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    Your help needed: "FOR" Votes for 2015 TSLA Prop 3 and 4

    I would also like to see premium non-leather OPTIONS, but agree that now isn't the time for this fight. I'm fearful that you would nudge Tesla toward appealing only to vegans and animal activists! As a stockholder and environmentalist, that would be absurd.
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    Change of Policy on Tesla Ranger Service

    You must understand that "Coming Soon" is Teslaspeak for "We hope it will happen someday, but don't expect it within the next year."
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    Touch screen noises?

    I'd have the service center look into it. In my 2 1/2 years in a MS, I've not heard a noise from the screen.
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    Could Model 3 be too late?

    Agree with gg_ that BMW is not likely to be serious competition to the Model 3 because they don't have access to cheap batteries and don't have a supercharger network. BUT, I would welcome to Germans to the BEV market because it would be a serious indication to the world market that BEVs are...
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    Help me with my quandary (a sunroof issue - to get or not to get?)

    While your children may not hit 6' in the next three years, you certainly will have friends in the back seat that are likely to be 6' in the next three years.
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    Model 3 dual motor AWD optional

    I gotta think that most of the the people on this forum are already MS owners who will want the new Model 3 when it arrives. We will want the tech package, the largest battery, AWD, leather, air suspension, upgraded paint, premium audio, auto-pilot, the performance package, a pano roof, wood...
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    Front Collision TESLA P85. Repair and Troubleshooting Help Needed.

    This blows me away . . . I'd never have thought that any part of the repair could be a DIY project. I'd still get it to Tim or Chris at the Scottsdale a Service Center to have it checked out before going anywhere. I'd also get hold of a Tesla to insure that they have you registered for the...
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    Quality problems; "veteran members" tell us, how significant are they?

    As an early adopter, I fully expected to have some service issues. There were a couple of minor issues that were immediately addressed. On my second MS, I just noticed a whine at low speeds and the drive unit was replaced. I'm a happy customer who won't likely consider another car car until...
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    Cops don't like losing to a Model S!

    The cop wasn't "losing to a Model S" because he wasn't trying to race . . . even up to 45mph. I'd say you just lost to a cop . . . even in a P85D.
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    Low Speed, High Pitch Whine

    The service center was not able to fix the drive unit as they had hoped and instead replaced it. As a stockholder, this is worrisome. It appears that a lot of cars have this whine. If each unit needs replacement ever 20-30k miles, the cost could be massive. I trust that they will soon have...
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    There are still people out there who think different...

    When the prototype of the Volt was introduced, it looked kinda cool, but the production car was a huge disappointment. I know that Detroit is afraid to make a production car that pushes the boundaries on style. I'm hoping that the Model 3 may be the first production car that REALLY looks good.
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    There are still people out there who think different...

    A Nudge in the Right Direction I think that the Volt is a fine car and I'd probably be driving one if the Tesla didn't exist. But Tesla does exist and the Volt is BORING so I'll continue to drive an MS. As an environmentalist, I'm glad that cars like the Volt are on the market because they...
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    Low Speed, High Pitch Whine

    Our local service center reported that they now have the "tools" required to fix the noise. They indicated a desire to fix an alignment problem within the motor, but would swap out the drive unit if they can't get it right. I'm told that they'll need the car for two days. We'll see.
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    Low Speed, High Pitch Whine

    Our 2013 S85 has a high pitch whine at low speeds whenever the accelerator is depressed. The sound fades as the speed increases, but it annoyingly announces my arrival every day at work and later when I arrive home. So much for Tesla's silence. Several months ago the Scottsdale Service Center...
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    Supercharger - Casa Grande, AZ

    I would be useful if we could have the text of your 'cards' so the rest of us could do the same. I could easily imagine computer-printing such cards on Avery Business Card stock and keep them available in the glove box.
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    how fast do valets need to drive?

    If a car were in valet mode, it would make sense to have a notice appear on-screen to remind the driver of the currently-set top speed and provide the option to end the valet mode. I agree that a top speed of 70 is waaaaay over the top. i agree with others that it should be user-set. It...
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    Model S Body Refresh Coming in Sept/Oct?

    Silly people . . . I think we're all agreed. No changes to the Model S.
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    Is Autopilot that much better than Competitors?

    My guess is that Tesla is using the data collected from thousands of autopilot-equipped Model Ss to construct virtual 3D maps of tens of thousands of driving situations and will be more quickly able to design response protocols for collision avoidance as well as optimization of common driving...
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    Hello & Excited Here!

    . . . and your weekend fun car is a Chevy Volt?
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    Shhhhhh. . . It's a secret

    If you are like most of us here, you will count this purchase as one of the best decisions of your life. Every day, you will walk into your garage thinking, "I get to drive the best car ever made today." It's been nearly two and a half years and I'm still in love with the car. You and your...
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    Car wash in Phoenix

    I continue to use Classic Auto Spa with good results. The price is even better if you can do a Groupon or Living Social buy - comes out to about $10 per wash, but they aren't always available.
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    Model S Buyers: What's Your Income?

    I doubt that you'd have many stories . . . looks like less than one percent of the poll. Maybe there are a few trust fund kids with no significant income, but plenty of benefits!
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    Model 3 Battery Size

    In light of the lighter vehicle weight and the significant amount of research into increasing energy density of batteries, isn't it probable that a 80kWh battery pack will fit into a car that is 20% smaller than a MS? There is a crazy amount of well-funded research in battery technology that...
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    Is anyone else planning around the Tesla III release?

    Based upon the roll out of the MS, I can't really fathom that the Model III will be unadventurous. Franz has indicated that he won't hold back on design. The first releases of the MS were a performance-oriented "signature series" with the largest battery pack and it required air suspension...
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    Drive Unit failure symptoms and thresholds for replacement

    Ca'mon Sonny. As early adopters, you and I expected that everything would not work perfectly. It is my impression that TM is working hard to minimize service issues. The MS is a cutting edge vehicle whose owners will occasionally experience frustrations associated with new technology. TM...
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    New Mexico Law Prohibits Tesla Stores and Service Centers

    The answer to the query about the partisan make up the New Mexico legislature, as if you had to ask, is Republican. Partisan composition of state houses - Ballotpedia
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    AZ Tesla Club . . . and Now For Our Next Act

    Two Tesla couples in North Scottsdale are planning a Progressive Dinner Party for up to five couples. If you live in North Scottsdale and are interested in hosting one part of the dinner, please let us know via PM. We are aiming at Sunday, April 26 from 6-9:30pm. You would be responsible for...
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    Arizona HB-2216 Would Allow Direct Sales In Arizona

    I received the following from Miranda Cain from Hamilton Consulting, the group that Tesla hired to coordinate legislative action. Tesla Bill Update: Good afternoon all, Unfortunately, shortly before the committee hearing, we found out that we wouldn't be able to get it out of the committee...
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    Elon "About to end range anxiety"

    It is my understanding that 'range anxiety' will be eliminated with the installation of dispensers for Xanax and Valium medication in all Model S's . . . in fact, all types of anxiety will be eliminated.
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    Came across this article from azcentral...

    Of course the newspapers will be on the side of the dealers. It might be a tight contest, but I confident that car dealers are responsible for a large percentage of the advertising revenue for newspapers. Another car company that we know does not spend ANY money on newspaper ads.
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    Article in Arizona Capital Times

    This was just published in the Arizona Capital Times: Let’s slash government regulation and open the door for Tesla sales | Arizona Capitol Times I hope that this article provokes some interest in legislation to open up direct sales for Tesla, but it looks to be an uphill battle with...
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    Top Gear is Dead

    Note to Jeremy Clarkson - "Your ego is not your amigo!"
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    AZ Tesla Club . . . and Now For Our Next Act

    Wickenburg Road Trip Cancelled I spoke with Audie Bakewell this morning who indicated that he was NOT able to secure a venue that would devote a room for us for lunch. He has suggested a postponement until the Fall. See you all next time.
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    Arizona HB-2216 Would Allow Direct Sales In Arizona

    While the T & I committee may have been the most direct route for the bill, I'm aware that it wasn't the only possible route. I've been in contact with Jimmy Hamilton of Hamilton Consulting - they are the lobbying firm that Tesla hired to coordinate the efforts on HB-2216. Hamilton indicated...
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    Seat post wear?

    I'm having the same trouble determining the position of the photo. I had trouble with the original b-pillar, but my second MS that arrived in Sept of 2013 hasn't been any problem.
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    What If Tesla Announces Model 3 Tomorrow, Who Will Order?

    I love my Model S, but will want the newer technology of the Model 3 when it arrives. In truth, the MS is bigger than I need or want. The Model 3 should be 'just right' if it is 20% smaller than my current car. I plan to have the Model 3 tricked out with every piece of tech available and will...
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    Poll: Which sub-$40k 200+ mile BEV will come out first?

    I would like to have have said Tesla Model 3, but I just voted, "other German" because Tesla tends to delay models and I'm fearful that the Model 3 may be delayed until 2018 or 2019. That would give Audi or BMW plenty of time of come up with a viable car and it's pretty obvious that BMW is...
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    POLL: What will be the average sales price of the Model 3?

    My guess is that a huge percentage of early adopter MS85 owners will opt for all of the technology that will be then available, but wasn't when ours arrived in 2012 & 2013. I'm guessing and hoping that current owners will be first in line for the new cars. The new safety features and...
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    AZ Tesla Club . . . and Now For Our Next Act

    Arizona owners who are interested in trips, events, and meet-up are encouraged to check back here regularly, but you may want to list your contact information here: Please Let Us Know Who You Are! Give the Arizona club as much or as little info as you're comfortable with sharing, but the email...
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    Supercharger - Tucson, AZ

    Tesla is apparently looking for potentially appropriate locations for the SpC in Tucson. PM huzz1970 if you've got a super idea.
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    Arizona HB-2216 Would Allow Direct Sales In Arizona

    After listening to the arguments of the Dealers Association, a couple of legislators, and those who spoke for the dealers, there is no danger of these dinosaur's becoming extinct. It's a strange breed, but they are alive and (not so) well.
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    Building Support for Direct Sales in Arizona

    While I appreciate the feedback, the real stars at the legislature were Tudor Melville, Maria Speth, and David Newell - we also had a number of great supporting players and orchestration by Tesla's team. I'd say that Ronald Hansen, the article's author, was in a hellova bind. He is actually a...
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    Building Support for Direct Sales in Arizona

    HB-2216 was passed out of the Commerce Committee on a 5-3 vote and may now go to the Transportation Committee (or not), then to Rules, and the whole House, then to the Senate for a repeat process. We're a looooog way from getting this passed, but thanks to a dedicated cadre of enthusiasts led...
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    AZ Tesla Club . . . and Now For Our Next Act

    In the interest of moving this along, I'd like to suggest a road trip to Wickenburg on Saturday, March 7th. Does this date work? Who wants to do it? Thanks to Audie for the suggestion. Let us know if you want any support with organization or if you want an email blast to the 65 members for...
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    Building Support for Direct Sales in Arizona

    Anthony: I wonder if you might ask Representative Lawrence for the source of his 25% figure. I'll bet he got the figure from the dealers association and never questioned it. - - - Updated - - - It looks like we've got about 9 people attending the Commerce Committee hearing in the morning and...
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    AZ Tesla Club . . . and Now For Our Next Act

    The Meet-Up between Phoenix enthusiasts and the great people from Tucson went incredibly well in Casa Grande with about 50 people and 25 cars, but now what's next. John P (huzz1970) will be suggesting a variety of trips and meet-ups soon, but I wanted to get some feedback on a variety of other...
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    How fast would a P40D be?!

    If I recall my Tesla Motors history correctly, the MS with a 40kWh battery never happened. It was a 60kWh battery that was software limited to act like a 40kWh because Tesla didn't want to clog the pipeline for so few orders.
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    Dilemma: Buy EV now or wait for Model 3?

    I'm impressed with the reviews of the Volt and believe that the second generation Volt will be more impressive. I'd go with that to hold you over until the Gen III. I've my two Model Ss, but can't wait to see what Tesla will offer in 2017. The Model X, meh, looks like a pregnant MS.
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    Building Support for Direct Sales in Arizona

    A bill has been introduced in the Arizona House to allow direct sales of Tesla in Arizona. I am hoping to build support from Arizona enthusiasts for legislation that will remedy this problem. Most owners are aware that current Arizona law forbids consumers from buying directly buy from Tesla...