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    Tax, Title, Fees, in Texas

    Just wanted to warn everyone to check the documents that are sent to you. We got our paperwork two weeks after delivery of the new Y. I noticed that the address of the credit union was wrong (was actually the wrong institution completely that happens to have the same name as my credit union)...
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    Accidentally Hitting Seat Adjustment Controls

    My son gets snagged on the seat controller for the Model 3 at least once a week. I have no idea how he does it. No one else who rides in the front seats has this problem.
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    December 2021 order estimated delivery dates

    Looks like we were affected by the recent timing bump too--May 30 to June 27, and now August.
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    December 2021 order estimated delivery dates

    I know profile completion has to do with when you get your EDD, but I'm wondering about the trade in part. I hadn't filled that out yet, as it seemed silly to post the pics of a car that won't be traded for another six months. But, seeing that others in my area have been updated from July to...
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    December 2021 order estimated delivery dates

    Model Y Long Range White with black interior 7 seats 19” wheels OD: 12/18/2021 EDD: July 2022 VIN : No Pickup location: Plano, TX Tow No FSD Our second time going through this (Model 3 in 2018), so I have very little faith in the July date, lol (but it would be nice).