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  1. my808

    Model Y Perf or BMW X3M?

    I have driven BMW's since the very first generation X5 in 1999. My husband had a BMW since the 80's. I was very brand loyal (X5, X3, X1, X4, 530e) keeping some of them for a long time (the X3 went from me, to my husband after a deer totaled his, then in turn to both daughters) and was...
  2. my808

    Installed my wall charger - in Hawaii

    I used my fast charger for the first time today: wow, SOO amazingly fast compared to the wall plug. I would say it is a most impressive cheese platter to accompany all my fine whining....
  3. my808

    Opinions wanted: 2016 Base Model S or new Model Y

    Have you driven them both? For me, it's 100% how it feels when I drive it. Plus I like to sit higher and like the room of the Y. My friend has a 2016 PSD and says the Y feels more "up to date" BUT he ordered a plaid, and will always be a Model S person. I guess you need to decide if you...
  4. my808

    EV Alternatives to Model Y?

    I had a BMW 530e hybrid, and I wanted to get rid of it for a Mercedes EQA,but production for that got delayed. That ugly little BMW i3 is like $50K!!! nope..... I wanted an SUV. I went through your dilemma, and chose the Model Y as a "transition car" while I wait for better options. The...
  5. my808

    Wall charger cable length

    I would put it under the red fire box by the door, if they will let you? If you put it on the other side, with as close as you have to back in, it own't be easy to unhook the charger from the holster and bring it over the back of the car, or wrap it up and put it back. The cable is pretty...
  6. my808

    Installed my wall charger - in Hawaii

    oh no!!! you too!!! LOL, pay up with da paradise tax!!!
  7. my808

    Installed my wall charger - in Hawaii

    The charger is like 10 feet from the electrical panel. They had to put pvc pipe through the wall, then along the corner of the ceiling and down to the charger. He drew an extra 220 line ( there was one, I didn't watch) , and the charger is on a 60amp circuit. Nothing special to do, as the...
  8. my808

    Installed my wall charger - in Hawaii

    $1300 for the install!!! apparently it required TWO journey man electricians ($125 per hour). Two? man,I would have gladly held the ladder and passed the screwdriver? I didn't watch, so maybe it's more of an effort than I thought? Or is that in line with what you all are paying? No...
  9. my808

    Model Y SR owners, how's the real world range of the SR working out for you? Chime in and let us know. pros & cons.

    Thank you! I saw this in another post and it became the reason that I mainly now use the voice controls. Some of them are pretty cute, which my friends get a kick out of. They are awesome, and so much safer than poking at the screen... which I do take some time to do while sitting in the car...
  10. my808

    Model Y SR owners, how's the real world range of the SR working out for you? Chime in and let us know. pros & cons.

    I have had my SR for a little over a week. For my needs, the SR range is fine. I live on the island, so a road trip is basically just a trip to Costco. An extensive road trip would include Target. For me, the "trickle charge" speed of just plugging it into the wall is too slow. My friends...
  11. my808

    Model Y insurance ..AAA?

    I use All State (in Hawaii) It's $681 every 6 months for my MY.
  12. my808

    SR MY - Took Delivery Today

    You are going to love it!!
  13. my808

    SR MY - Took Delivery Today

    Yes, I think you are right. It charges at like 6 miles per hour right now . :eek: Right now, it is full up (80%) with no plans to go anywhere but around the resort, but being a seasoned "Big Island Prepper" I really feel I need that full-on quick charge option. If I start the ball rolling...
  14. my808

    Edit design - Delivery estimate

    Same here. When I ordered, I saw that delivery was "6 to 12 weeks" so I ordered based on that, as I did not need the car for at least 6 weeks. I got a call within a week with a VIN, so I told them what my timing expectations were and they put my order on "inactive" with a note to call me...
  15. my808

    SR MY - Took Delivery Today

    HEY!! I am in Mauna Kea Resort!!! Yes, the ICE as a backup was integral to the decision process. I think I do need the fast charger. My friends just use the plug-in one, but I find it much too slow for me. My non-peak hours are during the day when I am generating solar power and sending...
  16. my808

    SR MY - Took Delivery Today

    SO.MUCH.STORAGE !!! When you live on the Big Island, you never know when Costco is going to run out of something. Each closet has 10' high celilings, with shelving all the way up. That's why my garage looks like you could eat off the floor. When the armegeddon comes, I'll be ready.
  17. my808

    SR MY - Took Delivery Today

    Yes, they are pretty popular here. When I went to the shipper to pick up, there were SIX Model Y's. Oooh, big contrast Maui to BI... No night life, we all go to bed at 8pm. If you need pointing at where to stay, golf, eat, etc just message me.
  18. my808

    SR MY - Took Delivery Today

    Finally. I officially took delivery last week, but had to wait for it to be put on a boat from Honolulu over to the Big Island. Car was (is still) covered, and I MEAN COVERED in salt! The guy at the dock had to power spray my winshield just so I could see. Good news: no leaks :p Panels...
  19. my808

    SR Y

    I thought I read somewhere that the 7 seater is not going to happen. Does your salesperson say differently? Just curious.
  20. my808

    Picked up Model Y SR today 2/26

    nice! congrats. same configuration as mine. I ordered mine back in January on the day they announced the SR, and my vin is 114,XXX. I got the induction wheels. Mine is STILL on the boat from Honolulu to where I live on the Big Island and has been sitting there since Monday. I can see...
  21. my808

    SR Y

    If you really want one, there are 7 in Honolulu, 2 white, but neither has your configuration. New & Used Electric Cars | Tesla Since you are in So Cal, the cost to ship would be maybe a little more than $1000 which is funny, because that's how much I paid to ship from Honolulu to my Island...
  22. my808

    Now or Later

    I think they are already shipping the heated steering wheels. I have white interior, and I was going to wrap mine white anyway, so I don't really care about the console.
  23. my808

    Impossible to Remove Stain/Mark on White Seats

    I LOVE white seats, and I have white seats in my MY. I live in Hawaii and live in a constant coating of sunscreen and salt water. No pants here. My old car, a BMW 530e had eggshell leather seats and the sunscreen (it just took once) made a yellow stain in the shape of my legs. Like you, I...
  24. my808

    MY SR option missing from order page

    The latest I heard today is that you will get your SR. New orders are also accepted but through the dealer and by phoning Tesla. They just don't want to put it on their website due to the sub-standard range spec.
  25. my808

    Model Y SR gone from options and LR dropped 1K?

    I wouldn't worry about delivery date. When I ordered my LRY originally the delivery date was like 9 weeks, so I thought I had plenty of time. I got called pretty quickly with a VIN, which I refused, as it was too soon. BTW it's ok if you do that apparently. Then the SRY came out and I...
  26. my808

    Model Y Standard range ordered, should I keep the order?

    I agree. I don't care if it was canceled. I knew the range when I bought it, and it is well enough for my particular situation. Mine is being picked up in the morning. If you want the LR, then get it, otherwise get what you want or someone else gladly will.
  27. my808

    App does not give me any option to pay two days before delivery

    You will get a red button that lets you pay on the website. I think this is after you get your VIN, upload your insurance and sign your papers. There is a list under the "next steps" tab (down below the price) that says what they will be asking you for next.
  28. my808

    Model Y LR, price drop by $1,000?

    I think you are FOR SURE fine up until you accept delivery in terms of getting the lower price. Others can report if they are getting credit after they take delivery. In my case, I had already signed my papers and paid... THEN my SR had the $2K price drop. I asked, and they gave me a credit...
  29. my808

    Model Y SR 1 year free trial of premium subscription taken away

    I hope that is the plan. Mine is already signed/paid and released to 3rd party to bring over to my Island. It is a great option for people (like me) who need a small suv, don't drive much and live in a temperate climate 365. If they nuke my premium sound, that would be a bummer, but I...
  30. my808

    Model Y SR 1 year free trial of premium subscription taken away

    I hope you get one. It looks like they cancelled the SR.
  31. my808

    Model Y SR 1 year free trial of premium subscription taken away

    Thank goodness I decided to lease mine!
  32. my808

    Model Y SR 1 year free trial of premium subscription taken away

    I just saw this on another discussion thread: As of right now, ordering an SR is not an option on the Tesla website. So maybe losing a year of connectivity should not be what we are worrying about?? My MY SR is in Honolulu right now, and has been accepted on my behalf by a concierge service...
  33. my808

    MY SR option missing from order page

    ooops? I have one coming any day now, VIN 114,XXX. I got the price reduction too after the fact. hmmmmmm
  34. my808

    MY Color and Delivery Date?

    New here. My MY SR is in Honolulu right now, and will be loaded on a boat Monday morning for delivery to me on the Big Island. IF it makes the Monday boat, I will have it by Thurs, otherwise it will be the week after. Things move slowwww here in HI. I started with blue... then changed it...