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  1. navinsiri

    Don't Purchase FSD for current owners ($6K) until you read this

    Getting KBB on a trade in for a Tesla, especially a Model 3, is a dream. No dealers want to sell these cars and Tesla knows people would rather buy a new one for a couple thousand more. A few months ago the KBB trade in for my Performance 3 was 53. Highest offer I got was 48k. This month KBB for...
  2. navinsiri

    Supercharger - Basking Ridge, NJ

    Never noticed it before, so I guess it’s doing it’s job, but all the equipment at the North Brunswick supercharger is also green and hidden behind a wall of small trees. Much nicer than a wooden/concrete fence imo
  3. navinsiri

    Red Calipers

    Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3 These are covers but I wouldn’t recommend them because anyone with eyes can tell how fake they are. If you want to do it the right way you have to get them painted. Or buy a performance model ;)
  4. navinsiri

    Do you have bent 20" wheels on your Model 3?

    My wheels look and feel fine but apparently they’re all slightly bent according to my tire shop. My other friend who also has these 20” wheels bent all 4 rims quite badly and he decided to get 4 aftermarket wheels. Less than a month later 2-3 of them are already bent. I think all 20” wheels are...
  5. navinsiri

    Supercharger - Kearny/Harrison, NJ

    Only 2 chargers (4 stalls) working right now. The other spaces are blocked by cones. Seems like someone from Tesla with CA plates is working on some of the supercharger cabinets. He actually asked me to move stalls so he could shut off the one I was at. Seems early for needing a repair...
  6. navinsiri

    TeslaFi - Battery Degradation Reports (upload your data)

    They replaced the entire HV battery. I don't think the battery is a serviceable part, especially at local service centers. They said the issue was coolant leaking inside of the battery which caused the car not to start.
  7. navinsiri

    TeslaFi - Battery Degradation Reports (upload your data)

    My battery hit a low of 292 miles but a software update brought back most of the range and it was steady at 305 miles until I got a battery replacement (HV battery failed) at about 10k miles.
  8. navinsiri

    Supercharger - Kearny/Harrison, NJ

    Most likely PSEG and they don’t seem to be very friendly Hopefully not like other examples of PSEGs work but it could be. Jersey City took 4 months waiting on PSEG. North Brunswick took a long time too.
  9. navinsiri

    Supercharger - Philadelphia, PA

    Just found this on reddit! [Charging] Tesla Supercharger station spotted in Philly! Seems like an urban charging station at a garage on 20th and Hamilton
  10. navinsiri

    Supercharger - Kearny/Harrison, NJ

    I’m not an expert but I don’t think there’s a transformer yet. There seems to be about 4 conduits coming out of the ground that aren’t connected to anything.
  11. navinsiri

    Does the new maps update for NoA needs to be downloaded all at once?

    Navigate on Autopilot also known as Drive on Nav
  12. navinsiri

    Does the new maps update for NoA needs to be downloaded all at once?

    I had a mobile service technician come to download maps that would enable NoA but he said the download kept failing. Said I’d have to take the car into a service center and have them open a case with engineering.
  13. navinsiri

    Confirm PUP $5000 refund thread

    I got a reply in less than 24 hours but the response was "We do not have any information about this at this moment. Once there is more information customer that qualify will receive an email. Thank you for your patience."
  14. navinsiri

    Model 3 only charges at 2kW

    Yeah this issue started in the summer for me so not an issue of cold battery. But also if you stop then start it then it zooms up to 48A. :p
  15. navinsiri

    Model 3 only charges at 2kW

    They said they'll have to send someone to my house to view the logs as the car is doing this. But I said it would be useless since the car doesn't do it often or predictably. Still happens occasionally.
  16. navinsiri


    Try this video:
  17. navinsiri

    Have you ever been stranded due supercharger failure?

    Never stranded but it’s been a close call twice. An essential stop on my trip in Michigan showed that the supercharger wasn’t working. I called Tesla and they told me the two stalls that seemed to be working the best. The other time was in North Carolina. I pulled into a station that showed up...
  18. navinsiri

    Model 3 Battery Heating?

    I had been driving for 1.5 hours before I plugged in and there was no limit on regen. But I was stuck in a lot of traffic so it might not have been fully warmed to the point where it can accept the max charge rate. But still having the charge rate slow down as you’re charging (with SOC <50%)...
  19. navinsiri

    Model 3 Battery Heating?

    I can’t know for sure that the battery is getting cold but the supercharger speed continually drops much faster than it should. Typically it can pull almost 120kW all the way to 50%. But yesterday I plugged in at 30% and it only charged at 65kW and dropped slowly to 38kW before 50% and stayed...
  20. navinsiri

    WHITE interior with creases/wrinkles (brand new)

    Only my passenger seat has a crease and it’s a lot smaller than yours. If it bothers you then I’d have Tesla replace it.
  21. navinsiri

    Model 3 Battery Heating?

    We have no evidence that the motor inverter heat is actually enough. Why is my battery getting colder as it’s supercharging? Why does it take an hour of highway driving for the battery to heat up? In my S the battery would be heated in 20-25 minutes.
  22. navinsiri

    Model 3 Battery Heating?

    One of our Model 3s is entering its second winter season and the others are experiencing their first cold season. I’ve never seen any evidence of active battery heating on these cars. The battery only seems to get warmer from resistance heating when driving. When sitting at a supercharger with a...
  23. navinsiri

    P3D+ Sheet metal pop sound

    Usually I only hear the popping sound when supercharging but over the past week I’ve been hearing it every time I go over a bump that flexes (twists?) the body of the car. (Like going over a speed bump diagonally) This flexing is kind of worrying me
  24. navinsiri

    12V Fuses?

    Try these videos: And yes those two controllers should contain the MOSFETs
  25. navinsiri

    Supercharger - Kearny/Harrison, NJ

    Great location for me. Only 5 minutes away from my apartment that refuses to install any charging stations. Looks like all the work from Tesla is done. Probably just waiting for meter install from PSEG which has proven to take weeks to months...
  26. navinsiri

    Dashcam Install Help

    I also use plastic tools I got for cheap from Harbor Freight. Some cars I've worked on are very tight. It might be scary to pull very hard but sometimes that what you need to do. I even broke a nail doing it before
  27. navinsiri

    Dashcam Install Help

    After pulling multiple I learned you need TWO pry tools. Put each on both sides of the Hazard button in the center of the dome light assembly. The unit must be pulled STRAIGHT down otherwise the clips will get stuck and increase the chances of breaking those grey clips.
  28. navinsiri

    How to measure 0-60

    A few months ago Tesla blocked streaming data on the Model 3 so PowerTools no longer works. Still works for the S/X but not the 3. Only way to accurately measure the 0-60 is to get one of those expensive tools you mentioned. Dragy would be the best value while a Vbox would provide more data.
  29. navinsiri

    P3D+ Sheet metal pop sound

    I haven't heard the popping sound while driving only while supercharging. I also haven't ever heard it in our early vin (0033xx 0055xx) Model 3s
  30. navinsiri

    P3D+ Sheet metal pop sound

    I get the sound every time I supercharge. It’s actually the same sound you get if you stomp on the floor in the rear seat. Seems Tesla designed the car with a hollow floor o_O
  31. navinsiri

    Model 3 with Arachnid wheels?

    I know forged wheels sometimes require different designs because of how they're made but is it possible to make the spokes a bit thicker? I've been looking for a good Arachnid look-alike but all their spokes seem too thin to me. Also what would be the price on these?
  32. navinsiri

    TeslaFi - Battery Degradation Reports (upload your data)

    P3D+ After only 1.5 months and ~3,500 miles. Every charge results in less and less range. SC says its normal. Not too happy about this. Our other two RWD 3s are showing less than 1% degradation after 7 months and 15k miles.
  33. navinsiri

    When does the front motor kick in?

    Tesla probably changed the way power is split between front and back on the Model 3 due to the rear PM motor but I’ll give my experience based on my Model S anyways. Light acceleration/Cruising below ~50mph is RWD Light acceleration/Cruising above ~50mph is FWD Hard acceleration anytime is AWD...
  34. navinsiri

    ELON! Where is my rear wiper blade?

    Sedans don't need a rear wiper due to the aerodynamics while driving. You only need a rear wiper if the rear glass is really flat (Prius) or really upright (most SUVs and Hatchbacks).
  35. navinsiri

    Dashcam Install Help

    I tried using the hazard button switch but there's not much space there. I prefer to run the wire to the 12v instead. Done that on 4 Model 3s with no issues.
  36. navinsiri

    2018.34.1 Won't let me launch my car into objects

    Still happens everyday while driving through the city or gates for the parking garage. Maybe I should leave a little earlier so i'm not always rushing....
  37. navinsiri

    Was your delivery date accurate?

    All four cars have been on time. Hopefully yours is too but regardless your detailer should be flexible with timing especially if they deal with tesla all the time.
  38. navinsiri

    2018.34.1 Won't let me launch my car into objects

    I uploaded two clips of when it occurred. Both times my foot was completely to the floor (exactly how a Tesla should be driven ;)) so you'll see the car suddenly take off once the computers decided it was safe. You can also hear when the motors when the car begins to take off. Please don't...
  39. navinsiri

    2018.34.1 Won't let me launch my car into objects

    Had it happen another 3 times on my way back home. Once there was a car going across an intersection and I was going perpendicular to them. When the car passed I tried to accelerate hard but again my car barely moved for a second or so. Next was I was trying to squeeze between a car and tree...
  40. navinsiri

    2018.34.1 Won't let me launch my car into objects

    I'll try but I don't think its a bug since its only there when there are objects in front of the car. I reported something similar to this on my Model S a while ago. Obstacle Detected - Power Reduced But this seems different because it's very sensitive to anything detected around the car. I...
  41. navinsiri

    2018.34.1 Won't let me launch my car into objects

    Nope chill mode is off. Car is in Sport mode Not on AP Thats possible. I'll try it in one of the RWD cars if I have time Just to clarify this is with pretty aggressive driving. If you're not close to any object or not trying to accelerate hard then there won't be any difference. As @Pkmmte...
  42. navinsiri

    2018.34.1 Won't let me launch my car into objects

    It lets you accelerate but slowly. Almost feels like an ICE car
  43. navinsiri

    2018.34.1 Won't let me launch my car into objects

    Haven't had a chance yet. Just something I noticed on my morning commute. This was all manual driving. AP wasn't engaged at any point. As in I pressed the accelerator and the car wouldn't move for a little bit.
  44. navinsiri

    2018.34.1 Won't let me launch my car into objects

    2018.34.1 was installed on my car last night and during my commute this morning my car would barely accelerate if there was any object/vehicle in front or next to me. These were cars that were turning out of the way or even just accelerating with the car in front of me. It seems the Model 3...
  45. navinsiri

    Ride Quality of Model 3 Perf w/ 20s vs. LR RWD on 18s?

    We Have both the performance with 20” and RWD with 18”. I think the ride on both cars are pretty similar but the 18” wheels tend to “bounce” more over bumps and potholes which makes the ride a bit worse.
  46. navinsiri

    Performance Package range, skidpad, braking numbers?

    I've been having the same issue as well. Powertools works perfectly for my Model S but stopped working for the Model 3s a few months ago. The developer is unresponsive as well. I hope someone makes a "scan my Tesla/TeslaSpy" app for the Model 3 soon.
  47. navinsiri

    Another Bad Computer?

    If your windshield was tinted that could be the issue. Many warnings against tinting the windshield because the fluid runs straight down into some computer systems. It’s a design flaw on Tesla’s part but the repairs seem to be running around $900. CAUTION: Installing Windshield Film & Computer...
  48. navinsiri

    Buying a P3-, worth it to change from Primacy MXM4 to Pilot Sport A/S 3+?

    The tires that come on the 18" wheels are terrible for any spirited driving. The tires on the 19" wheels are much better but still not that good. I run the Pilot Sport A/S 3+ on my Model S and they're very good. Excellent grip year round (for an all-season tire) and very quiet. Tread life might...
  49. navinsiri

    2016.5 Model S 75D with AP2, Loaded, Central NJ

    Thanks for the interest but car is sold again!
  50. navinsiri

    Model S(2017)75D Air conditioning not working cause battery temperature

    When the AC is prioritizing the battery in hot weather I get a message that says “Vehicle systems being cooled. Air Conditioning is reduced” If the OP doesn’t see this message I guess he has some other issue