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    Buying a used 2020 Tesla Model X Long Range Plus Sport Utility 4D

    The seller might have free lifetime supercharging on the car but it almost certainly won't transfer to you.
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    Falcon Wing Door Key Fob Behavior

    The Tesla site says double tapping the key fob sides should either open or close the falcon wing doors, reversing the previous direction. However, I've noticed the falcon wing doors open to low on double tap and then further open on the second double tap. Luckily this hasn't led to the door...
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    Driver seat making buzzing noise when adjusted

    I've noticed that my driver seat on my 2017 Model S makes a buzzing noise when it moves back (for easy entry mode). I drive the car every few days and this seems to happen only on the first exit from the vehicle, although I can recreate the sound then easily by moving the seat back and forth...
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    BlendMount Radar detector mount for Tesla Model S

    Darn, was super excited to see your updates, since I wanted to mounted my R7 the same (have it mounted in my other cars with blendmounts). However, noticed you have AP1, which has a different shape than my 2017 AP2.5. I had gotten the same response from BlendMount as you originally did when I...
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    Hardwiring a device on the windshield (like a radar detector)

    Just curious, do you need to disconnect any battery/power sources when removing the A pillar cover? I'd rather not have an airbag blow up in my face
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    Soon to be first time parent - Help with car seat!

    We went with the britax bsafe35 with the anti rebound bar and then graduated to the radian 3rxt. The latter is a bit long even with the angle adjuster.
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    Mystery Plastic Piece - Does it belong to my Tesla?

    Hey all - a few weeks ago a mobile service tech replaced my Tesla Model S 75D's instrument cluster trim that was damaged during the infotainment upgrade. Fast forward to today, I found this rubbery piece of plastic outside on my driveway. It seems like it belongs to an automobile based off the...
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    ESA vs. Maintenance

    Since Tesla has moved to an a la carte, as needed basis for maintenance, I've been debating canceling my maintenance plan (2 services left). However, I also have ESA on my car which the documentation states the following: . Service within 1,000 miles (1,600 km) and/or 30 days of Tesla’s...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I've been trying to get mobile app remote unlock working again for weeks (phone support, chat, calling to the service center that did the upgrade, mobile tech). Still not working. Does anyone know the magic phrase or words that Tesla will understand to resolve this issue? I've tried remote mcu...
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    My Model S is in service right now for this upgrade. SC is saying the car is having a hard time taking the software update necessary. My car had the HW3 FSD upgrade done prior to the MCU upgrade. Anyone encounter something similar that might shed light on what's happening?
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    Gear selector stalk rattles

    I had it - exactly as described with the silver ring. Drove me nuts. Tesla sc replaced it under warranty, but that was a few years ago so ymmv these days
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    How to determine if cream interior seats are leather

    Most likely vegan leather. My 2017 is vegan leather and that was the only option at the time
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    Difference in MS 75D

    Uncorking is free if available for your vin
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    Is your gear selector stalk backlit?

    I recently had my gear selector stalk replaced due to the silver ring rattling and noticed afterwards the gear labels are backlit. However, my loaner (car is back in service for other issues) does not. Both are relatively new (mine is a 12/17 75D, loaner is new 2018 75d with pup standard). Did I...
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    New Model S and X colors?

    I think this is an error. I logged into my account and my existing Model S is showing up in that electric blue color. Reminds me of a 2000 Civic Si.
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    Rattling Right Steering Wheel Stalk

    Does anyone else's right steering wheel stalk rattle? The inner silver trim piece on mine does, producing a tinny vibration/rattle. Curious if any solution exists other than having Tesla replace it.
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    Anyone else's rear windshield have these gaps?

    Noticed this the other day, not sure if these were present from delivery or after they replaced the glass roof. Service center visit soon for other issues so wanted to see if it's normal. There's a gap on each side of the rear windshield:
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    Rear bumper alignment issue

    I've had my S for 8 months and it seems that the back bumper panel alignment has gotten worse over time. The driver side seems flush but the passenger side seems to be popping out now. Can't figure out what's happened since there's no damage at all to the bumper. Not sure if they had to remove...
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    Best way to clean lower window sill trim?

    Just as an update: freeway driving home + dewalt compact blower on max got almost all of it out.
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    Best way to clean lower window sill trim?

    Does the rubber trim react to the alcohol? I've seen other materials turn cloudy on contact.
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    Best way to clean lower window sill trim?

    See below. stuff didn't fly off driving ~35mph. My current thought is handheld leaf blower and then wipe with microfiber and detailer?
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    Best way to clean lower window sill trim?

    Landscapers at work went to town with the leaf blower and now I have a nice collection random stuff stuck in my lower window sill trim (against the glass). Other than use my own leaf blower at an angle, any suggestions on how to clean this area?
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    Front passenger air bag slightly bulging

    Does anyone else's front passenger airbag appear to be causing a slight bump in the dash? I noticed this the other day while driving (I figured this must be new as I hadn't noticed it before). I'm bringing my S into service for unrelated reasons so wanted to check with others before bringing it...
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    Loud creak

    Ah likely case. I washed the car yesterday and today was the first time driving it after
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    Loud creak

    I just took the latest update last night and I noticed a really loud creak this morning after pressing the accelerator. It almost sounded like the the parking brake was still engaged. The noise only happened once and I haven't noticed anything wrong since. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Front Plate Removal @ Delivery

    The 3d printed one is legit. I bought it in metal and it worked well with a standard Allen wrench
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    Parking Ticket !!! while supercharging.

    Reading up on the company, it seems their final course of action is to go after clients through credit agencies and suing in court. Found this article though: ParkingEye meets its match as it takes on a top barrister over an £85 fine Seems like this is a cheaper alternative than towing...
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    $500 accessory credit - what to get?

    To each their own, but I like the weather tech floor mats. If you feel like throwing some of the money away, the performance pedals are pretty awesome (and look much better imo). Totally not necessary, they feel much better than the stock rubber ones.
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    Such a great car... Why such crappy floor mats?

    Bought the weathertech Tesla branded mats a week before my S arrived. Wish it covered the dead pedal more, but ended up getting a cover that matched the performance pedals.
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    Steering Wheel Clicking Noise

    I had a clicking noise in my steering wheel - noticeable usually when making wider turns at slow speeds. Service center fixed it by adjusting the bash plate
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    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    +1 service center just called to tell me my sound is from the front strut and is a known issue. Said to check back in a few months if there's a fix.. :(
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    Driver side window seal noise

    I've noticed lately that while driving I hear a noise as if the seal is coming in contact and then separating from the drive side window. Usually can stop it by placing fingers on in between the glass and vertical separator from the small front glass triangle. Car's in the service center right...
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    Model S All Weather Tesla Floormats

    Try the Sunnyvale service center. They were able to source a set for me from across the country in a week.
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    Dash noise when sitting in car

    Today I noticed a very faint noise (almost a ticking or buzzing noise) coming from the dash area after entering the car in my garage with the AC off. Weather is fairly cold here (50-60 degrees) so I don't think it was anything that needed active cooling. If I reboot the center display, the noise...
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    Random package from Tesla?

    Mystery solved! Tesla sent me this awesome jacket: Men's Corp Jacket No attribution (packing slip was addressed to me though), but pretty sure it was from my owner advisor.
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    Random package from Tesla?

    That'd be awesome. Got nothing during delivery for them.
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    Random package from Tesla?

    Yup got plates already.
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    Random package from Tesla?

    I just got notification that Tesla is delivering a package to my house tomorrow. I did order performance pedals but those are waiting for me already at the service center. Additionally, the reference and order number from FedEx do not match anything I have on file. Package weighs 2.90lb. I took...
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    Mercury Insurance

    I had Mercury Insurance until I got my Tesla. I laughed at my agent when she told me how much it would cost to insure. They also wanted $1k min deductible as well. Switched to Nationwide. I would suggest using Gabi. They shopped around and got me an excellent rate.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Just heard back from my DS. Tentative delivery on Dec. 24 @ Fremont (ordered nov. 7). Unfortunately I can't make it, since the time conflicts with the final 49ers home game (season ticket holder). Hopefully there's an earlier time slot than the one assigned to me.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Order confirmed and scheduled for production this morning. Owner advisor verified I would take delivery in December. I'm 15 minutes away from the Fremont factory so super excited to be picking it up nearby.