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  1. bchan911

    Finally Got FSD Beta

    I live in a neighbourhood with ++street parking. Cars are parked on both sides of the street with only like a foot of clearance between cars. Mirrors on the street must be folded in else they're pretty much guaranteed to be smashed. I've never gotten a forward collision warning. How fast...
  2. bchan911

    Canada - FSD rollout

    Got it this AM! Downtown Toronto where it apparently isn't supposed to work because of the streetcars? I had Safety Score enabled since day 1 when it was available and maintained a highish score. Last time I checked I was at 93 and I got it today! Oddly enough it was a forced updated over LTE...
  3. bchan911

    How can you tell that the alarm is activated?

    On the top right of your dashboard there's this icon. For me, when I park, if the dot in the middle is red that means sentry mode is/will be activate on my departure. But when I'm at home/work/favourites where I've set to disable sentry the dot stays white like the photo above. 👍
  4. bchan911

    Streaming trouble

    I'll +1 to this. I've always had this glitch while streaming since day 1 of owning this car. I'm almost nearing 1 year. I always thought maybe my steering wheel button was triggering when hitting a big bump causing the skip, but good to know others are experiencing this now too! I wouldn't...
  5. bchan911

    Tesla's offical front mud flaps are worth it!

    Mine too! I live in a condo, and park in an underground garage. Management loves speed bumps and the supper annoying skinny high cheap plastic ones too! So I go through 6 speed bumps every single time I leave or come back into the garage o_O. Scrape scrape scrape...while annoying, the flaps...
  6. bchan911

    Startup Issues

    As the OP of this thread, I've actually not experienced this problem for a couple months now after the last few updates. Dunno what has changed, but in terms of the whole black screen, won't start brake pedal only depresses slightly problem has been resolved (at least so far) for me.
  7. bchan911

    First drive after me taking delivery yesterday evening

    Autosteer and Traffic-Aware-Cruise-Control will cancel if your driving speed exceeds 90mph (150km/h) as documented in the manual (Pg. 87 & 90). All other safety control functions like Lane Departure Avoidance, Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance, Forward Collision Warning, and Automatic...
  8. bchan911

    Preferred Floor Mats MY

  9. bchan911

    Tuxmat Winter Carpets

    Mats came in today! They're awesome! Material looks like it will hold up to the Canadian winters, and I love how high all the sides go up! They pretty much cover all the base carpeting. Sides near the door frames cover the seams well! The rear mat wall goes super high up to the base of the...
  10. bchan911

    Tuxmat Winter Carpets

    Would have went to their showroom direct, but they're still closed and don't offer curbside pick-up. =/. What do you think about their new neoprene-ish material? I was kind of sad that they didn't offer their usual faux leather material like all of their old mats...It's what drew me in when my...
  11. bchan911

    Tuxmat Winter Carpets

    Oh wow! They're out of stock already! I got an e-mail that they're finally in stock on Feb 12 @1030hrs. I would have thought there would be less interest in this product since I figured lots of people would have considered other mats for the beginning of the winter season? Glad I got my order...
  12. bchan911

    Poor Defroster Performance

    I do find that the settings on the defroster are limited. I have no interest in blowing HI hot air at my face when I just need the windshield defrosted :rolleyes:. While I cannot speak to the power of your fans, which if you think are INCREDIBLY weak, would probably warrant a service, perhaps...
  13. bchan911

    Overnight in 0°F weather? Travel Tips?

    My commute to work is typically less than 10minutes travelling <40km/hr. (In the summer I usually skateboard, but it's too cold right now :D) Lately the temperature has been like -7C feeling like -15C with the wind chill. I don't pre-heat the battery because (a) I don't have a plug at home, and...
  14. bchan911

    Overnight in 0°F weather? Travel Tips?

    While I cannot speak to all the technical mumbo jumbo, I can say from real world experience since I exclusively charge my car via regular 120V outlets... With temperatures around zero to -5C in a underground garage... Able to achieve +7km/hr Average +17% battery in a 12hr shift Battery is...
  15. bchan911

    Let's talk Model Y cabin heat now that it's brutally cold in the upper midwest.

    My commute is like 10-15 minutes, so for me there's no point. By the time I get to work, I'm there for at least 13 hours so it all cools down. So for me, it's a waste of energy. I've never seen any positive gains from warming it up for my commute (not that I can anyway cause my car is parked...
  16. bchan911

    Let's talk Model Y cabin heat now that it's brutally cold in the upper midwest.

    -11C feels like -17C with the windchill here in Toronto. I don't pre-condition my car ever because I don't have access to charging @home, I find it drains a lot of battery. HVAC usually turns on within 30sec. Blows warm > set temp air immediately. With my mild heat settings, I would say the...
  17. bchan911

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    Post #337 - By 2101Guy go out and click your button on the control unit twice in succession. Short presses for both, not long presses. Resets the latch mechanism. Thats what Raymond had me do, and it worked.
  18. bchan911

    What did you own before your Model Y?

    Owned a pair of shoes and paid for my share of taxes for public transit ;)
  19. bchan911

    Let's See Your Charging Setup

    Got off Amazon actually. It's an amazon basics item too! So should be pretty universal to obtain...here's a link... https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07N4PWF1Y BE WARNED! You need to make sure you buy one that is built with at least 12 gauge wire and rated for at least 15amps, otherwise you...
  20. bchan911

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    I feel like you didn't align the latch correctly during the re-install. Try making some minor adjustments to the front center latch mechanism and it should work...
  21. bchan911

    Let's See Your Charging Setup

    I don't have the luxury of a charging setup at home, so I'm 100% mobile. Bonus is everything is usually free! Try to plug in whenever and wherever I can find an A/C outlet. To the right, got a 5-20 adaptor, as some of my work locations have the upgraded plug so I get a bit more juice. Got a...
  22. bchan911

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    You sure you're buying the right thing? I just bought one, not sold out...:confused: Model Y Electric Frunk (Mark 4.0)
  23. bchan911

    Startup Issues

    I guess I forgot to mention that my car is also parked in a concrete condo garage two floors into the earth, so it doesn't get any WiFi/LTE connection when parked :rolleyes:...Probably chose the wrong vehicle to own where I live :D So while I'd love to pre-condition my vehicle, my app can't...
  24. bchan911

    Need for screen protector?

    I'm still using the original cheap plastic protector that came with the car. Comes with a tab to pull it off on the top right corner :D
  25. bchan911

    Startup Issues

    Glad other people are experiencing this problem, and not just me. I will say this doesn't seem to happen when my car is plugged in. This always seems to occur at home where I don't have access to a charger/wall outlet and the car refuses to startup after parking it for 10+hrs. Maybe it goes...
  26. bchan911

    Startup Issues

    Hey y'all! Just wondering if anybody has experienced this or knows of a fix...? I've had at least 6+ instances since taking ownership of the vehicle taking a long time to start/boot up when I get into the car. The car is able to detect my phone and auto unlock on approach but when I get into...
  27. bchan911

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    :eek:...20%! Interested!
  28. bchan911

    2020.48.26 Did you get Boombox?

    hahahaah fair! I just also don't use my horn that much. I think since August I've honked my horn once? Never usually in a rush, people are dumb, but I'll give them a moment. Less stress :D.
  29. bchan911

    Dog pet covers for rear seats or trunk area

    Hey PRLM3, The safety belts are sold separate and made by a company called Mighty Paw: Chew Proof Safety Belt - Dog Car Safety Belt. They come in 16in, 24in and 32in sizes. They also have an adjustable belt style one. I really like these safety belts because they're secured directly to the...
  30. bchan911

    Badly missing the lane change feature in Y (with no FSD package)

    Omg...:eek: In its current iteration I wouldn't pay more than 10 dollars a month! o_O...they better start programming fast if they're going to charge that price!
  31. bchan911

    Badly missing the lane change feature in Y (with no FSD package)

    Ooohhhh! My bad sorry! That makes total sense. I've always had FSD. I totally get what your talking about now. Yea that would suck. Pressing the stalk down twice to engage AP is annoying sometimes and doesn't register all the time, not to imagine having to do it after each lane change. I...
  32. bchan911

    Dog pet covers for rear seats or trunk area

    Nope, I will say I don't use the windows very often cause my dog will jump right out of the windows, but they do go up and down slightly with every door use. Last inspection a week ago has not resulted in any damage whatsoever. Pretty sure the factory "tinted" glass is actually coloured...
  33. bchan911

    Back seats dog cover

    Thanks for the heads up, I will say the Orvis one I've had hasn't resulted in any seat damage that I've noticed. I've had my car since August so plenty time to bake in there. The bottom of the hammock has studs of rubber as opposed to an entire sheet if rubber if that helps? Will definitely...
  34. bchan911

    Cruise Control: pre-FSD vs with FSD

    Unfortunately, Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (if enabled) operates whenever Traffic-Aware Cruise Control or Autosteer is active. The only way to get TACC or Autosteer to function the way you want is to disable the Traffic Light and Stop sign Control feature. With the vehicle in Park...
  35. bchan911

    What have you done with your Tesla today?

    Always impresses my passengers :p
  36. bchan911

    Badly missing the lane change feature in Y (with no FSD package)

    Trust me...you're not missing much, at least not in Toronto. I've actually turned off the auto-lane change feature; I have it set to requiring confirmation as It makes a lot of weird lane changes, and often illegal ones. I'm often driving on the left side of the highway and it will try to make...
  37. bchan911

    2020.48.26 Did you get Boombox?

    Do people not find the the base sounds of the PWS annoying AF? It's funny that people complain about the smallest wind noise, rattle, or the shell out huge $$$ to buy noise reduction kits, but y'all also spend $$$ to purposely make more noise? I like that my Tesla is whisper quiet. Kinda...
  38. bchan911

    Back seats dog cover

    I ordered the "SEDAN/SUV LARGE" (51" W X 66"L)...the XL only increases the width of the hammock from door-door. If anything I would have preferred a slightly longer length to cover more of the seat backs (from head rest to head rest) but they don't offer that. I got two sizes. 24 and 32...
  39. bchan911

    Clunk noise during left turn into an incline - anyone the same?

    I have the exact same issue, but turning right on a steep inclined ramp exiting my condo garage. I reported it, but they couldn't reproduce it in a level service centre :rolleyes: and said they couldn't do anything about it. Due to covid, mobile techs in my area don't do test drives in other...
  40. bchan911

    PPF Cost?

    Wow!!! Some of these prices are crazy! Guess I got pretty lucky here in Canada...(all prices in Canadian $$$) Full XPEL Ultimate PPF: $4200 Pre-Cut (no debadging) Suntek Ceramic Window Tint (25%) - Front Driver & Passenger Side Windows: $300 Feynlab Ceramic Coating (X2) w/ Glass & Windshield...
  41. bchan911

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    They are not really sending out shipment notices. I ordered back in June and should have been in the first batch of shipments. I had to email them for the first time the other day and they gave me a tracking number via DHL. Snail mail though, cause it took 21 days to go from LA to...
  42. bchan911

    Back seats dog cover

    I haven't noticed any scratches, I also don't really use the window, cause my dog would leap out of it and get even more hyperactive :rolleyes: Child lock ON, Window lock ON :D I do open and close the side door a lot obviously, so the windows go up and down all the time, but I have yet to...
  43. bchan911

    Enhanced Autopilot Vs. FSD

    In it's current iteration I just don't think FSD is worth it. Really the basic AP is think is more than sufficient, but if you want to play with the extra functions than I think EAP is perfect. Perhaps my perception will change with the rollout of the new FSD rewrite, but FSD is just too...
  44. bchan911

    Sentry Mode Issues, not recording??

    I have a 1TB Samsung T5 that works without issue. Using the original wireless pad connected to USB-C and the SSD connected to the USB-A port. Are you guys using anything like a USB hub to split connections? Are you using the original USB-C to USB-A cable that was provided with the Samsung T5...
  45. bchan911

    Back seats dog cover

    This is my setup: Orivs Grip -Tight Windowed Hammock Seat Protector K&H - Vehicle Door Protector Mighty Paw - Chew Proof Safety Belt Works great! I think it's worth to pay a bit more for a higher quality hammock. The Orvis one fits really nicely in the Y, they also have other versions if you...
  46. bchan911

    Swapping out door panels

    My rear left door button was broken on delivery. Put in a service request and a mobile tech came to inspect it. He took the panel off to inspect the plug and wiring to the door button. Whole panel just comes off one piece. There are like 2 or 3 screws below the door handle and then the whole...
  47. bchan911

    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    MODEL Y/3 OWNERS: If you would like to change your address or add an item to your order, please do so asap. We won't be able to change orders once they are finished getting packed. Please note our order system skips order numbers, so use the guidelines below if your order falls between any...
  48. bchan911

    Need advise to buy MY (rented Apt)

    I live in a condo without any EV chargers. I think they quoted me something like $5000-$10000 to have one installed in my parking spot. I was like NOPE! Like you I don't drive very much. I can walk to work in like 20 minutes, but drive cause it's getting colder these days. Actually faster...
  49. bchan911

    Model Y heat? How effective is the heat pump?

    Coming from ICE cars I'm pretty impressed at the heat. Drove home from a night shift after parking the car in an aboveground open garage in the 5 degree C weather and the HVAC took maybe like a minute to turn on after I pressed the power button. The initial air that blew out was warm and with...
  50. bchan911

    Double-Paned Windows--Likelihood of Retrofit to Existing 2021 Model Y?

    I'm going to be blunt and say NO. But there's no harm in asking. For me, buying this piece of technology I kind of knew it was going to be constantly evolving and you can spiral into a dark hole of not having the latest of everything equipped on your vehicle. Poor day 1 adaptors now are out...