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    Snippiness 2.0

    What's so bullshit about my post mark95476? You think I'm lying?
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    Significant loss in mileage

    Just curious if anyone has seen a massive loss in mileage lately? My Model Y (2020) was at 512km (318 miles) at 90% charge when I first got it in September. Now, it's down to 405km (252 miles) at 90%. The Tesla repair shop says that's completely within range of a normal battery. I call bullshit...
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    App issues

    So, if anyone actually has this error, this is how I fixed it. I just kept trying to sign in. After about the 12th attempt it accepted my sign in and I was all good. So I can't explain how that is a fix, just brute force and ignorance. I'm not sure if any of the other things I did helped, but I...
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    App will not let me sign in, and I've tried everything in this forum

    Yes. Everything has worked fine up until now. Model Y.
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    App will not let me sign in, and I've tried everything in this forum

    Sign-In failed Server did not return expected authenication parameters Please try again later. Well I've tried again later, and later, and later. Nothing. I've removed my phone from the vehicle, deleted the app a few times, restarted everything many times, changed my password. I can sign in on...
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    App issues

    Out of the blue, my wife and my app on our iphone 11 just stopped working. Did not update the phones, nothing changed except we were kicked out of the app. When we tried to sign back in it wouldn't accept our password. I could sign in on the website with the password, but not the phone. The...