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  1. J

    No Netflix or YouTube in VERSION 10?

    Hi guys, Super psyched to get v10 but my September 2017 build looks as if it didn’t get the “Theater” tab in entertainment. Do these require MCU2?
  2. J

    Supercharger - Robbinsdale MN

    Excellent. Thanks so much for the update!
  3. J

    buy FSD now?

  4. J

    So frustrated with the HEAT in my model S

    I just noticed this same behavior in my 2013 S this weekend after a software update. I wonder if they messed with software in an attempt to improve cold weather range. I’m interested to learn what you find out.
  5. J

    Scratches on Rear Window

    Fine blemishes are pretty easy to remove with a glass polish kit, drill, and half an hour. I bought one from Amazon for about $30.
  6. J

    Sitting idle in garage for 3 months

    QUOTE="animorph, post: 3338137, member: 45315"]Keep it plugged in. It should store better than an ICE car. A charge level of about 50% is supposed to be nice to the battery. the 12V battery is taken care of by the car. I'd also avoid anything that might prevent it from sleeping, just to minimize...
  7. J

    Panel (mis)alignment and/or gap getting worse?!

    IMHO, I’d stop looking at panel gaps and imperfections and enjoy it. My wife did this with me and we are much happier as a result.
  8. J

    Price Drop of $2k on M3P+

    Hmmm. You want the entire tax credit and the lower price?
  9. J

    Move from an S to a 3?

    I’ve never bought a Tesla I had the heart to sell. They’re all great. I have found that the 3 is better for short errands and quick trips. If I’m in the car for more than an hour, I much prefer my S. The ride is definitely more refined and relaxing. The 3 is a blast to drive but the trade off is...
  10. J

    Ton of Inventory

    Where is this auxiliary lot? Off Ktel drive?
  11. J

    Good place to install ecohitch in east bay?

    Just don’t forget the mystery corner nut accessed by pulling interior carpet down. There are 2 good how-tos on the forum.
  12. J

    M3 Steering Wheel off-center

    Yes alignment and the SC does that all day long. Easy fix. A vibration, bounce, or shake might indicate balancing but that doesn’t sound like your issue.
  13. J

    Good place to install ecohitch in east bay?

    Did mine in an afternoon. The only thing I forgot to do was keep track of rear steel bumper orientation (oval hole to the right) :). The installer in my area was nearly 45 minutes away and I wanted it done right so I just did it. Wasn’t too bad.
  14. J

    Grill color means what?

    That is correct. Black grille and rear diffuser was offered in 2017 for a brief period of time for cars without PUP. I recently replaced rear damaged diffuser with the black on my PUP because I like it better.
  15. J

    Who wants in on a class action lawsuit? ;-)

    My understanding is that current rises dramatically as voltage falls. As current rises so does excess heat and degradation.
  16. J

    Charging Set up in Garage Without the Wall Connector

    After 3 pages I humbly suggest: get a wall connector.
  17. J

    Who wants in on a class action lawsuit? ;-)

    Jeff Dahn is the man. Don't listen to anyone else.
  18. J

    Who wants in on a class action lawsuit? ;-)

    Life of the battery would be much better if you wouldn't run the battery down so low. I try never to go below 20%. Deep discharge is one of the worst things you can to to your battery. It would be much better to charge whenever possible and top off to 90%.
  19. J

    Supercharger - St Joseph Missouri

    Hey, if it were my mom I'd get pictures of the automatic doors at the Hy-Vee!
  20. J

    A REAL wireless charging pad for the Model 3

    Got the Nomad for my wife's 3. Works great. Love the discreet LEDs that show charging status and the integrated battery is very smart. I recommend.
  21. J

    Airbags didn't get deployed

    Dude I feel bad for you—but worse for your buddy.
  22. J

    Should I accept the answer!

    Windshield should be fixed if it’s original OEM and installed by Tesla. Leather cracks are normal wear and tear IMHO.
  23. J

    2018 Model 3. Pristine Condition!

    I thought it was nice to have someone do the math for me!
  24. J

    Has Anyone Gotten Their Flamethrower Yet?

    Sent me an invite to pick min up in Chicago. Really? I was really looking forward to using this for summer campfires. I should have known when Elon said available by summer he was referring to summer 2019.
  25. J

    Battery pack replacement

    Mines the standard 85 in my signature with a B pack. Not software limited.
  26. J

    Federal Tax Credit HELP!

    Remember your McGeaver needs to make less than 150k (single) 300k (joint) gross income for CVRP rebates.
  27. J

    Battery pack replacement

    My 2013 had a contactor go bad. I wonder if low HV impedance is a precursor to a failed contactor? I know this was a common problem on the earlier cars. Mine has been bulletproof since replacement.
  28. J

    Which tesla ?

    Model X feels heavier and less agile. Model X is very comfortable and seating position is higher giving you a good view of road but it feels like driving a boat instead of a sports sedan like S IMHO.
  29. J

    Which tesla ?

    I wanted to like the X for something different but didn't like the way it drove compared to S. S is also prettier and trunk is cavernous.
  30. J

    Tesla Hate Crimes

    This topic has gotten pretty broad. :)
  31. J

    Tesla Hate Crimes

    Agree with everything you said except oversized American flag. : ) If they only knew my motivations for driving a Tesla--sure the environment is high on the list--but followed closely by ending meaningless wars over oil saving American lives, and supporting American workers. I'm no less a...
  32. J

    Has Anyone Gotten Their Flamethrower Yet?

    Oh yeah, has anyone gotten their not a flamethrower?! :)
  33. J

    Has Anyone Gotten Their Flamethrower Yet?

    It’s been about 9 months and all I’ve heard is they’ve had a delivery party in California. Has anyone outside California gotten their flamethrower yet? Summer is ticking away.
  34. J

    Tesla Hate Crimes

    Most often includes modifications to particulate filter so to be precise it's both the fuel and exhaust systems.
  35. J

    Tesla Hate Crimes

    So is it or isn’t it the right term? Isn’t hate involved in all these situations?
  36. J

    Tesla Hate Crimes

    Ha! I’ve also heard that one. Haven’t heard Tesla repellant . . . yet. As for the trucks, I’m not a fan.
  37. J

    Tesla Hate Crimes

    Tried to upload some images to no avail. It’s the practice of modifying diesel exhaust systems to produce huge clouds of black smoke. Does California have Google?:)
  38. J

    What kind of Tesla OEM rims are these called?

    I got mine painted to match Tesla gray—look way better than original silver!
  39. J

    Tesla Hate Crimes

    I’ve gotten the finger twice and my wife and I have both been “coal rolled” on separate occasions. Kinda sucks to be judged by a purchase. Thinking about changing IH8OIL license plate which I think gets a lot of people excited.
  40. J

    Upgrade current panel for charging?

    If you’re planning on staying at house for a while, I’d recommend adding a panel. I had 200 amp service and added another 200 for simultaneous charging of 2 cars. I’d add at least 100 amps for a little future proofing. My two cents.
  41. J

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Not super excited about it. I like data and would like to see more, not less.
  42. J

    Determining Steel Bumper Orientation

    Thanks for the post. It actually fits great both directions, maybe even better the wrong way. ;) After noticing the 2 bumper holes on face didn’t match (one round and one slightly oval), I watched Kman’s and another’s video and noticed slightly larger, oval hole goes to the passenger side...
  43. J

    Looking for a kind Model 3 owner in Lubbock, TX area

    I’d drive down for a steak.
  44. J

    Ultra what seats - How do they hold up ?

    Mine are wearing great as in not at all. As long as you stay away from dark jeans you're golden.
  45. J

    Determining Steel Bumper Orientation

    oops. Here's the full length shot.
  46. J

    Determining Steel Bumper Orientation

    Hi guys. Decided to take on eco-hitch install and was going well until I cleaned up the steel bumper and forgot which side was top. Can anyone give me some insight into determining which end is up? Here are pics. One side is subtly different than the other. Thanks much for any help you can give me.
  47. J

    "scratches" all over new car

    You and I do similar work.
  48. J

    So I gave up on the Model 3... and bought a Model S

    Congrats! I think your value analysis is spot on. While the 3 is a blast to drive, it’s ride is far less refined than the S with air suspension. I’m taking a 1500 mile trip on Sunday, and while I could save a few minutes at supercharger time with the 3, I’m taking the S for its ride quality. The...