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    Refresh S/X instrument cluster customization discussion

    I use that regularly and me and my wife have different setups, which I was pleased to note are saved as part of our profile. Does the refresh instrument cluster still get the navigation on the left side, as well as on the big screen?
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    Thinking of selling my plaid and going back to 2020 P100d

    Interesting move. I don't like the refresh screen orientation or lack of customizability on the instrumental panel, either. Wonder if a new 100kw battery pack can be put onto an older P100D though obviously boku bucks but perhaps not as much lost as sunk costs of a trade in or sale due to...
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    Replacement FM tuner and HD radio

    I didn't have time so pushed it off a couple weeks. Tune-IN is fine for music but misses traffic, and the oddball talk stuff they do, which I don't really care about but my better half was expecting. I have been using music from the USB (which has other issues like not automatically picking up...
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    Replacement FM tuner and HD radio

    I was looking into this and made a Service appointment via the app. I was expecting $500 but the estimate is $1095. Model X Tuner UPGRADE KIT - NA PREMIUM (7281912-01-A) for $500 and RADIO TUNER UPGRD FOR INFOTAINMENT UPGRADE (1624317-00-A) for $500 with $0 for labor and Tax $95. Not sure I...
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    FSD AND FUSC Transfer Offer this Quarter?

    Message dated Feb 8 and says for S, 3, X, or Y by March 31.
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    FSD AND FUSC Transfer Offer this Quarter?

    Just got the offer on my app.
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    Expired Gen 2 Wall Charger - New in Box [Expired]

    Looks good to me. I'll send you a PM.
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    Repairing Gen 2 Wall connector Delta terminal block

    This is the sort of thing I love to see. I'm mostly wanting a Gen 2 for 72A charging my car supports but long term repair has me pondering a Gen 3 for warranty and usability. How is the front panel on that used one you bought?
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    Why do you like your Tesla?

    I'm also thinking weight of the car on the road, increased road and tire usage, where the energy is coming from (coal or gas plants), etc. Widespread adoption of EV pretty much necessitates widespread nuclear power as most renewables just don't produce enough.
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    Why do you like your Tesla?

    The environmental argument are pretty silly considering the weight of the batteries and probably the long term disposal. Love the technology and innovation and the way it drives. Long term reliability and value retention are still in the air.
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    Delaware to Texas Incorporation

    Weaponization of the judicial system along political lines will make this sort of thing more and more common. I own more than a few TSLA stock now and this seems like a good move from that POV.
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    X Owner test drives new Model X Dual-Motor - Jan2024

    I do not like the refresh layout. It didn't bug me in the Y but feels out of place in the X. I definitely would want the phone as a key and longer range and greater efficiency but almost everything else feels like a downgrade.
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    Expired Gen 2 Wall Charger - New in Box [Expired]

    Any other pics? I'm leaning on a Gen 2.
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    Vendor Official Atomic Wheels thread for Model X 21+

    AW01 in gunmetal with the machined face look very nice!
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    Current charging rates vs older Model X

    It was 40 minutes last night for me to go from 20 to 80, which was the lowest I've been and longest charge so far. At 53% recorded charging at 77 kw (+28). At 71% was charging at 48kw (+43). A few nights before was 100 kw at 45%.
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    Active Spoiler - transplant from older X? Will software see it? Ideas?

    I just bought a 2017 P100DL that has all the cameras (B-pillar, dashcam, sidemarker cams, etc) and has the active spoiler. Bonus that it had updated MCU, HW (Full Self Driving Computer (and Full Self Driving Capability as an included package), premium interior, premium seats, heated wheel/cold...
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    A note on changing Wi-Fi (WiFi) on Gen 3 charger

    Sounds like I get logging info from the X, so would only really matter if I had multiple cars, sounds like?
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    A note on changing Wi-Fi (WiFi) on Gen 3 charger

    Maybe not the right place for it, but you could say what the wifi connection actually does? I'm going forth between getting Gen 3 or a faster Gen 2 80A since the P100D I'm looking at supports 72A. Had my electrical redone last y ear with a 200A panel though my electrician says will need to be...
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    real time range WOW

    Most cars don't get the MPG rating. Cruise control at moderate/low speeds, drafting, low/no AC all needed to maximize.
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    Tablet tucked into driver dash panel like 2017 Model X

    Yeah, not a fan of the refresh, either.
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    convert 6 seats to 7?

    Kinda curious to revisit. Could the middle seat be added by just bolting it down without electronics? We've looked at 2016 7 seats and the middle seat didn't appear to move when using the power access to 3rd row. Wife and kids preferred the power access to manual newer ones. Heating wouldn't be...
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    Falcon door trim on 2017 P100D

    Looking at a used 2017 P100D... saw this on the falcon door. Is it a poor man's trim? Anyone know what's going on here? Thinking spray on temp trim or maybe sound deadening? Doesn't appear on the other side.
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    Available 2016 Model X P100D: 6 seat, XCare warranty, free data and supercharging

    Very nice build and near my grail. The X Care more valuable to me than SC01, though that helps of course.... Pricing wise I wouldn't go higher than 50k, though.
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    2016 P90D with FSC

    I'm similarly in the market for a used X, ideally a 2016-2017 P90DL-P100DL. Raven upgrades are not as desirable as some of those of the luxury conveniences fell away (powered 2nd row). I've test drove 4 and were in out of as many more and the newer ones are... newer, but the kids and wife did...
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    Expired 2017 Model X P100D | FSD | Silver + White | Los Angeles [Expired]

    Hi, where in LA? Definitely interested!
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    Expired 2016 Tesla Model X ludicrous+ & ludicrous++ with free supercharging for life along with free...

    Maybe I'm missing, see 3rd row but not if 6 seat or 7.
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    Looking at used Model X’s, looking for opinions / advice

    Yeah this one. Free seems more consistent abbreviation. I either read Lifetime somewhere or probably just got that one wrong.
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    Poll for California Drivers - Did You Install Your Front License Plate?

    I never put one on my 370z Nismo. I bought a tow hook mount expecting to use it of I got on trouble, but enforcement practically non existent in my neck of the woods (SGV) so won't be planning on it if/when I get Tesla.
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    How many of you will/may transition to CyberTruck?

    I was planning on Cybertruck as first Tesla but had a 5th kid which means I need a 3rd row. Now looking at used X. Wish there was a 3 row Cybertruck to compete with full size SUV.
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    Looking at used Model X’s, looking for opinions / advice

    I'm in a similar situation. I need a 7 seater and would prefer a unicorn P90DL or P100DL with at least at ESA. LUSC would be nice but not as necessary as my work currently offers free charging. Raven 2019 would be nice but the price delta pushes higher than I want to pay used. Do not like the...