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  1. dbullard

    Best method for selling older Model S

    The second you place an ad you will get scammers - they have no shame. Don't take any offers over asking price. For payment, when I sold mine, the buyer came to Oregon from Colorado, we went to a Wells Fargo (where he had an account), and they made out a cashier's check to me - which I then...
  2. dbullard

    Any EverCharge Users Here?

    We use EverCharge in my building, and my bill is usually $40-50. I helped set the system up, so I have some knowledge of what's involved. First, the price for electricity in commercial buildings is NOT what residential consumers pay - and how they've hooked that up makes a difference...
  3. dbullard

    Virtual overhead view and FSD

    Just my $0.02 worth, I was thinking about why Elon was talking about tying the long-awaited virtual overhead view (I've wanted that from day one after I saw it elsewhere) with FSD. In the S, the doors are very high and it's hard to see the parking spot lines. As many have noted, the vehicles...
  4. dbullard

    Tesla Q2 2018 earnings thread

    110+ hour work weeks will do that to you.
  5. dbullard

    Best insurance for Tesla Model S 2018

    Go to your local Tesla-certified body shop - ask THEM which is the company easiest to deal with. Then go from there on price.
  6. dbullard

    Insurance Company for Tesla Owners

    Talk to your local Tesla approved body shop - ask them who gives their customers the least grief when getting body work done. Which companies pay promptly? They'll know. THEN think about price. Cheap insurance that doesn't get your car fixed is a bigger ripoff then a higher rate.
  7. dbullard

    For sale: 2013 S85 - $45k - Everything except Performance

    The original warranty expired this February, so I think not. From Tesla's extended warranty page, "You may purchase the Extended Service Agreement no later than 30 days or 1,000 miles (1,600 km), whichever occurs first, past the expiration of your New Vehicle Limited Warranty." It's been...
  8. dbullard

    For sale: 2013 S85 - $45k - Everything except Performance

    Drat, another omission - no rear facing seats.
  9. dbullard

    For sale: 2013 S85 - $45k - Everything except Performance

    OK, almost everything except Performance... 19" wheels, single charger, non-performance seats. I cant remember if the performance seats were only available on the P model.
  10. dbullard

    For sale: 2013 S85 - $45k - Everything except Performance

    Very clean, 44,000 miles Everything except Performance Metallic Blue 85 kWh battery Active Air suspension Premium sound system 19” wheels Panoramic sunroof (with luggage rack hard points) Tech Package (Navigation, Rear Camera, Power Rear Liftgate, etc.) Black Nappa leather interior w/Alcantara...
  11. dbullard

    Pics and videos!

    A few pics and videos from this year's TMC Connect, including the infamous rendition of"Happy Birthday" for Doug. TMC Connect 2017
  12. dbullard

    Anyone still around for dinner Sunday night?

    I know most folks left, but if anyone's still around and wants to get together for dinner, respond to the thread or PM me.
  13. dbullard

    Anyone for dinner Thursday?

    I hate to eat alone :)
  14. dbullard

    TMC Bonfire 2.0?

    That was a lot of fun. I'm interested.
  15. dbullard

    Wiki Table Topics for 2017 Connect

    Charging in condos/apartments. Took me 3 years, but it's done!
  16. dbullard

    Parking Etiquette Question

    ChargePoint chargers show if the car's charging on it's screen.
  17. dbullard

    Parking Etiquette Question

    In Oregon, if it's marked "EV Charging Only" or something similar, it's illegal - even for an EV. I think Washington is the same. Mostly aimed at ICE vehicles, but also applies to EVs using charging stations as special parking spots. $250. People will learn really fast when they get hit...
  18. dbullard

    TMC Connect 2016 Photos

    Seems like someone should have started this by now... Here's my Flickr album for TMC this year: TMC Connect 2016 . The last bit of this is what you can do when you spend the night at Mt. Shasta - I'm so glad I took the time to do some exploring. The side trip at the Reno National Auto...
  19. dbullard

    atlantis hot tub needs more tmc

    I was there until close to 11, no one else showed. I must not have waited long enough :(
  20. dbullard

    Anyone for dinner Saturday night?

    So, we're going to Bangkok Cusine on mt rose street at 8:00
  21. dbullard

    Anyone for dinner Saturday night?

    Sounds good- Say, 6:00?
  22. dbullard

    Anyone for dinner Saturday night?

    The tech session is at Treasure C - cool stuff
  23. dbullard

    Anyone for dinner Saturday night?

    Always more fun to have dinner with other people... you can tell me all about how fabulous the Gigafactory was (I was reduced to watch the stuttering streaming feed from the hotel). Respond to this thread if you'd like to get together tonight - perhaps 6:00 or so? Doug
  24. dbullard

    Who's coming to TMC Connect 2016?

    I'm coming - driving down from Portland, OR. And to Bonnie's party, too!
  25. dbullard

    Make Time To Visit Reno's National Auto Museum

    Sounds like fun
  26. dbullard

    Wiki 2016 Table Topics Thread

    SpaceX. You could do a whole table just on their Mars shot.
  27. dbullard

    Suggested contact at Tesla?

  28. dbullard

    Suggested contact at Tesla?

    So, it looks like Tesla is beginning the process of moving to a larger location in Portland, OR, just several blocks from where I live (just service center or showroom, too, I don't know). That property lies on the Willamette riverfront. As properties get developed, they contribute their...
  29. dbullard

    Wiki Model 3 Reveal Event Coverage (3/31/16) 8:30PM PST - Discussion/Pictures/Video

    No instruments directly in front of the driver? Just the big screen in the center? Not sure I like that...
  30. dbullard

    An app to tell you the tire pressure in S?

    My car was too old to upgrade - I specifically asked about that.
  31. dbullard

    Rage at a Supercharger Station

    George Carlin said it best: "Think of how stupid the average person really is. Then remember that half of them are stupider than that" Works for a lot of stuff, not just stupidity
  32. dbullard

    Car Insurance

    Check with your local Tesla-approved body shop - ask them which insurance companies are good about paying. I dropped State Farm when they tried nickel-and-diming on my claim - paying 1/4 what it cost to fix it after deductable - had to take them to arbitration (won), then dropped them. Not the...
  33. dbullard

    An app to tell you the tire pressure in S?

    If it's an early 2013 (like mine is) you can't get that info. I ended up getting the Fobo tire sensors, they have an app for my iPhone (and watch!) which lets me see the pressures in real time. Home - FOBO
  34. dbullard

    Owning a Tesla without a place to charge: Brooklyn

    Great article. I moved into a condo in June of 2014, and I'm still working on getting charging set up, so I can feel your pain :) I've survived so far because there is enough free charging near home (OK, a mile walk), and now we just got charging available at work - that makes a huge...
  35. dbullard

    Firmware updates WiFi only?

    However, map updates can be so large they do require wi-fi... And there's no way to say, "update NOW" when parked near free wi-fi. Or a service center :)
  36. dbullard

    Apple is reportedly considering teaming up with BMW to build an electric car.

    Carbon fiber is an awesome material - but mostly hand-laid today. Boeing and BMW are both doing a lot of work in figuring out how to make parts more like injection molding. Boeing in particular is working on how to recycle and reuse the resins as well as fibers, so keeping those materials out...
  37. dbullard

    What to call old fashioned cars?

    "Deprecated". Still works, but you should upgrade at your earliest convenience.
  38. dbullard

    WSJ article on wait times at Tesla Superchargers

    Not now - but imagine when there are 20 times the numbers of Teslas out there (after Model X and Model 3 come out) - the current supercharger sites I've seen alone I-5 will be inadequate, many with no room to expand the supercharger if desired. I see now that some cities (Bay Area, Sacramento...
  39. dbullard

    Speak at TMC Connect 2015

    Getting kind of close to the date - I submitted a paper proposal and haven't heard back yet if I was accepted. Have notifications been sent yet? I don't want to put in work polishing if I don't need to :) Thanks for a great conference!
  40. dbullard

    Hotels in Sacremento

    No, I missed that - oh, well, the Hyatt is closer to the Supercharger, anyway :)
  41. dbullard

    Hotels in Sacremento

    Looking at the map of where Picnic Creek is, and the Roseville Supercharger, it looks like the Hyatt Place Sacramento/Roseville is right next to the Roseville Supercharger, and they're both only about 15 minutes to Picnic Creek. The cost is also quite reasonable - $139/night Making my hotel...
  42. dbullard

    Model X Mule Sightings

    I've seen the Model X prototype at TESLIVE - it's much larger than this! But the body style (and wheels) do look very Tesla-ish. Love to see the VIN on one of these!
  43. dbullard

    Why we need falcon wing doors

    Falcons eat gulls
  44. dbullard

    TMC Connect 2015 - July 10-12

    My mother is coming with me to visit some friends in the Bay Area. I'm hoping we'll be able to fit her in for a tour that week - she last saw an auto assembly line in 1949!
  45. dbullard

    some Model S drivers are just jerks

    Just wait until BMW has more EVs out - for some reason BMW seems to attract major jerks for owners.
  46. dbullard

    Battery Rated Range display not accurate

    70-75 will definitely sap your range - that sounds about right. The slower you go, the better your range. Cruise control helps, but drag goes up the square of the velocity. The mileage figure is an estimate, based on "average" speeds. I'll guess 60 MPH. Going 75 creates 33% more drag...
  47. dbullard

    Speak at TMC Connect 2015

    That's definitely one of the takeaway points - a lot of folks think it'll get done in a few weeks. The easiest way to have EV charging in your condo is to buy one that already has it. :smile:
  48. dbullard

    Speak at TMC Connect 2015

    Do you think there would be interest in a talk on EV charging in condominiums? I've been working on getting charging at my condo since June, still not there yet, but might be a useful "lessons learned" sort of thing.
  49. dbullard

    Road Trip from Seattle

    If the factory is in operation, then no - it's way too dangerous for a child. There's just too much activity, forklifts, transports, and robots where a child could get in trouble. - - - Updated - - - I'm driving down from Portland - the weird thing about driving via Superchargers is you keep...