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    Any current recommendations for renting a Tesla starting in Copenhagen heading up to Norway and Sweden?

    Forgot this : did you have any problems going to Norway and Sweden, with Hertz terms and conditions? I will be doing Copenhagen - Kolding (dropping the son here for University) - Kristiansand via Ferry, Oslo, Gothenburg, Malmo, Copenhagen Any advise is welcomed. Thx
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    Any current recommendations for renting a Tesla starting in Copenhagen heading up to Norway and Sweden?

    I am doing a similar road trip, next week and already reserved a Model 3, but would like to change it to a Model Y. Hertz does not seems to have these, and others all advertised it with the "or similar" in the tag line, which has me worried. Did you end up getting your Model 3 at the airport, as...
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    Wiki Links to Canadian For Sale Threads

    Model S, 19 inch set of wheels and tires (about 5000km) in Montréal https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/fs-model-s-mags-and-tires-enkei-245-45-r19-pirelli-cinturato-p7.216541/
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    Why a Y Needs Mud Guards/Flaps

    You will need the larger ones, 15.75"x9.75", in order to reach the second, inner most, clip.
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    Why a Y Needs Mud Guards/Flaps

    Finished the job late yesterday, including PPF install at the bottom of the doors. Happy with the results. Had to cut the front pair, since there is a bump, just above the two clip I struggled to put back the original clips, as they are quite short and the extra couple millimeters the flaps...
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    FS : Model S mags and tires, Enkei 245/45 R19, Pirelli Cinturato P7

    Asking 950$ Montréal, local pick-up preferred.
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    Why a Y Needs Mud Guards/Flaps

    Likewise I thought the "design" left somewhat to be desired for 130$ cdn... So, I went looking for cheaper alternatives, that might just be throwaway, when/if the market brings a more compelling solution. Anyway, I found these cheap (20$ cdn / pair) at my local Canadian Tire. Brand: RoadSport...
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    Europe-US Model S Exchange?

    For UK Model S owners : Well, summer 2016 is coming up ... and planning for vacation is under way. Our family is heading to London/Edinburgh in late July, and would consider a Home+Model S swap if someone in the area would like to visit Montreal, Quebec, around the same time. Our home is...
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    Is waiting 2 months+ for P90D parts normal?

    You should summon @elonmusk on Twitter. And publish the hashtag here so owners can retweet and add their 2 cents.
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    Space movies (possible spoilers)

    Saw it last night, with the whole family. Now, my wife and daughter want to read the book! Don`t miss it!
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    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    Yes, no "extra" charges, other than shipping, though FedEx. Sometimes the shipping company dings you a few weeks after the delivery, with their surprise "fees". Like a 25$ brokerage fee to tell you your item has no duty. But it seems FedEx does not play these games.
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    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    I paid $1003 cdn, with the exchange rate of late July. So, not a big difference, but the SC is a ten minute drive from my home. So still worthwhile.
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    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    May I ask how much you paid at the SC. I ordered online and paid USD. I am kind of pissed. Will have to get in touch with them.
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    Homelink very flaky

    I had the problem too, for the first six months. It is Tesla specific as the old remote worked correctly, but not from within the car. So one day I decided to try something : I took a 15 feet phone wire and connected it to the Liftmaster short wire antenna. I brought this extended wire all the...
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    alternatives to cable TV providers

    Have a look at the HDHomeRun device (http://www.hdhomerun.com/), a network connected dual ATSC tuner to connect to your HDTV antenna. You get to consume the content through a variety of devices like tablets, players, etc. Plus their upcoming solution : HDHomeRun DVR. The DVR re-imagined...
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    Inexpensive MS console in black with a black cover is back in stock on eBay

    I could not find the pictures I took as I cut mine, but then I found where the inspiration for this project came from. It was another thread from this site : Center storage, cup holders and floor mats
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    Inexpensive MS console in black with a black cover is back in stock on eBay

    Yes, they are. It simply is because it was cut off. There is a section of about 2 inches after the deep storage box, that needs to be cut off so it will fit under the screen. And the seller even mentions the same problem I have with the cover not being able to slide more than 2 inches...
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    Inexpensive MS console in black with a black cover is back in stock on eBay

    Because it is. Here it is : Amazon.com: TSI Products 54215 Clutter Catcher Grey OEM Look Minivan Console: Automotive I did this DIY project 2 years ago before going on a road trip. It seems it would be easier today, as the sides seems to be seperate from the main body. You still need...
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    Ottawa Tesla Owners (was Factory Pickup)

    I researched this recently, as I am going to attend a conference at UofOttawa in June. The best view I found, of all public chargers is from the CAA site : CAA Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locator BTW, UofOttawa`s Brooks parking has six parking/charging spots reserved for electric...
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Tesla should always include L2 chargers next to the superchargers. Think about the selling opportunity: Other brand of cars get to see all the different colors of Tesla Model S, come and go, while they charge on the L2 chargers... :-)
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    Poor headlight power

    I am getting flashed quite often too.
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    Montreal to Ogunquit

    1) Leave the night before and sleep (and charge) at Lake Morey Resort. They have a garage with a 14-50 plug : Montreal, QC to Ogunquit, ME, USA - Google Maps 2) the short and scenic route : Montreal, QC to Ogunquit, ME, USA - Google Maps
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    Torque Wrenches are 50% off until Friday at Canadian Tire

    I bought the 1/2" last year and it works great. At 54$, it is a great value. You will need to add a 3 inch extender when using it, as the head does not rotate and you end up with the handle scratching the side panels.
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    Traits pointillés de limitation de puissance

    Il manque un cas qui peut aussi se produire si la batterie est vraiment très froide, par exemple, si stationnée pour la journée par -10C. Il apparait alors un trait pointillé dans la section consommation d'énergie qui indique que les accélérations seront limités. La batterie se réchauffe...
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    Nomination no. 1 Tesla music

    My vote goes to the 1987 Electric album, by The Cult Electric (The Cult album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    I already contributed 2000$ to the supercharger crowd funding effort 18 months ago... :-)
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    At the very least, in the interim and before the snow falls, Tesla could use its connection to put an HPWC at another Ramada Inn location, like the Trenton location : From Ottawa : 248 km + 170 km to Toronto And From Montreal, via Cornwall : 268km (might be tight for a 60 in winter...
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    On a budget....S60D with Tech vs barebones S85???

    Because you use the tech package everyday, but can count on my fingers (ok, both hands) the times I really needed the extra range.
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    Annual Service - is the "hardware upgrade" dream finally dead?

    I have an example of an upgrade that happened on mine : one of the handles stopped extending a few days before my annual service. So they changed all 4 because there was a newer design less prone to such failures. They could have stopped at just the broken one. But with this little...
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    PLanning trip from NYC to Mont-Tremlbant - Davidson Brewery HPWC?

    Another option is the Le Germain and Alt Hotels in Brossard and Montreal. The owner mentionned that they should have HPWC soon.... Yhe one in Brossard is 204 miles from Albany.
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    PLanning trip from NYC to Mont-Tremlbant - Davidson Brewery HPWC?

    Once in Mont-Tremblant. there is a L2 charging station in the underground parking of the Fairmont. You will need a card of this network to use it though : Charge your electric car in Québec – Le Circuit électrique You should be able to park there even if you don't stay there. If you...
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    Moments Tesla

    Pour ma part, ma gestation a durée 30 mois, alors imaginez l'état de mon épouse ... :-)
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    Clicking From Suspension

    Yes, I had this problem too and SC adjusted the steering rack and pinion. it would travel too far at the limits. But, if you hear the "click" just when starting from slow speed, it is likely the other problem.
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    Clicking From Suspension

    Or it could be the problem from this thread See video at the end of first page to hear a sample of the click. It required some lube.
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    ICEing meme?

    How about : "Thank you for using this electric vehicule charging location. Your car has been charged with 120 kW, so DO NOT touch any metal parts."
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    This was last discussed here : http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/32939-Toronto-to-Montreal-how-safe-is-it-to-rely-on-Best-Western and a few other threads.
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    Motorsports in the Ottawa Area (especially EV!)

    Off topic post : trying to target the Ottawa folks here... I have a ticket For Bluesfest on tuesday night to give away. Can't make it. Styx, Foreigner, and my favorite Queens of the Stone Age ... The full line up is here: RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest 2014 Anniversary Edition , click on...
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    Toronto to Montreal - how safe is it to rely on Best Western?

    I second the Cornwall option, which we used both ways as we did our annual pelerinage to Prince Edward County. Just came back a few hours ago. It seems closer to the highway than the Kingston BW, and also more importantly, as mentioned before, the cord is long enough to allow to park in the...
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    Tesla Opens Its Patents To Boost Electric Car Adoption

    Elon just twitted this about 30 min ago : Some news about Tesla patents tmrw at 10am
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    Cool Model S Photos

    They recognized it for the tank it is ... :-)
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    How to have headlights always on when driving (not using "Auto" mode)

    Move to Canada ... or just ask your friendly service tech to enable DRL always on on your car. It is after all just a switch that must be turned on in the Car configuration screen on the console of the car. In the VisibleTesla app, when looking at the details popup window, which I guess...
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    Work on lighting lift gate appliqué begins

    I like this project a lot, so when I saw this Sylvania MOSAIC LED ambiance lighting kit at Costco in Canada, going for 32$, I bought two. They are quite versatile, with a remote control to change colors (15 colors + white) , intensity as well as effects like fading, strobing, dimming. It...
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    Tesla adds Titanium Underbody Shield to Model S

    Pat Benatar saw it coming ...
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    Tesla won't play French songs - sort of

    Yes, being from Quebec, my music collection has a significant portion from local artists, which often includes accentuated characters in either the file or directory names. These are simply ignored and not shown in the UI. It seems toe be related to the filesystem, since the same accentuated...
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    Keystone Pipeline evaluation

    Yes, the alternative is not without consequences : Lives lost: Remembering Lac-Mégantic’s victims The petrol was coming from Dakota and much more inflammable than expected by the " standard " procedures. Work on the demand side, not the supply side, i.e sell more Teslas ... :-)
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    Decreasing rated range.

    Iz, under what conditions do you do your charging : inside/outside ? temp ? Giving me hope, because i am getting the same low numbers on standard charges since a few months, on my 60kWh, that is a week older than yours ...
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    Tesla making changes to inventory car purchase process

    Get in line, and buy the car, you won't regret it! And then in six months, when you bring your car in for little fixes, you will be happy no one ruined your service experience by having you drive a Chrysler Town and Country, like it happened to me, last month :-). Selling brand new loaners...
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    New owner with very slow 240V charging

    Bad UMC ... Don't rule out a bad UMC. I had a similar problem with mine during the first few days after delivery. It would start charging at 40 amps for 10-15 minutes, and then go down to 10 amps. I tested the car with J1772 at 70 amps, to rule out a problem with the car, and then at...
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    Wiki Places to Charge in Ottawa / Gatineau

    ReseauVer from AddEnergie has four stations in Gatineau: Galeries de Hull, 320 boul. St-Joseph, Gatineau, QC, J8Y 3Y8 - Cost: $ 1.00 / hour You'd need a card and to have previously registered first here : Membership and rates