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  1. Derek Kessler

    Beware of your home Wi-Fi goes out

    Literally pennies — the average Wi-Fi router uses less than $0.50/month in electricity. Your Wi-Fi is also a highly unlikely threat vector for hacking, and you can secure it simply by using a modestly strong password — social engineering or a man-in-the-middle attack on an unsecured network are...
  2. Derek Kessler

    Tow company towed X without being in tow mode

    This sounds great. How do I do this on myself, a human?
  3. Derek Kessler

    RANGE UPGRADE CHANGE? Option to Upgrade 60D to 75D Gone from Tesla.com "Manage" Page

    If it's a facelift, it is definitely an unlockable 75 battery underneath. I've seen nothing to indicate that Tesla has recently changed to unlock price or availability; almost every instance of TMC panic about the disappearance of such an option has been a passing website glitch and nothing more.
  4. Derek Kessler

    Beware of your home Wi-Fi goes out

    "Grief" in that your car still works fine and nothing is wrong, you just didn't immediately get the latest update even though you flipped a switch that has not demonstrated any results.
  5. Derek Kessler

    Ever a supercharger in North Dakota??

    ND has been on the "coming soon!" Superchargers list for years. I've stopped holding my breath.
  6. Derek Kessler

    Reverse guidelines don’t curve anymore

    Software crashed. Reboot the MCU (press and hold both steering wheel scroll wheels until the center screen goes black, then wait for it to reboot) and you should be fine.
  7. Derek Kessler

    Is now a good time for a new model S?

    I would hold out for a bit. At the very least I expect an interior refresh to be on the way in the next year or so.
  8. Derek Kessler

    Forcing an alternate route?

    The iOS Tesla app ties into the iOS sharing system. You can send location data from any app to the car's navigation and it will plot a course to there. I use it all the time to send to the car someplace I've looked up on Google Maps on my phone. I haven't tried it with the car in motion, however.
  9. Derek Kessler

    What Model Tesla is this??

    Correct, it's the Model X unveiling prototype, unfortunate nose cone and all.
  10. Derek Kessler

    Tesla has stopped making "cars"?

    They know what headlines get people to click / watch. "Tesla" is a bonus. "Ford" is not.
  11. Derek Kessler

    Supercharger - Chillicothe, Ohio

    Who knows? The cross-North Dakota route and north to Winnipeg have been on the "Target opening in [this year]" list for at least the past 3 years.
  12. Derek Kessler

    Ohio Infrastructure Tax

    Ohio's total tax on gasoline sales is $0.385/gallon. To match the $200 fee levied on a a BEV, an Ohio ICE driver would have to use 519.5 gallons of fuel. The average fuel economy for passenger vehicles in the USA (both new sales and the much larger fleet of existing cars) is around 22 mpg, and...
  13. Derek Kessler

    What Happened to the Tesla Watch App?

    If you pop through to the developer's website you get this: There never was an official Tesla Apple Watch app. That said, you can get Remote for Tesla in the App Store and it has a nice Apple Watch app.
  14. Derek Kessler

    Caught on Model 3 dashcam, what is this mystery car?

    ^ We have a winner
  15. Derek Kessler

    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA (LIVE 15 Nov 2017, 24 V2 + 16 V3 stalls, lounge)

    Faster chargers and more large stations like Kettleman are needed across the board. As Teslaa become more and more common this will be a frequent occurrence on holiday travel, at major entertainment events, and during disaster evacuations if Tesla doesn't invest heavily in infrastructure expansion.
  16. Derek Kessler

    Leaving UMC Brick on Tire Under Wheel Well When Charging

    Once a month I have to charge off a 120V extension cord while traveling. I typically wrap the cord and UMC up near the rear of the parking spot with the connection point at the top, pull out a few feet of the car plug end, and then Summon back my car over the cables to provide cover. Never had...
  17. Derek Kessler

    Autopilot does not like road repairs

    Alas, I only have a AP2.0 car, so no dash cam for me.
  18. Derek Kessler

    Autopilot does not like road repairs

    Drove this same stretch of I-71 today after a rain and got the same results: AP algorithms interpreted the dual tar stripes from the seam patch strip as an uncrossable double line.
  19. Derek Kessler

    China Built Model Y Production In 2019? Ten Months Before The Usa Production Begins?

    You're misreading this line: "Gigafactory 3 is expected to start production of the Model 3 as early as September 2019 for the 2020 model year, and the Model Y will be manufactured there as well as in Fremont, California." Here's what it says: Model 3 production will begin in China as early as...
  20. Derek Kessler

    How Much Noise Do Teslas Make?

    At that speed it's basically just tire noise, so it depends on the road surface. But generally it'll be very quiet.
  21. Derek Kessler

    How Can I Politely Decline Speaking To Strangers About My Car?

    No. Tell them that you're pooping.
  22. Derek Kessler

    How Can I Politely Decline Speaking To Strangers About My Car?

    Happens frequently for me. I personally don't mind talking about it when I've got the time, but in the event that I have something else to do or need to leave (or don't want human interaction right now), it's simple: tell them that you'd love to talk about it, but you have X that you need to do...
  23. Derek Kessler

    Another Elon tweet ... approved?

    Only ElonTweets that are new statements that are material to Tesla operations or financials are required to be approved by lawyers. If all he's doing is posting memes and other nonsense, the lawyers may roll their eyes but they're not required to nor going to be involved. End of story.
  24. Derek Kessler

    Wouldn't it be nice if Tesla Mobile Service could repair rim rash?

    Repairing curb rash requires removing the wheel from the car, the tire from the rim, removing the clear coating from the rim, sanding the scraped and applying a fill putty, sanding more, repainting at least that portion of the rim if not the entire rim, re-clear coating the rim, remounting the...
  25. Derek Kessler

    The Real Use for Auto-Pilot

    There are three options to disengage Autopilot on a Tesla: 1. Take assertive control of the steering wheel. 2. Press the brake pedal. 3. Press up on the gear stalk (Model 3 / Y) or push out on the Autopilot stalk (Model S / X) The go pedal only accelerates the car, it will remain at cruise...
  26. Derek Kessler

    Rain and KWh per mile

    Yes. Well, technically it's that the road is wet that hurts efficiency. A wet road is "stickier" when it comes to rolling resistance, which means the motor must use more power to turn the wheels.
  27. Derek Kessler

    The Real Use for Auto-Pilot

    100% this. Did a cross-country road trip with an AP1 Model S and it was incredible how much less draining it was.
  28. Derek Kessler

    Ordering Cream Interior

    Don't use the overlay kits. They look terrrrrrrible. You can ask, but I doubt Tesla will accommodate such a request. Your best option is going to be an aftermarket swap. You can pick up the necessary parts off Ebay as a set for $500-$600 and install them yourself in about an hour.
  29. Derek Kessler

    Map updates at Service Center only

    First I've heard of that, and that doesn't make any sense. Did you get somebody who used to work at a Ford dealership?
  30. Derek Kessler

    Advanced Summon?

    No public releases yet for Advanced Summon.
  31. Derek Kessler

    Does anyone else think Tesla Energy is trying to destroy the sterling reputation earned by TesaMotor

    Hahahahahaha have you had any interactions with Tesla Motors customer service?
  32. Derek Kessler

    Does AP2.0 HW MX's Dash Cam record?

    It's like an advanced car alarm that your car didn't have before.
  33. Derek Kessler

    Body Shop recommendations - SW Ohio (Dayton area)

    Uneducated guess here, but I'll bet the body damage is bad enough that your insurance will just total the car. Sorry about the luck, but at least you and yours are okay.
  34. Derek Kessler

    Does AP2.0 HW MX's Dash Cam record?

    2.0 simply lacks the outbound bandwidth to the USB ports to support camera recording. There's no way around it without changing the hardware... so we wait for 3.0 (at least those of us that have purchased FSD).
  35. Derek Kessler

    Autopilot does not like road repairs

    That is correct. The seam between the two lanes of asphalt was crumbling so they put down a new strip of asphalt bounded by tar seals down the middle to at least temporarily arrest further decay. This is meant to be a permanent fix (at least until it falls apart again, because Ohio). It has...
  36. Derek Kessler

    Autopilot does not like road repairs

    That's exactly what it is. Source: I drove this same stretch of highway last weekend.
  37. Derek Kessler

    Does AP2.0 HW MX's Dash Cam record?

    AP2.0 does not camera recording in any capacity, be it Dash Cam or Sentry Mode. AP2.5 and newer do.
  38. Derek Kessler

    Autopilot does not like road repairs

    I drove this same road last week in my Model S. Thanks to the way the light is reflecting at this time of day, the car sees a solid white line (or perhaps a double one), which it will not cross. Hopefully the increased resolution and frame rate processing power of HW3 will help to alleviate...
  39. Derek Kessler

    How does Tesla know when superchargers are not working

    Every Supercharger has a support number to call stickered on it.
  40. Derek Kessler

    Full Self-Driving Capability was purchased

  41. Derek Kessler

    Tesla S 75D battery only getting 170 actual miles at 100% charge

    What's your average Wh/mile looking like? 75D rated range is 285Wh/mile and during warmer months I can pretty consistently come in well under that.
  42. Derek Kessler

    Why do they ask what size wheels?

    They're assuming Tesla wheels, but it affects tire pressure and efficiency ratings.
  43. Derek Kessler

    Charging safely at 9/12 amps?

    Still asking for trouble. The problem isn't the extension cord — it's something to do with the socket and/or the wiring leading to it.
  44. Derek Kessler

    Superchargers at Wawas?

    No public agreement. Much like Meijer grocery stores and Sheetz convenience stores, Tesla has working relationships with a number of regional chains to co-locate Superchargers on their property. As for if your new local Wawa would have a Supercharger? Impossible to say, but it seems unlikely...
  45. Derek Kessler

    Is there really no way to get NAV (or NAV apps) showing traffic on a standard range plus?

    If traffic conditions change substantially the car will reroute you. It's not as good as Waze in this regard, but it's offered new routes for me a few times.
  46. Derek Kessler

    NEMA 14-50 adapter no longer included with vehicles

    Teslas are constantly reporting back diagnostic info, including charging data. Tesla knows what people are using to charge — the number that use a 14-50 adapter on a regular basis must be small enough that it's a significant cost savings to leave it out and inconvenience a handful of customers.
  47. Derek Kessler

    Vehicle avatar directly behind

    In my experience, vehicles directly to the rear have to be really close to show up on the display.
  48. Derek Kessler

    Does the Model 3 have an accessory mode for passengers?

    1. Pull out your phone. 2. Start recording video. 3. Put the car into Dog Mode. 4. Get out. 5. Run for your life.