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    Hard to believe that only Tesla has mass-produced an EV with a range > 100 miles.

    Well, I would say the problem here also somewhat leads in the topic. We all know Tesla is government funded and therefore they likely have more resources than any other manufacturer. I've seen an EV named Onuk by DMA in this year's autoshow here in Turkey. It's a carbon copy of the Roadster...
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    2013 Audi S7 4.0T Prestige

    My simple answer would be by all means staying with your Model S. As to why, well, I don't know if I really need to tell these things on a Tesla forum but anyway, if you need to be told, then you would be delivered. That turbocharged engine will burn a load of gas. I know because I own an Audi...
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    Hard to believe that only Tesla has mass-produced an EV with a range > 100 miles.

    There are many cars that are "mass produced" around the World that can exceed 100 miles on electricity alone. Let me give you a few examples: sahibinden.com - Satılık, Kiralık, 2.El, Emlak, Oto, Araba, Alışveriş, Hizmet, Kariyer, İş İlanları, Bilgisayar, Cep Telefonu, Tekne...
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    Driving on Sunshine

    I don't know if this has been mentioned or is coming sometime, but I might say that a solar panel on the roof of the car itself would also be a neat addition to a Tesla... that's what I initially thought of when I saw the name of this thread. There is a Fisker dealer that still hasn't closed...
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    AWD is the best-everything else is obsolete

    I agree, there actually are things I could add but they're sadly all against the forum posting rules. So I'll just wrap it up by saying that you make no sense in general. Won't be replying anymore.
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    AWD is the best-everything else is obsolete

    I'd like to repeat that that number is a number you made up. You have to consider in what tire you're talking about even, and I really don't think that you understand about tires either... a ContiSportContact, for instance, which can be classified as your "average performance summer street tire"...
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    AWD is the best-everything else is obsolete

    A guy with one leg can use a crutch yes, that's what it's made for. Are you uhm... sorry, can't say that word here. You got the point. Back on topic, you don't seem to understand the basics of these things, so let me educate you. I've driven an AWD car and numerous FWD cars, which are clearly...
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    AWD is the best-everything else is obsolete

    In cases where AWD is available for the money I could spend, I.E, CTS 3.6 AWD instead of CTS 3.6 RWD, Magnum 5.7 R/T AWD instead of Magnum 5.7 Hemi RWD etc etc... I'd certainly pick AWD simply for the fact of knowing that it would hug the road better. However, to say that RWD makes a car...
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    NextEV 1,000 bhp supercar

    That wouldn't be as easy as you try to make it out to be. Although electric is superior to petrol in many ways it still has some way to come to exceed petrol when it comes to extreme speed. I'd say, pricing of an EV, the still evolving battery cells and their lack of top speeds are some of the...
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    Keyless start ICE manufacturer being sued for CO poisoning

    An idiot is an idiot, keyless-go is a system that has been, to my knowledge, an ongoing tradition beginning within the abouts of the Mercedes SL-Series from early 2000's, so why is this news? Clearly if you leave whatever ICE vehicle on without noticing that you left the engine running on in a...
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    Jaguar F-Type

    Actually the looks of the F-Type posted here reminds me of the Fisker made SL65, and probably the design of that car was also based off on something else because I read that Henrik Fisker looks into whole lot of other cars before designing his (you're getting the point...). Speaking of Fisker...