these on Amazon and they seems to cover a lot more than most kits. Not sure how I feel about the arm rest but the other pieces make sense. $350.00 seems pricey, but the set covers a lot of parts...
  18. xxxholic

    Need Help Picking Center Console Wrap

    I'm considering Tesla Bros - Tesla Bros - Tesla Model 3 Accessories Created by Model 3 Owners
  19. xxxholic

    Free super charging enabled

    Oh many I got my car August 18th - I am reaching out to my SA now. No harm in asking.
  20. xxxholic

    Think Elon will change option and allow lessee's to buy after lease... especially if car is MP3?

    I was going to lease my M3 but after I learned I could not buy the car after three years, if I wanted to, I opted to buy. The other thing that factored into that decision, I wasn't willing to purchase FSD on a leased vehicle, knowing that I would likely have to turn the car in 3 years. Lastly...
  21. xxxholic

    V10 32.11.1

    Installing now.
  22. xxxholic

    The total Tesla M3 experience. Happy or disappointed?

    My buying experience was quick and painless. It's the repair process that has given me reason for pause. I would buy again because I know my temperament - but for others who would not do the same kind of research and go to message boards to learn more about the nuances of owning a Tesla, I am...
  23. xxxholic

    phone key Auto Unlock unreliable recently

    I am using the iPhone 11 Pro and it is not as reliable as the iPhone X so far. Where I had reliable cellular signals in garages its no longer there. I also have issues with having to take my phone out of my pocket more. I think its overall combination of new software needing to be optimized on...
  24. xxxholic

    Easy Entry not working properly on v10

    It oddly got worse. One of the side view mirror decided to move into a weird viewing angle, while I was stopped at a red light. That was interesting driving rush hour traffic haha. So I got home rebooted the system (again) and deleted the easy access profile and made a new one. Everything...
  25. xxxholic

    Spotify w/ V10 update

    What I don like about Spotify being a native app is the sound is much better than bluetooth streaming. I've also successfully ask the car to play a song title and it's played through Spotify. I echo the sentiments that Spotify needs to be updated to reflect the functionality of the phone...
  26. xxxholic

    Easy Entry not working properly on v10

    I think I have did a system reboot. Is that the method that involves pushing in both steering wheel buttons, until the screen turns off? It will try another reboot to see if that helps. If that doesn't do anything, I will also try a factory reset and set everything back up again.
  27. xxxholic

    Easy Entry not working properly on v10

    Has anyone's Easy Entry stopped working since v10? My seat used to slide back when I exited the car and would go into my preferred saved setting when I entered the car. Now my seat just stays at the preferred setting. Even after going in settings and checking Easy Entry (this was not checked)...
  28. xxxholic

    Can anyone confirm if 245/45-R18 tires offer any rim rash protection?

    Some people have used these instead of a wider wheel: Wheelbands – Durable Alloy Wheel Pinstriping and Curb Rash Protection RimBlades | RimBladesUSA Wheel Bands Kit for Tesla Model S *not my car
  29. xxxholic

    Will Enhanced/Smart Summon work in an indoor underground garage?

    I made it about half way out before - the signal completely dropped out.
  30. xxxholic

    Will Enhanced/Smart Summon work in an indoor underground garage?

    I tried mine - and it almost worked on level 1 of parking garage - but the cell signal wasn't strong enough. The car turned on and started to pull out of the parking spot and it just stopped. Its sorta embarrassing when you're trying to show off to your coworkers haha.
  31. xxxholic

    what the process is like when your vehicle is in an accident

    So sorry for your accident. Your situation is similar to mine. Bought my car on 9.18 and on 9.26 I was in an accident. Be patient. Expect your car to be gone at minimum 1-2 months. Because of the frame of cars - the repair shop is going to pull off a lot panels to check the structure. Be...
  32. xxxholic

    V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

    That's good to note. I think I am on HW 3.0 since my car was manufactured in 7.2019 and I took delivery 8.2019. I am curious to see what the service center has to say about the sensors. I was still acting wonky this morning.
  33. xxxholic

    Geico insurance increase

    Same happened to me. I went from paying $400 every six months to paying $1000 every six months. When I received quotes from Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and State Farm - they were the same or even more expensive. The reason for the price is hike is the newness of these cars and they are...
  34. xxxholic

    The Best Tesla 3 Accessories

    I've only purchased 2 accessories so far. I like the wireless charger - but I wish it charged faster (I am using the spkitter and its still slower the norm. JOJOMARK Tesla Model 3 Accessories Center Console Organizer 2017 2018 2019 Tesla Model 3(OEM Style)...
  35. xxxholic

    AP disengaged while driving - Radar Failure (release 2019.8.3)

    I had this same exact thing happen to me today, I am on v10 (2019.32.11). I received an additional notice about the sensor - not working correctly.
  36. xxxholic

    V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

    I am on version v10 (2019.31.11 bac8c51) Spotify is working great for the most part. It sounds way better than streaming over bluetooth. The only bug for me is all my albums aren't showing up when my profile loads. And when I go into the Spotify app on my iPhone - it immediately takes over -...
  37. xxxholic

    How do software updates happen?

    It’s about to go down!
  38. xxxholic

    How do software updates happen?

    Thank you! This is my first update haha, so I wasn’t sure of the logistics.
  39. xxxholic

    How do software updates happen?

    Patience is definitely key, I think my update has finally started to download. Even though I don’t have anything on the app telling me it’s time to update or download.
  40. xxxholic

    How do software updates happen?

    Thank you for that information! I've been connecting to my phone's hotspot while I drive haha, but I haven't received the the notification. It's good to know I don't need to fret about the lack of wifi though! This upgrade process is like playing video games and waiting for the random number...
  41. xxxholic

    Lost 40 miles range on a 11mile regular journey?? New Model 3

    My car was in the shop for over 4 weeks and its only a month old - I went from 310 miles max charge down to 288 mile max charge. Would that happen because my car wasn't being properly charged for over a month?
  42. xxxholic

    Help! My Model 3 Was Rear Ended:(

    Its wild the driver didn't have insurance information . I mean its on apps most days and you can pull it up anytime. Unless the driver waived coverage there was chance, the driver had insurance coverage through the rental car company. On the those rental car paperwork, they list insurance...
  43. xxxholic

    App signing out ?

    Welp that was quick back to not working for me. I am not signed out of the app but I also can't do anything.
  44. xxxholic

    Furious, disappointed and disgusted

    Can you ask them to provide you a loaner vehicle?
  45. xxxholic

    App signing out ?

    Just came back up for me. Was down for 10-15 mins.
  46. xxxholic

    Tesla App Down Again?

    Out for me too.
  47. xxxholic

    How do software updates happen?

    I hope that's true because I live in an apartment building and the garage is underground and I barely get a cellular signal down there.
  48. xxxholic

    So this happened today...

    Update 2 8/27/2019 I finally have Jarvis back!! My goodness it feels to much better driving my own car again lol. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back driving an ICE vehicle. I still need to get one more wheel and they are thinking it could be around Monday or Tuesday when that comes...
  49. xxxholic

    So this happened today...

    Update 8/27/2019 Well it looks like I may getting my car back today if my car passes the alignment testing/inspection. The only caveat is they are willing to release my car with surface damage to one of the wheels. They say the wheel and tire have remained inflated over the past month they've...
  50. xxxholic

    Feature disappeared

    Have you tired explaining your ordeal with your demo technician and maybe the manager. Technically at the end of the day, you did get what you paid for.