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  1. TomT

    In cabin IR camera retrofit

    You could either add a couple of IR leds externally or drill holes to let them protrude through the case. Then tie in to the power source internally and you are good to go. Pretty trivial mod, really.
  2. TomT

    In cabin IR camera retrofit

    Why not just add some aftermarket IR LEDS... I'm not sure the camera is IR capable but otherwise it would be an easy mod.
  3. TomT

    Wonder Brake Surprise

    Our other car, an ICE CUV, has 70,000 miles and is still on the original brakes... I'm very easy on brakes.
  4. TomT

    Chill Mode usage

    Chill does nothing that you can't also do yourself with the accelerator so I leave it in Sport. Plus, if I should suddenly need that extra acceleration, it is there....
  5. TomT

    Inflation pressure for non-stock tires

    I find the stock Tesla tire pressures to be a little low for my liking and I run 45 (cold).
  6. TomT

    AC Desiccant Bag replacement service cost

    A heat pump is no different than a regular AC system. The direction of heat flow can be revered is it.
  7. TomT

    $6220 brake line?

    Things like this are what may ultimately sink Telsa. The first time I got hit with something like that would be the last I ever again bought a Tesla... Tesla thinks CS stands for Customer Sucker!
  8. TomT

    Model 3 Performance Tires

  9. TomT

    AC Desiccant Bag replacement service cost

    Agreed. Unless there is a leak or damage, it should never need to be replaced.
  10. TomT

    Hit a curb, how screwed am I?

    No one here can accurately answer that. Take it to a body shop and get an estimate.
  11. TomT

    You all have about talked me out of a Tesla altogether...

    And no it should NOT be! It is not up to us to do so; it should be expected and automatically given! I don't have to do that with any other company with whom I have a relationship! Tesla needs to get their CS and quality house in order!
  12. TomT

    Model 3 Performance Tires

    Discount Tire will balance them for you for free.
  13. TomT

    You all have about talked me out of a Tesla altogether...

    My biggest complaint about Tesla is the almost total lack of customer service and support. Over the years, I've owned vehicles from at least a dozen different manufacturers and none have been as bad as Tesla. As many say, "Love the car, hate the company!"
  14. TomT

    Using only the camera turn signal when changing lanes

    I use the replacement Suma wide angle convex heated mirrors on both sides and they give me a far wider and better view than the cameras. I'd be lost with just the cameras or the old mirrors...
  15. TomT

    Windshield wiper fluid spray button WAY too sensitive

    I have no issue with mine ans find the pressure just right.
  16. TomT

    Why choose Model 3 over Model Y if you can have more trunk space?

    And I feel just the opposite. The Y looks like too tall and bulky.
  17. TomT

    Auto Park/anti roll away feature stops car when creeping

    Gotta be honest... I can't fathom why anyone would prefer creep mode to hold mode. Maybe it is because I drove manual transmission cars most of my life...
  18. TomT

    Factory OEM SiriusXM nearly working in Tesla 2022 Model 3

    Interesting. Our 2013 Ford Escape Titanium has a graphical version of SXM and we have never had it scrub the presets after updates.
  19. TomT

    How to disable cellular antenna in M3

    I have also seen no real differences...
  20. TomT

    Can we create an "Is my car totaled/ What will this damage cost" Sub Forum?

    There are so many variables that it is all but impossible to tell if a Tesla is totaled just by pictures alone unless it is, well, obviously totaled. Thus, such a forum would accomplish little...
  21. TomT

    Vendor DRIVE Electric for Tesla, a wearable app for Wear OS - support

    My wife and I just got new Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classics and I bought Drive Electric for both of them. We love it! We both joined the beta... One question: Where is the app's settings menu?
  22. TomT

    "Both Pedals Pressed, motor power removed"

    Usually done by someone who has never driven manual shift cars regularly in the past...
  23. TomT

    Clicking noise at low speed when the steering wheel turned right

    Either the CV joint or top ball joint most likely.
  24. TomT

    A/C not working, service center did not want to cover cost due to debris found

    Actually, that is the evaporator in the passenger compartment. The condensor is the one in the front of the car.,
  25. TomT

    Lease return - wrong fees charged - Tesla took fees using autopay

    Sometimes dealing with Tesla is like dealing with a sleazy 60s auto dealership!
  26. TomT

    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

  27. TomT

    A cool thing about the Gen 3 Wall connector

    That just means if someone else tries to use it they'll think it is broken and just throw the connector on the floor!
  28. TomT

    FSD computer Needs to be replaced outside warranty

    I'm surprised that it did not throw some kind of error.
  29. TomT

    why no beep for backup sensor in Model 3? [rear cross traffic warning]

    No, our 2011 Ford has it and it uses ultrasonics. And it works exceptionally well!
  30. TomT

    Acceleration boost upgrade question

    It has most of its affect on acceleration up to about 70 or so. After that, it makes little difference.
  31. TomT

    2023 Model 3 Radar Pigtail

    Yep, I saw it when the Ranger installed my Homelink on my 2022. However, who knows if it would be compatible with the new HD radar...
  32. TomT

    Trading in my Model 3 today...should I remove my Homelink so that I can install it in my new Model Y?

    You would have to install it yourself and then find someone to program the car. Tesla will no longer install anything but factory new units which are still sealed.
  33. TomT

    Most will hate this question...[is there a way to play exhaust sounds when I accelerate?]

    Reminds me of an old adage about Harleys: "If you can't make horsepower, make noise!"
  34. TomT

    Model 3 Extended Warranty?

    They have made MANY over the years... They finally did a total redesign recently which MAY have finally fixed it but I don't believe that it can be retrofitted to older cars...
  35. TomT

    If you had to do it again, would anyone NOT get the white interior?

    Sorry, hate the white interior! Would never get one! Also not a fan of the white exterior...
  36. TomT

    Tesla Tires at Costco

    Likewise. They replaced my tires with no problems and no questions asked... And they gave me more credit than I expected.
  37. TomT

    Is it me, but are 2018-2020s are better builds than 2021/22s?

    My 2019 3 was definitely better built than my 2022. It was close to flawless. Not so my 2022.
  38. TomT

    Vendor USB-C data issue on newer Tesla models: A potential solution

    I installed it too and it works like a champ. I got it on sale for 70 bucks. It basically is the Tesla module with the missing parts added...
  39. TomT

    Tesla Is Finally Updating Its Autopark Feature by The End of This Month

    It's ironic. Our 2013 vehicle has an autopark system that always works flawlessly and is magnitudes better than the one in my 2022 Tesla... The one in the Tesla is so bad that I never use it.
  40. TomT

    New Model 3 RWD break-in period

    No break-in period required or even recommended.
  41. TomT

    2022.28 - Release Notes, Upcoming (& Leaked) Features

    And those with FSD Beta might see it some time next year...
  42. TomT

    Can we remove our radars now, since they're not used anymore?

    Removing it might throw an error...
  43. TomT

    Time to replace upper-control arm ball joints

    Since the issue is the ball joint, one wonders how the different control arm is going to make any difference...
  44. TomT

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    Looks like a good possible solution. How do you like it after a few weeks? Update: It says on their website that it is no longer available... Bummer! Second update: It is still available at Walmart... Link to site: Robot or human?
  45. TomT

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    No, I don't use Waze either.
  46. TomT

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    Yes it is, I've had it announce a speed trap a number of times.