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  1. afadeev

    Stalk or no stalk argument [not] settled

    I picked the best EV on the market for my needs! Did I forget to ask for the opinion of a mindless "disagree" troll? I'm not a groupie - I make my own decisions regardless of what the crowd does. Site your sources, or stop spreading FUD, BS, propaganda, and total nonsense. Tesla made 0...
  2. afadeev

    Stalk or no stalk argument [not] settled

    Tesla just lost a new sale to my family, for lack of stalks, cheapened-ass interior, and degraded handling of the new Model 3's. Even my teen driver acknowledged the inferiority of the new Model 3 user experience. Picked Lexus RZ instead (awesome lease deals on offer from Lexus, BTW). Because...
  3. afadeev

    Is it too easy to lose the card key from the Tesla wallet?

    How many credit cards have you lost over the years? THAT is your answer! You power OFF your cell phone throughout the day? Really? Why? Tin hat much? Seems like someone needs a new (big boy) wallet!? Why? a
  4. afadeev

    Should I bother making a service appointment?

    Not common, but Tesla interior fit and finish is always funky. Sure - replacing the rubber seal will fix it. If the car is new - try having Tesla fix it. If it's more than a few months old, Tesla may renege on warranty coverage. If that, or if it's out of warranty - it's up to you how much...
  5. afadeev

    Would a Performance with 18" aero wheels (e.g. FastEV EV01+) and LRR tires be like a LR in economy and range?

    Hard to understand what you are asking, but fundamentally - PERFORMANCE tires optimize traction, handling, and performance. They employ the latest tech in carcass construction and rubber chemistry to deliver maximum traction. In temps >40F. Performance summer tires are useless in...
  6. afadeev

    Available 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD

    afadeev posted a new question on the marketplace listing 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD.
  7. 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD

    Question by 'afadeev' on marketplace listing '2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD'

    How many miles on the car? What tires are on it, and how much tread is left? Thanks, a
  8. afadeev

    Noise-Cancelling Foam: Is It Worth It?

    Not really. Originally, 20" wheels were matched with Michelin PS4S tires. Those are great Performance Summer tires, that are also very quiet for their category. I have PS4S's on two (2) of my other cars, and they are way quieter than Bridgestone, Hankook, Kumho, Yokohama, or Conti Performance...
  9. afadeev

    Foam Gun Useless?

    This is probably accurate. Foaming the car surface with either a gun (water hose pressure) or a cannon (pressure washer) will not clean your car any better. Foaming will, however, allow you to remove dirt with less scratch accumulation over multiple car wash cycles. It also makes washing...
  10. afadeev

    Noise-Cancelling Foam: Is It Worth It?

    Is foam in tires worth the money? After 6 days of blind testing by Tire Rack: Imperceptible differences relative to HVAC fan noise or radio background sounds, as perceived subjectively by human ears. Occasional +/- 1 dB delta when measured objectively with a dB meter over some road surfaces...
  11. afadeev

    Considering a Tesla in a Country with Limited EV Infrastructure – Need Advice!

    The anonymous internet "experts" are here to tell you - "Sure, what can go wrong here? Just don't forget to add it to this book": Yeah, right. 457 Bahrain miles is WAY different than 457 NA miles.
  12. afadeev

    Autoshift coming to older M3s?

    Sure, together will fully-working FSD. Any day now!
  13. afadeev

    Tesla mobile service tire rotation x2?

    I'm not sure where you are going with this. Tire rotations and wheel swaps are routine parts of vehicle ownership for most folks. Tire rotation every 6,250 miles is a recommended part of Tesla Maintenance Service...
  14. afadeev

    NEW Model 3 Highland review!

    Using a (working) turn signal is not a license to initiate unsafe maneuvers! Even if the turn signal were blinking, the scenario above would be the fault of the driver who forced his way into a lane that caused another driver to have an accident. Definitely. With, or without, a working...
  15. afadeev

    Is anything missing from the 2024 Model 3 RWD?

    These are NOT examples of cost-cutting. These are product trim differentiation features. Neah, they are just unplugging things to give you extra incentives to upgrade to the higher level trim / margin product in the portfolio. If not enough people upgrade, they will unplug more. if not enough...
  16. afadeev

    NEW Model 3 Highland review!

    If that theory was true (e.g., no turn signals == no insurance coverage), then no BMW would ever get covered. Clearly, the cookie doesn't crumble like that. Please stop the FUD!
  17. afadeev

    Starlink Mini on Cybertruck

    I believe you. I, myself, reliably find two no-coverage zones in my daily commute - in my basement (where the car is parked overnight), and at my workplace parking lot (where it is parked during the days when I work from the office). Both are dead-zones for AT&T, and it takes anywhere from 30...
  18. afadeev

    Starlink Mini on Cybertruck

    That matters less with mobile devices like cars. These are not permanently stuck in areas with no coverage. If someone lives in that remote area, they would have solved the connectivity issues for the house already and would not depend on the car for service. Cell coverage is 99+% of the...
  19. afadeev

    Starlink Mini on Cybertruck

    Starlink Electronic Phased Array (EPA) antennas can NOT physically be that small. Also, the satellite capacity and cost of service is still WAY more expensive than terrestrial cell networks. HTH, a
  20. afadeev

    NEW Model 3 Highland review!

    Or any of these: https://www.caranddriver.com/rankings/best-electric-cars
  21. afadeev

    should I replace my 2019 model 3's 12 volt battery after 68747 miles of mileage?

    Yeah, replace unvented lead-acid batteries ~5 years (if vented, check water level every summer). There is no reliable way to test their estimated remaining lifespan. AGM batteries can be monitored, and they do last way longer. I have those in my other cars going with 70% of the original...
  22. afadeev

    Best way to contact Tesla?

    [...] That is the ONLY way!
  23. afadeev

    M3P Top Speed Limited Due to Tires or Mechanical Limitations?

    149+ does include 163+ ;) 1. Tesla Performance models do NOT come equipped with AS (all-season) rubbers. They are all on Performance Z/Y-rated tires. 2. Some AS tires are U-rated, and some are rated much higher. Tires' speed rating is driven by carcass design and materials, not the tread...
  24. afadeev

    M3P Top Speed Limited Due to Tires or Mechanical Limitations?

    Underwhelming how? When and where was the last time you were speed-limited at 163 mph? Definitely not tires. Both Michelin PS4S and Pirelli P ZERO 4 are ZR-rated, good for 149+ MPH. Note - there is no upper-speed limit on the Z-rated tires...
  25. afadeev

    Starlink Mini on Cybertruck

    "Vault" leaks like a sieve. Starlink receiver, if that's what is inside the trunk, will have a pretty short life expectancy. https://jalopnik.com/tesla-cybertruck-s-vault-is-a-leaky-mess-1851572656
  26. afadeev

    TPMS Errors After Swap to 2018 M3 Rims

    TPMS settings update require a 30+ second system reboot? Pualleeeese. Who are you kiddin' ? :rolleyes:
  27. afadeev

    Highland Front Styling, Better or Worse?

    You must be confusing this thread with CyberTruck's. I don't recall anyone assigning that attribute to either the old or the new Model 3. Frankly, the differences between the two are minute. An average person will hardly be able to tell the two apart. It's like an LCI (life-cycle-impulse)...
  28. afadeev

    shifts into park while in motion

    Feed her! Zero to none. Unless you are wiggling too much, or opening the door (or did not close it properly), one of the sensors (door, seat, seatbelt) will need to be replaced. Tesla is needlessly aggressive with "I've stopped and parked for you" interventions. In most other cars similar...
  29. afadeev

    Repairable or totaled

    Wait until Tesla pimps get hold of this ... FSD worked flawlessly, it's the driver's fault he did not take over when FSD failed. It's just a flesh wound ... will buff right out!
  30. afadeev

    High Mileage Rental 3

    Anyone who owns a Model 3/Y, or is considering buying one! The battery is more like $16K, but is not a common wear/replacement item. Still, fully testing one before buying a used EV is a very reasonable thing to do. FUCA's are a frequent wear item. So are the shocks (though at lower...
  31. afadeev

    What's this high mileage 2022 Hertz Model 3 worth?

    Right, cause you are the only person in the US who qualifies for the tax credit. Right? It's a free country with a free market - you can do whatever you want. Even if it comes at the expense of other Tesla owners. I'm sorry, but I don't care for your effort to solicit our help in ripping off...
  32. afadeev

    Cat cracked my windshield and roof glass

    Found - OP's lost video:
  33. afadeev

    What's this high mileage 2022 Hertz Model 3 worth?

    You want our help to flip a Model 3? In other words, you want to rip-off some other future Tesla owner with our assistance? Really?
  34. afadeev

    Tesla Model 3 Front Upper Control Arms

    More on the problem description and solution from Meyle (major OEM supplier) guy. Turn on English subtitles:
  35. afadeev

    Tesla Model 3 Front Upper Control Arms

    If you are trying to sell the car and pass the problem to the next guy - sure, lube it up, and the rusty joint will stay quiet for a while. If you are the owner of the car and intend on keeping your Model 3/Y for more than a year, definitely replace the FUCAs. Why wouldn't you?! This is...
  36. afadeev

    Tesla Model 3 Front Upper Control Arms

    Some critical misleading information in that video (among some true statements): FUCA replacement is NOT $1.400, as claimed. All-in service cost is ~$180/side. Replacing FUCA is a very easy DIY job. Parts are ~$72-$90/side, but Meyle FUCA might be a higher quality and durability upgrade. The...
  37. afadeev

    Help Fight the FUD

    Why would you assume such a thing? Because Tesla sales increased in 1Q'24? Nope, they declined by around 20.2%...
  38. afadeev

    Highland Front Styling, Better or Worse?

    Still worlds better than CyberTruck. Winning by lowering the benchmarks? Yet, you will find some folks claiming that CT is beautiful. Personally, I think those folks need to have their vision tested, but to each his own. I do prefer the original TM3 nose to the updated one, if for no...
  39. afadeev

    Request for a 2024 Stealth M3P?

    I have a REAL TM3P with proper brakes and proper performance tires, and I have different sets of wheels/tires for it. A set of summer performance Michelin PS4S tires alone was well worth the upgrade! Tesla's 20" wheels are damage-prone because they were cheap and heavy cast wheels. Total crap...
  40. afadeev

    Tread Depth of 2024 M3P Tires

    You are right - 90+% of Tesla owners are ex-Prius types, with no appreciation for performance, safety, or handling. There is room for those, though when they buy a TM3P it's guaranteed to be a mismatch. When I was ordering my car in 2018, I specifically looked and paid extra for a vehicle with...
  41. afadeev

    Tread Depth of 2024 M3P Tires

    OEM Pirelli P ZERO 4 tires come with 9/32nds of tread. All treadwear and road hazard warranties are explicitly voided for OEM tires by both Michelin and Pirelli (two brands on my cars). https://www.pirelli.com/tires/en-us/car/tire-use-guide-warranty/tire-warranty Then why are you buying TM3...
  42. afadeev

    I am frankly shocked by how stunningly beautiful the Cybertruck is

    Why did folks sleep with Harvey Weinstein? So, Elon designed a Harvey Weinstein of trucks. It has some pluses and minuses. Attractive styling is just not one of the pluses. We've got a bunch of them in my neck of the woods as well. Not a single one with fully matching panels, a few are...
  43. afadeev

    Help Fight the FUD

    Pualleeese, cut the hype and use a bit of common sense. Judging by the accents, the interviews were taking place in Australia. Where the best-selling car is (not a Tesla): https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/top-20-best-selling-cars-of-2023-144094/ You have to be an uber-car geek, or...
  44. afadeev

    Tesla friendly car wash in St. Louis Area?

    It's just a car, with just normal paint. Maintain and wash it the same you maintained and washed all of your other cars. a
  45. afadeev

    NEW Model 3 Highland review!

    I have quality HUD in my ///M3. Works perfectly well with polarized glasses. Love it. Especially when driving at night, when you can project directions through HUD, and turn off the stupid screen in the middle of the car, eliminating the distractions. When done well, it's awesome. When...
  46. afadeev

    NEW Model 3 Highland review!

    Nope. Undercounting. EVERY time I depart the parking garage at work, the Nav and audio streaming (when I had premium connectivity) would lock up due to lack of wireless coverage and inability to reacquire it in under 5-10 minutes. Luckily, I know how to drive home from work. Usually, I could...
  47. afadeev

    NEW Model 3 Highland review!

    Dials, buttons, levers, steering column paddles - all interface elements you can engage without taking your eyes off the road. Personally, I prefer physical shift levers (prefer manual tranny, actually), but have driven cars with buttons and dials for gear shifting as well. I don't know, and...
  48. afadeev

    NEW Model 3 Highland review!

    The thread is titled <NEW Model 3 Highland review!>. Not <I am buying Highland no matter what>. Start a new thread about how you adore Highland, and how it has no drawbacks. Problem solved!
  49. afadeev

    Driving my ICE vehicle while Model 3 RWD is on limited duty. Some simple observations…

    You think that is different in any other car? Trim pieces and clips vary, but suspension geometry is suspension geometry! You've just described camber adjustment on most OEM cars. Which is to say it's minimally adjustable (via oversized mounting holes, or "crash bolts"), unless you install...
  50. afadeev

    Seeking Advice on Wiper Blades for 2024 Highland Model

    I don't know if it is always the answer, but it's a good first guess. I prefer scotch. ;) Yep, there is also that use-case. a