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  1. efusco

    Charge limit setting missing under charging controls: 2014 S85 with 2021.44.25.2

    I submitted a service request via the app, then just put in the comments no appointment needed. I assume someone's working on it.
  2. efusco

    Charge limit setting missing under charging controls: 2014 S85 with 2021.44.25.2

    2016 Model X w/MCU 2 upgrade. Do we know that this has been submitted to Tesla?
  3. efusco

    Reliable Magsafe phone mount for Model X?

    Can anyone point me to a good Magsafe phone mount for Model X. I specifically prefer one that does NOT mount on the air vent. Our prior experience with those is frustrating as the mount always seems to pull off when trying to remove the phone and I worry about damage to the slats. The ideal...
  4. efusco

    Tesla Car Show for Autism in Springfield, MO

    Inviting anyone in the area or interested in travel to attend a sort of show and tell car show for children with disabilities in Springfield, MO on July 10th. There is no fee what so ever in attending and food and drinks will be provided. We're working through the details, but there will be...
  5. efusco

    EERO Network not working with Tesla

    It inexplicably started working after a couple of days...
  6. efusco

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    This is welcome, for sure since the renovation of the hotel for the current location never came to fruition. Down side is that this is farther from I-49 for those heading North/South or from the East, but it's only a few miles. The current location also has several more restaurants and things...
  7. efusco

    Current onboard charger in S and X?

    Thanks for the interesting discussion. As we live in something of a Supercharger desert, having the capability of charging at 22kW was great, it shortened time to be ready for trips and allowed travel to places that otherwise would have been exceptionally inconvenient. That need has diminished...
  8. efusco

    Current onboard charger in S and X?

    What are the current models of S and X equipped with as far as their on-board chargers? Still the 72A (if not, when were those discontinued) or are all models now the same 48A as the 3?
  9. efusco

    Why the void of SuperChargers in the south (particularly Arkansas)?

    Still need the gap from Springfield, MO to Little Rock and from Springfield, MO to Memphis addressed. A pair of urban superchargers at the half-way points (Hardy, Ar or West Plains, or Jonesboro for the former, Clinton or Conway for the latter) would be enough to make me happy. Just need a...
  10. efusco

    Charging equipment fault on the Tesla destination charger

    Also, just tried again after the newest software update--still doesn't work with the wall charger.
  11. efusco

    Charging equipment fault on the Tesla destination charger

    That's interesting. We have Gen 1 Wall chargers at home, I expect the new onboard charger was a newer model like would be used in the newer Model X. That might be the rub. I do NOT want to have to buy a brand new wall charger in addition to the $2800 onboard charger replacement.
  12. efusco

    Charging equipment fault on the Tesla destination charger

    This is weird and timely... The 72 amp onboard charger in our 2016 90D Model X had a failure, we were still able to charge at low amperage on our home charger, but not able to supercharge and it would not charge at the designed 72 amps (maxed out at 27 amps actually). The charger was replaced...
  13. efusco

    Charger, charge port, or battery failure? - 2016 90D

    Techs were confident of a remote diagnosis of onboard charger failure. The supercharger switch is inside there and apparently can short and become welded closed. Will be a $2500 replacement cost. takeaways: 1)insist on a full diagnostic work up if you’re noticing and decline in level 2 charging...
  14. efusco

    Charger, charge port, or battery failure? - 2016 90D

    For several months (at least 6, maybe more--my wife's vehicle so I don't always hear when there are issues right away) I have noticed that where we used to get a full 72amp charge from our wall charger at home, that often it would start at 72, then drop to ~60amps. In the more recent months it...
  15. efusco

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Multiple, but probably not all that should, posts have been moved to the Snippiness 2.0 thread. There is some objective, reasonable content in several of the posts there, but, unfortunately, certain members seem to be unable to control their own behavior and are resorting to ad hominums and...
  16. efusco

    Supercharger - Fort Smith, AR (unconfirmed)

    If you have, or can borrow, a CHAdeMO adapter, there are a couple of CHAdeMO chargers along the LR->OKC route in Roland and Sallisaw. There's also one in Henryetta and they actually HAVE a Tesla CHAdeMO adapter you can borrow---if you can get that far. There is a fee to charge there, however.
  17. efusco

    Why the void of SuperChargers in the south (particularly Arkansas)?

    Lowell, which is just outside of Bentonville.
  18. efusco

    Why the void of SuperChargers in the south (particularly Arkansas)?

    Theres a v3 Supercharger in/near Bentonville, AR now too.
  19. efusco

    How do you carry your bike?

    Anyone tried the Thule Raceway Platform Pro 2 rack? It looks like it would work, but the user manual says "check back". A friend I ride with has one and his trunk looked like a similar design to the Model 3. Thule Raceway Platform PRO 2
  20. efusco

    EERO Network not working with Tesla

    I don't have anything else...I don't think. Cable Model connects directly to the first node of the Eero Mesh, no other routers connected. So, somewhere along the line things seem to have started working. I'm seeing decent connection speeds with my cars and the software auto-downloaded into my...
  21. efusco

    EERO Network not working with Tesla

    I tried switching Eero to Bridge Mode and it seemed to mess everything up worse, but perhaps I was too patient for it to reboot.
  22. efusco

    EERO Network not working with Tesla

    I have a multi-level house with the only cable modem outlet being in a terrible bottom floor location in my home. I recently installed the EERO Mesh Network system (non-Pro version) in the home and it has been absolutely fantastic and had improved the strength of my network throughout my home...
  23. efusco

    Solar financial payback

    Daniel, I certainly think the 5-year payback was fanciful. I would not include the cost of the powerwalls in your payback calculations. They are not energy saving/producing parts of the solar process. If you had not installed solar and had gone with a generator for backup power you'd never try...
  24. efusco

    Any Market for Tesla Powerwall?

    Oh god, what show? Also, Nixa is Jason Bourne's hometown.
  25. efusco

    Any Market for Tesla Powerwall?

    Given all of the above, I think I'll just keep my PW and have it installed.
  26. efusco

    Any Market for Tesla Powerwall?

    Figured if I could clear $5000 I would sell. Given the post before yours I think I'll just hang onto mine.
  27. efusco

    Any Market for Tesla Powerwall?

    Wow, yeah, I probably won't bother trying to sell mine then. Thanks so much for the feedback. I'll offer you $3750..... ;-)
  28. efusco

    Any Market for Tesla Powerwall?

    Just got my survey for my Tesla Powerwall referral reward. Have planned to install it onto my solar equipt home, but I already have a propane generator and would really need at least one more Powerwall (likely 2 more) to fully power the house for any reasonable length of time and I'm not...
  29. efusco

    Tested Dyno Mode on a track

    This is the key question. How do lap times compare with Dyno on/off?
  30. efusco

    Ozarks AT&T Data Coverage for Netflix Streaming?

    The "Ozarks" is a huge area. You would need to be more specific, and even then we may not be able to give you specifics. That said, AT&T, at least in SW MO and NW Arkansas does not have the best coverage in the more rural areas. For instance, at my lake house in Eagle Rock, MO if you hold your...
  31. efusco

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Folks... This thread is becoming a moderation nightmare. I had 8 reported posts from this one thread alone this morning. We're sick and tired of the back and forth arguments and personal attacks. If you have something factual to share or a question to ask regarding the thread topic, that is...
  32. efusco

    Snippiness 2.0

    Thread reopened. But keep things under control. No more personal attacks. No more name calling. Up to now there have been no formal warnings issued, but I've snipped a bunch of posts. If it gets out of control again, we will become more strict, warnings will be formal and temporary bans and...
  33. efusco

    CHAdeMO Charging Adapter for Sale for Model S

    Sure, just ship it to him and trust that the long term member will pay you.
  34. efusco

    Anyone seen this Premium Connection

    Premium Connectivity $9.99/month
  35. efusco

    Sold 22" New Black Onyx Model X Complete Set (referral reward)

    FYI, I did reach out to Tesla and got a reply that this reward is not transferable. I don't think any are, technically, but for my toy electric car I was able to accept then sell the code to someone else. The rims are different and associated with your vehicle apparently. Sorry.
  36. efusco

    Nearly 50% worse than rated: What am I doing wrong?

    You hadn't put on winter tires, had you? That'll give a range hit too.
  37. efusco

    Sold 22" New Black Onyx Model X Complete Set (referral reward)

    Had a couple people express interest. Checking into transferring my referral reward. If anyone knows the best way to go about that, I'm all ears.
  38. efusco

    Sold 22" New Black Onyx Model X Complete Set (referral reward)

    Have not yet gotten delivery, but was notified of availability of this referral reward. I've chosen to not have them mounted at this time (winter weather) and would prefer to sell them. Located in Southwest Missouri but would split shipping. $5000
  39. efusco

    Support TMC

    Does not appear that you are showing as a supporting member.
  40. efusco

    [Poll]- Cybertruck costs 39k to 69k will kill other Tesla EV?

    Only reason I didn't hit "strongly disagree" was the "at all" wording. There will be some impact...some people, most likely potential Model X buyers, may like the form factor of a pickup for a large vehicle rather than the X. But I think that market will be small. This vehicle will attract new...
  41. efusco

    Tesla tow hitch - safe to leave on?

    We leave ours on almost continuously. Only remove on occasion.
  42. efusco

    Model Y or Mustang Mach-E

    Hopefully that won't happen, but it certainly could if demand is high. We saw it with Prius back in the day.
  43. efusco

    Branson, Mo

    Shorter walking route.
  44. efusco

    Branson, Mo

    I bet you could use this charger at the Wyndam, literally less than 1/4 mile walk away. Would be best to ask permission and offer to pay.
  45. efusco

    Tesla Owners Can Edit Maps to Improve Summon Routes

    I'm struggling, can someone do a "for dummies" step by step of how to add the parking aisles please. Be as basic as possible...
  46. efusco

    Jeda just released a new USB hub. Mounts Flush and hides flash drive

    Pro-tip to do your due diligence and check the measurements to be sure your current SSD will fit in the compartment, mine did not. Trying to decide now if I want to invest in another SSD or just switch back to a USB thumb drive (have had many crash in the past so reluctant to do that). it does...
  47. efusco

    Bicyclist yelled at my son for driving an EV?

    Hard to understand what he's saying. What was the gist of his concerns?