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    Goodyear Eagle F1 tire damage?

    On the track! i lowered mine from 45 psi cold to 40 psi, I used to lower it more but was worried about the sidewall rolling causing the chunking/peeling - I mostly tried to look at how far the way I went down the side rather than marking it explicitly
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    Fixing outer shoulder tire chunking: Bridgestone RE-71RS's, Michelin PS4S's, or camber?

    Hello everyone, I've been getting tire chunking or peeling from using the P Zero PZ4s on the track. Would switching to an extreme summer performance tire (200WT) such as the RE71RS's help? In my last car I also used the Michelin PS4S's on the track, but the car was also a lot lighter than my...
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    Goodyear Eagle F1 tire damage?

    Do you mean that the tire pressures arent being lowered enough prior to going onto the track? I've been having chunking issues on the outer shoulder of my tires and I've been letting less air out of my tires because I was thinking that there's too much tire rolling over to the sidewall. I just...
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    Shop for Pre-Track Day Tech/Safety Inspection Around Boston?

    Thank you all for the Amesbury suggestion, a little far but I'll reach out if I don't find anything else!
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    Shop for Pre-Track Day Tech/Safety Inspection Around Boston?

    Very interesting, I had no idea this was going on
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    Shop for Pre-Track Day Tech/Safety Inspection Around Boston?

    Thank you! I'll look at the sites!! I just also left a message in the Facebook group for the track group, asking if anyone knows any shops
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    Martian wheels

    Hmm i think i have the drone as well, always thought it was because I switched from the Tesla PZ4 tires (with the acoustic foam) to regular PZ4s tires without it. I kinda like the sound though, almost spaceship like lol. I definitely get used to it when I switch to the PZ4s during summer and...
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    Shop for Pre-Track Day Tech/Safety Inspection Around Boston?

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know a shop in the Boston area that will do a tech inspection for my M3P before going to the race track? I called a local shop but they said they don't work on Teslas because they're worried about messing something up as Tesla hasn't released service manuals. I did...
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    The Internet is unreachable. Please check your firewall settings and Internet connection.

    Got a new phone and now my Tesla won't connect to its hotspot for updates. I've tried everything but I get this error: I've tried only enabling 2.4 GHz, switching from WPA 2/3 mode to only WPA2, I've even tried removing the password completely on my hotspot. I've turned off WiFi 6 mode as well...
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    Reducing battery drain on the track

    How quickly is the battery draining for y'all when doing HDPE? The last time I went there was one 20 min session when I lost 20%! (I may have been going too ham though lol) Thankfully there's a (single) 50A outlet at the track to charge with, but it definitely isn't fast enough to keep me...
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    In 2023, who's making the best all-weather, all-season tires for the Tesla Model 3?

    No love for the Michelin CrossClimate 2's?? Been using them for like 2 years, even wondering if i should use them on the track lmao
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    Uberturbine Wheel Market Price Going Up?

    Dang, thank you everyone for the info
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    Uberturbine Wheel Market Price Going Up?

    With the Highland Edition Model 3 expected to come out soon, does that mean the supply of Uberturbine wheels will go down, making them more valuable? Because I have them in storage and was wondering if I should sell them now or wait till later xD
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    Available <500 miles 20" Uberturbines (OEM wheels + tires) from M3P (Boston, MA) $1200

    I believe the wheels are fine but the tires need to be switched out. The $1400 price is similar to some other offerings on here for just the wheels - you could buy these, switch the tires out and sell the tires :)
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    Available <500 miles 20" Uberturbines (OEM wheels + tires) from M3P (Boston, MA) $1200

    Switched to forged wheels, so selling my uberturbines with OEM Pirelli PZ4 tires sans TPMS. Used for <400 miles Minor damage on one wheel (visible on rear wheel of the 3rd pic), so selling for $1200 - pick up preferred in the Boston or Wakefield area
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    Interest in 20" Uberturbines? (New England)

    Reposting the pictures as I've been informed that they aren't viewable:
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    OEM Front + Rear Sway Bars for Model Y/3

    I'm pretty satisfied with the OEM set up :s
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    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    Anyone tried DWS06 Plus vs the Michelin Crossclimate 2s?
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    Tesla Update Download Size Database

    Manually typing in the wifi network's name
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    Model 3 subwoofer install.

    The (no longer recent) update that allows us to specifically turn up the sub in the car has been so great in terms of getting closer to that big bass feel 🔊
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    2021 Model 3 came with Tesla USB stick

    what u say about my mama?
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    Anyone interested in this HUD for your model 3

    I was worried as well, but based on the pictures of the device and my seating position I suspect that it won't block my vision at all :o Who knows until one has the device though!
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    Dang in that case it would suck because I would fiddle with it a lot in the past
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    I like it, I hardly ever touch the manual seat heater controls now. It heats up at level 3 then goes to level 1 to maintain temp. The only time I use the manual control is when I want to keep food warm in the passenger seat. I guess it still would be good for users to have the option of putting...
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    Anyone interested in this HUD for your model 3

    Maybe something like this? Who knows until they ship the actual HUD though!
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    Anyone interested in this HUD for your model 3

    I was wondering about this as well but ended up pre-ordering after seeing this in the description: I'm hoping that this means that it's possible to go smartphone-less with this! I'd be glad to have speed on the HUD while leaving the map on the navigation, although I'd be interested in seeing...
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    Anyone interested in this HUD for your model 3

    I received a Hudway Drive! I haven't opened the box yet though, as I kind of want the Model 3/Model Y specific version that they have instead 🤔
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    New Subwoofer Control

    Just tried it out, now this is pod racing!!!! Finally we're getting a bit of those BRR bass vibes 🔊
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    I have to admit that I like the new UI as well 🤠 Maybe I just really like aesthetics and it's clouding my judgement haha I like the: Aesthetics/looks The ability to quickly switch between audio sources The auto seat heaters The blind spot cameras (for my seating position it isn't blocked by my...
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    App and widget updating vehicle status separately?

    Does anyone know for sure if the widget doesn't wake the car? Because the timer on my widget never seems to go past 1h, or even 30 minutes! I'm making sure not to interact with the widget or the app :/
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    Martian Wheels MW03 - New discussion thread

    I like the feel/handling way more than the stock 20" uberturbines. The car feels more nimble and accelerates faster with the large reduction in unsprung mass.
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    Ordering Model 3 after Model Y

    Maybe a 240V splitter like the Neocharge would help
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    Family wants to delay model Y for Giga Texas but...

    If you're able to wait a decent amount of time e.g a year your options may become clearer. Def will have to wait a while though - first for the new MYs to come out, then for everyone else in line to get theirs
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    Model 3 - Horn Issue - Check the left side

    I have a similar issue (2021 Model 3) where the horn doesn't activate when one presses the bottom half of the horn area. When pressing the top middle, one needs to press hard. I've encountered a few situations now where I'm unable to press the horn in time because of these issues. (I'm just...
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    Model Y LR and Performance Test-Drive Review

    I ended up getting the Model 3 and it is great on the track! You can def still feel the weight though. The only real downside is that one 20 min track session going hard ate 25% of the battery 😩
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    Help a newb - will these wheels/tires fit a Model 3 Performance?

    Tires should be good, don't know enough about wheels to comment there!
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    Master Thread: Model 3s on the Track / drag strip- Videos, Discussion, Setup, Etc

    Did you have to drill anywhere? I want to install a 4 point belt system to allow all passengers to use the same HANS device, since with the Simpson Hybrid S one needs to be wearing the right sized harness
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    Watertown MA Service Center - a joke?

    In case anyone was wondering, they said that it's normal for the horn to not work when you press its bottom half. I transitioned to pressing on the top half but the horn barely comes on. When there's a situation where I need to honk (e.g someone's coming into my lane) the horn comes on late and...
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    Master Thread: Model 3s on the Track / drag strip- Videos, Discussion, Setup, Etc

    Hmm I'll try out something like the PS4S once I'm done with this set! It shouldn't take too long since I go to the track with them 😬 For now though, switching to the Michelin CrossClimate2s for the winter!
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    Backing out of tesla trade in

    My SA eventually replied and "reset" things on my account, then I just redid the trade in steps
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    Master Thread: Model 3s on the Track / drag strip- Videos, Discussion, Setup, Etc

    They (Pirelli PZ4s) kinda felt like dough on the 20" uberturbines - when I switched to 19" wheels though I found a set that was on sale 😅 BUT with the 1/3 weight reduction of the MW03 wheels the drive/handling feels wonderful now! Since I'm still on PZ4s (non-tesla version) I'm guessing it might...