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    Anyone get their Wheels and Tires (Seasonally) Changed at Tesla?

    My service center didn't hesitate at all - they said for sure they'd swap them out. The cost was unreasonably high, though. I live in a major city (Chicago) so pretty much all of the major wheel/tire places service Teslas regularly and I'm comfortable with that.
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    Want to update to v9 but no wifi in my parking garage

    Same situation here. Parked outside with my iPhone as a hotspot for 3 hours. It worked!
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    Model 3 Software Updates

    No and yes. My car is NEVER on WiFi. Yesterday I turned on my phone WiFi hotspot and left it in the car for 3 hours. When I came back, it was downloaded and ready!
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    Tire light and windshield washer light bug is fixed. I was also having trouble with homelink which is fixed.
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    Your preferred method of washing your model 3?

    I live and park in a condo building. I do this: 4 high quality microfiber rags from the rag company 2 high quality waffle weave drying towels 0.75 gallons of water with ONR in a bucket. Throw the 4 microfiber in there, thy soak up most of the water Spray bottle of 0.25 gallon water with ONR go...
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    Powder-coating sport wheels vs. TST Metallic Gray

    Looking for some 19s that match the MSM color. I see a couple good options 1. Get the 19” sport wheels and have them powder coated to match the colors 2. Buy TSportline Turbines in the Metlalic Gray color Anyone have experience with powder coating wheels? Are they more or less durable than the...
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    New options after production ramp?

    Does anyone have any idea what kinds of options may be available once production is ramped up? It seems certain that AWD and White Interior will be options. What’s the likelihood of having other options? For example, more wheel options? More wood dash options? Is there any chance of things...