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    looking at used 2022 Model 3. Concerned has high mileage

    Half of the basic warranty (50,000 miles) is gone already. Other than that it should be fine.
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    Battery cracked [Tesla claims from pothole damage]

    The OP doesn't mention if she is the original owner of the car. If not, it may have been damaged and repaired poorly before she bought it.
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    Model S Performance Vs LR Range

    Different (larger) rear drive unit.
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    Tesla now repairing MCU1 with a new Tegra card for less than $500

    Back up to post #24 in this thread to find your answer.
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    19" Slipstream Wheel (gray) disappeared

    Tempest wheels uncovered. I'd trade my slipstreams for a set of these. Tempest Wheels
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    19" Slipstream Wheel (gray) disappeared

    Get the Tempest 19" and pull off the wheel covers. The wheels underneath the covers look reasonably decent.
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    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    Garaged at home all the time since I am retired. It comes out for errands and road trips. My garage gets over 100° in the summer here in AZ.
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    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    My original DRLs are still going strong (Dec '16 build) at 40,000 miles.
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    Tesla virgin

    Woah, Barry! Are you posting before you've had your first cup of coffee? ;-)
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Failed MCU1 under warranty gets a remanufactured MCU1. No one gets MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade for free, warranty or not. It's $2500+ tax.
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    18 Model S 100D Totaled

    @craigger - You are forgetting that he likely paid $1000+ per month in loan payments in addition to his 50K down? He's in for much more than $22K
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    Blank Touchscreen, no Nav, Phone etc. ??????

    If you pay $2500 for the MCU2 you will lose your AM-FM radio and Sirius XM (if you have it). Pay the $200 and call it a day.
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    MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade - technician skipped screen replacement

    @Akikiki, it's closer to $2750 with today's exchange rate
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    Question about the new Tempest Wheels

    They look pretty good once you remove the hideous wheel cover (hubcap?)
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    My Android phone has FM, but it requires headphones to be plugged in to work. The headphone wires act as the radio antenna.
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    2020.12.11.5 firmware is released.

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    Best auto insurance option for Illinois Tesla MS owner?

    Find a reputable insurance broker and let them do the work for you.
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    New MS Lease Insurance Sticker Shock

    Go to an insurance broker. They will shop all of the companies and choose the one that is the best fit for you.
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    Tesla Confirmed: Supercharging Slowed on 2014 Model S85

    Here is a 585 page thread that will get you started: Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software
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    Tesla Confirmed: Supercharging Slowed on 2014 Model S85

    C'mon, this is the guy's first post. He might not get that you are being sarcastic.
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    Instrument cluster failing to start on 2015 Model S

    My IC has been dark when entering the car for about a month now. It wakes up without a reboot and then behaves normally. Concurrent with this the door handles do not present when approaching, and I must use the fob to enter the car. Also, my phone contacts and recent calls have vanished, and no...
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    MCU 1 Browser working - something good for a change

    How do you hoard milk? Freeze it.
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    Anyone actually take delivery of Long Range Plus?

    The doors are hard to close for a little while until the rubber gasket softens up. It goes away quickly.
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    UMC Failure

    I thought the UMC that came with the car had the 4 year warranty. No?
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    Paramus dealer and service is great.

    How many cups of free coffee did you drink before you took that shaky photo?
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    2020 S blank dash and display - what to check?

    I would call roadside assistance.
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    Charge Port Replaced - Not lighting Up

    When I had mine replaced last summer by a ranger in a motel parking lot, he mentioned that it was common to have brand new charge ports be DOA right out of the box.
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    Sentry Mode on AP2, I am confused

    On a Model S the MCU version determines sentry mode. My AP2 with MCU1 does not have sentry mode.
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    7th Headlight went bad (Rant)

    I'm surprised they don't just tell you it's cosmetic and not covered by warranty, like the yellow screen border.
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    HW 3.0 Upgrade Tracker

    Your car has MCU 1, not 2.0
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    Buying a used model S

    Late 2016 base wheels are 19" slipstream wheels, not turbines.
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    Looking to rent a Raven Model S Performance in LA

    Looks like this guy is for real: Eric Tingwall
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    So I had my yellow screen fixed this past weekend...

    Don't worry about the 22 miles. They were just short on loaner cars, which is why your repair took 3 days instead of one.
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    Why I recommend AGAINST buying a Tesla

    Internal combustion engines generally make MORE power when they have 30,000 miles compared to when they were new.
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    $10 Month for Premium Connectivity

    I take the unlimited to mean unlimited data, not unlimited time.
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    My Model S 85D Story. Ordering to Delivery!

    Bring a tire pressure gauge with you. The car won't tell you the tire pressures until you drive it, and Tesla won't let you drive it
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    Recommendation on a place in Northern Virginia for putting a new tire

    Are you sure you don't have coil suspension? Jack mode only exists on cars with smart air suspension.
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    2016 S90D or 2018 S75D

    They are talking about MCU2, not AP2. No correction necessary.
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    It's almost Christmas tree time! Can I bring one home on top of the S?

    Open the sunroof and stand it up in the passenger seat ;-)
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    2020 model S being sold at Tesla now

    Or you could look at the registration. The model year is clearly stated.
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    Could Tesla make Regen stronger on pre-raven cars?

    What do they call the reduction gearing then?
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    Maximum Charge

    I like donuts... OP, are you sure you have a Raven? Do you have an adjustable air suspension setting?
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    Ordered new, fulfilled with inventory car

    My Tesla was built and delivered to me in December 2016. It is titled as a 2016. Has Tesla has decided to follow the other auto manufacturers? I would be surprised.
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    Previously owned Model S

    Again, did you purchase from Tesla or a private party? This makes all the difference.
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    Service Center Giving Me A Headache!

    But Tesla IS supposed to be different than the others.
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    Car alarm during update

    Does 32.12.3 fix the browser window so it can be 1/2 screen like before?
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    Shut down with supercharger in sight

    Do the hazard lights work from the 12v battery, or are you sitting on the side of the road totally dark?
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    What Comes with a New Raven Model S

    Don't they still provide a J1772 adapter? They no longer include the NEMA 14-50 adapter.
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    Question on a new tire from Costco for my Model S 70 D

    I would buy two tires from Costco so you have matching tires on each end of the car.