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    Hankook new iON tire, an "EV" tire (not the same as Kinergy GT)

    When I've had Discount Tire "match" a quote, they just wanted an "out the door" quote from the other place to show them and they change their prices to win. In my case it was a buy 3 get 1 free deal, so they just dropped the price of each tire ~25% to get it to work and I still got the mfg mail...
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    WTB: Model 3 Aero Wheels

    Thanks for all the PMs, I've found what I need.
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    WTB - Elon Musk Signature Edition Face Plate $50 Swap

    Do you need the signature version? I have a brand new silver one that still has the plastic on it.
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    WTB: Model 3 Aero Wheels

    Looking for a set of 18" Wheels for a 2018 Model 3. Open to just rims or rims + tires (if they are in good shape). My current tires were worn out and I put on winter tires, so looking to assemble a new set to run for summer. Possibly open to 19's, but like the efficiency, ride, and price of...
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    Model 3: 18" OEM Wheels only - $400 in Los Angeles Area

    Have you changed your mind on shipping? I'm interested, but half the country away from you.
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    Tpms 433MHz & Bluetooth

    What do you have for tires/wheels? I need a new set on my 2018 Model 3. Ideally I'd like a set of 18" take off's, then I'll just use my current rims for snow tires, but open if it's rims + tires. I would need these shipped to 58078.
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    Supercharger - Alexandria, MN

    Ground work, but no pedestals. I'm afraid they might to wait next year to finish.
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    In-development: Inexpensive Custom BMS for Tesla Battery Modules

    I think any system that uses the Tesla BMS is the way to go. Why add another layer of hardware, when there's a really good one right there. I'm guessing the Model 3 modules use a different communication and this wouldn't work for those.
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    Tons of Tesla Accessories ! NEMA Adapters, J1772, Black Signature Wall Connector, Golf Balls, more!

    Passing on the HPWC, found one local. So it's still available if anyone wants it.
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    Supercharger - Dickinson, ND

    So with the average times given, it sounds like we are looking at a mid October opening. I love the idea of it being open before the holidays.
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    Supercharger - Dickinson, ND

    Maybe they are trying to be secretive, like celebrities checking into motels under different names. Who would think to search for "Tesler"?
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    Telsa Wall Connector - Gloss Black - 24'

    Is this still for sale? I'd be interested if you are willing to ship.
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    Wtb Signature Wall Charger

    Are you still trying to sell yours? I could be interested if you are willing to ship.
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    Black Signature Wall Connector

    Do you still have this available? I'd be interested if you are willing to ship to North Dakota.
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    FS: Signature Matte Black Wall Connector with 24' cord

    I believe the ones with the autograph on them were only given as referral rewards. They started selling the plain black ones a while ago and had always been selling the grey ones. It currently shows the grey as sold out online, so not sure if that's temporary or if they are stopping those and...
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    14 battery modules FS

    What are you using for a BMS and Inverter with this setup?
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    Vendor Tesla Battery Modules + Packs Available

    What is the difference between Gen 1 and 2 modules from 85? I'm hoping to eventually pick up some modules, but trying to learn everything I can before pulling the trigger. I know the 60 kwh packs were just partially populated. I thought the 90 kwh packs are just higher capacity cells...
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    New Charge Port Installed (Cold Weather Version)

    I recently got mine replaced as well and be curious if there is an easy way to tell. Do we just pull back the trunk lining and look for part numbers? A few months ago I went through a car wash and got a message in the dash to have the charge door looked at and it would randomly open and close...
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    Tesla 18” Aero Wheels and Tires - Includes Wheel Cap Kit

    Would this work as a Thursday special? I'd be interested in a set (tires, rims, aero covers) for $1000 shipped to 58078.
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    Supercharger - Fargo, ND

    I was going to say it would be sad to see yours go before it ever got to supercharge in ND. Fingers crossed for 2019. I had always said I was waiting for those chargers and that's why I didn't buy an S. Didn't want to lose the tax credit so jumped on the 3 when I could. It's the Bismarck and...
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    Model 3 OEM 18" Wheels & Tires $1100

    How much would it be to ship them to 58078?
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    Supercharger - Fargo, ND

    Are you trading the P85? It was the first Tesla I rode in and contributed to there being a 3 in my garage right now and a buddy having an S85 in his. What's the current recommended route/charging stops across ND? I'd like to make a trip between Fargo and Dickinson, but have to convince the...
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    [BUYER] Tesla battery modules

    What is different in the 90 kwh pack that you don't want it? I've been looking at getting a couple modules as well, but have only seen modules from 60 and 85 packs, so didn't know what changed with the 90 and 100's.
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    Got the 20s ... time to sell the 18s :)

    He's in Florida. I'm also interested if you would ship. How much to send them to 58078?
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    Tesla Signature Wall Connector For Sale

    Let me check with my local power company. They'll give me a rebate towards buying a charger, but I'm curious what I have to show as proof. If 2nd hand like this counts, I'm interested. If I have to have sales receipt from a "store" then I guess I have to get the standard grey one from Tesla.
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    Supercharger - Dickinson, ND

    Glad to hear the trip worked out, 48 miles left means you were getting ~rated range. I think friendly to EV campgrounds/parks in areas with no other charging is very useful to have in Plugshare. I understand not putting them in for dense areas that have EV chargers a couple miles away. I...
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    I was a delivery specialist for many years- Ask Me Anything

    It depends on your comfort level at low charge and if you have other charging options. abetterrouteplanner dot com is an awesome source for planning a trip. Go to the settings and enter in your car, you can even add in a headwind, rain, extra weight, etc. For longer stretches, I've written...
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    Tesla Model 3 18" Aero take-offs

    Are these still available and do you know how much it would cost to ship them to 58078?
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    $900 Model 3 18 inch Aero Wheels for Sale

    Are these still available and do you know how much it would cost to ship them to 58078?
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    Strong headwinds and high speed actual range

    You gotta love downhills and drafting in heavy traffic. For another data point, I was going into a 30+ mph sustained headwind in North Dakota. The road was mostly flat, with a slight uphill, and nobody around to break the wind. With Aero wheels, while going 78 mph I was using ~400 Watt/mi...
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    Transferring a reservation.

    I'll 2nd it taking about a month to get it transferred out of another account. As long as you guys trust each other to be able to totally spy on/control the other car, it works just fine. It did move a week before receiving the email saying they did it, and 2 weeks after them saying it'll...
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    First Model 3 trip, pretty funny

    For those wanting more information. Looking at that route, Three Rivers is about 300' lower than Austin, and similar to McAllen. That could explain some of the better "mileage" on the first leg, but doesn't explain why you didn't get dinged on the return trip. Plugging this trip into...
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    Question About Tax Credit after Sale

    Don't buy the car and sell it, just transfer your account to someone else and let them be the first owner of the car. It's a lot cleaner, they just need to pay you the $1000 deposit you have down. You can't claim the tax credit if you buy to resell.
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    Model 3 crazy vampire drain

    I got 12.1 last week. Parked it Friday around 6 pm and didn't check it until Monday morning at 7 am. I had lost about 10 miles in those 2.5 days of sitting in ~40-45 degrees in my garage. For those looking for another data point.
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    Supercharger - Dickinson, ND

    Do they do much for SC openings? The nearest one that happened to me, I didn't know about it. Was following the thread here, got reports from people driving by on the progress, and suddenly "someone was there charging." No idea when it actually went live.
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    Supercharger - Fargo, ND

    The 2015 map had I-94 through ND planned...so hopefully only 3 years late on that one.
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    Supercharger - Dickinson, ND

    Heh, I've been waiting to make the opposite trip of Fulkth. Currently live in MN and have family [am originally] from Dickinson. I'm pretty sure it was lightfoot3b who gave me a ride in his Tesla almost 4 (or was it only 3?) years ago. When a charger gets put up in Jamestown or Bismarck I'll...
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    How do adapters signal max amperage to UMC?

    The couple extra I currently will need, they offer. I was thinking of having even more to be ready for what I might need without spending $200 and taking up as much space. Have a female 14-50 with some wire and be able to swap plugs if I come across a new one. I live over an hour from the...
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    How do adapters signal max amperage to UMC?

    Does anyone know if these values are the same for the new Gen 2 UMCs? I'm looking at building some adapters and would be willing to take the extra step to have them throttle themselves than remember to change the draw in the car.
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    Sunk-in hood

    The sunken hood is still an issue. I saw a handful of 3s in MN last week that had just arrived. Most of them had a sunken hood and VINs in the mid 5xxx.
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    Strange configuration issues...take delivery of a "2017" model now?

    Originally I thought you were getting the exact same scenario I didn't want to happen. I bet that 2017 has an alacantra headliner and that'll be worth more than the model year difference. When there is a few 100,000 of these out there a VIN of 2100 or 6100 will probably look the same to the...
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    What does "Factory Gated" mean on a car

    I saw this in the window of a Model 3 that just arrived in MN. Does anyone know what "Factory Gated" means? It makes me think that it would be something that they wouldn't want leaving the factory.
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    How soon does Tesla make contact after VIN assigned ?

    I bet I saw your car last Friday. They said the truck came in Thursday, so this could be a rough sign that it only takes a couple days to make sure the cars are ready.
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    Where, Oh Where, Is the Next Batch of Invites?

    My owner friend (day 1 in store reservation in MN) got his invite on Superbowl Sunday. So there were some that came out in the past few weeks, I should poke him to update the spreadsheet. He doesn't have a VIN assigned yet.
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    North Dakota Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    I dialed back my phrasing to what I consider more realistic. His actual words were "Fargo should be coming online soon." I trust lightfoot3b and that I doubt they've been doing much for install work in the frigid winter.
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    North Dakota Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    I stopped at the store in the Twin Cities on Friday and the guy there said the Fargo one should be starting soon. They also had about a half dozen Model 3's that had just come in and were going to get prepped for delivery.
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    North Dakota Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    This is exciting. I would like to hope with those getting built that they'd fill in the gaps (Bismark and Jamestown) shortly after. Since Fargo and Dickinson are more my destinations, I need the ones in the middle to be able to make the trek more then I need the ends.
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    Transfer Model 3 to a Friend

    This is the piece I've been waiting to hear. Changing data in a reservation of a non-owner is easy, how to get a car out of a current owner to someone else is what I wasn't sure how to do.
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    Delivery Dates

    I have a buddy that is an owner and reserved with me at like 1pm day 1 and still hasn't gotten an email to configure.