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  1. J

    Failed Rear Lower Control Arm / Service Bulletin SB-19-31-001

    Sorry but the single monkey they hired to deal with customer service complaints is a bit too busy to get to your issue...
  2. J

    Failed Rear Lower Control Arm / Service Bulletin SB-19-31-001

    As much as I love my car the word really needs to get out that Tesla is crooked.
  3. J

    Customer service appears to be broken

    You came to the wrong place if you want anything resembling customer service... I have repeatedly learned that the hardway
  4. J

    Found this little gem on my $55K Model Y

    I got the same kind of attitude from my Tesla rep. Its the whole you are lucky to be in our presence kind of attitude.
  5. J

    Tesla just lost one customer, i know they dont care but i do !

    Pretty par for the course when it comes to Tesla service. They never get back to you when the say they do and the screw up every second thing you ask them to do
  6. J

    Got screwed by Tesla's terrible customer service again

    Not gonna lie that's actually how I felt and how I felt the sales guy at Tesla was acting... Not even an apology and he just said he was going to look into what happened to keep me from being upset but he obviously didn't give a crap
  7. J

    Got screwed by Tesla's terrible customer service again

    Something new that kind rubbed me the wrong way. When I called in today see how my refund was going since I haven't seen it on my credit card yet. I decided I wanted to voice my complaint and asked to complain about my sales advisor. The sales advisor that received complaint replied "While...
  8. J

    J.D. Power Report Says Tesla Vehicles Prone to Problems

    How do you get added to the survey ... I want to throw my issues into the QC hat. I think I have around 7 in 2 years of ownership
  9. J

    JD Power ranks Tesla last in Quality Control Study

    My Model S is from 2017 My car came with a cracked B Pillar cover, a speaker that wasn't fully screwed in so it rattled, one of the pressure sensors on the door handles did not register pressure and there was a tear in one of the rear seats. I have also had a my trunks struts leak/fail, my...
  10. J

    Got screwed by Tesla's terrible customer service again

    Would you blame the fact that the guy never contacted me like he said he would a failure by the mother ship? Or the fact that he didnt even offer an apology? " Hi JayyDee,(I substituted my user name) I have gone ahead and refunded your deposit. " No sorry for the mistake or anything like...
  11. J

    Got screwed by Tesla's terrible customer service again

    I wanted to see if the guy would ever email me back since its is 4 days late I am going to ask him about refunding my deposit
  12. J

    I've loved Tesla for 7 years. But after years of abuse, I'm out

    I have been mistreated by Tesla since day 1 of owning my Model S. I constantly get called a bull and the only thing I have to do is retell my old and ongoing customer service issues. I really love my car but sometimes I want everyone I have talked at Tesla to be fired.
  13. J

    The Ridiculous Service Process that Is Tesla Motors

    Yes I noticed that too.. why even have a comments section when the comments dont get passed along to the person doing the service
  14. J

    Got screwed by Tesla's terrible customer service again

    To add a little follow up on my current experience the sales rep said he was going to contact me by end of day Sunday after he figured out what happened to my car and that he would try to find me a new deal. It is now Tuesday morning now and no contact has been made.(this is expected of course...
  15. J

    Got screwed by Tesla's terrible customer service again

    I actually feel like that is what kind of happened to me. The sales guy that took my down payment and add the order to my account must have put in a custom order as I received a order number but not a vin assigned. I noted it was odd that this happened when I checked later in the day since...
  16. J

    Got screwed by Tesla's terrible customer service again

    That's exactly how I feel... service got a lot better after they forced you to do everything via the app but anything left up to a human is almost always screwed up. For example they never read the extra comments when making a service request which results in them screwing up
  17. J

    MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade - technician skipped screen replacement

    welcome to the club... Tesla is like Oprah but for bad service... you get bad service! You get bad service ! and finally you get bad service!
  18. J

    Got screwed by Tesla's terrible customer service again

    I put down a down payment for an inventory Model 3 Performance last weekend was supposed to go pick it up yesterday. About 10 minutes before my appointment I receive a phone call saying they already accidentally sold it a couple days prior. The whole reason I was asked to put down my down...
  19. J

    Lobbyist for tesla/uber gave me the timeline for FSD

    You literally have no idea what you are talking about. I'm betting almost zero comp sci knowledgeable or even how corporations work
  20. J

    Tesla (the company) killing itself slowly?

    Tesla cult members like you are the only reason I like pointing out that my model S isnt perfect and that Elon is a habitual liar
  21. J

    How many bring your dog in the car?

    My dog used to ride in the trunk... Sadly he passed away 2 months ago.
  22. J

    No negative views in Model 3 forum?

    It's the Tesla cult mentality. You model 3 owners are still to new/blind to become jaded. It is kinda sad that some people can't critique and love something at the same time. Facts are they make great cars but everything else Sucks. Elon is a habitual liar, worst build quality in the...
  23. J

    yellow border - need advise

    I put in a request for a replacement MCU screen due to the yellow boarder about 10 months ago. They told me they would call me when the new replacement came in .. of course they never did....As expected of tesla customer service
  24. J

    Showroom Vehicle Turnover

    I got a june build model s in Nov back in 2017
  25. J

    Tesla Sales Lie

    My sales rep told me my Inventory MS 75 was uncorked but it wasnt.
  26. J

    So people give Tesla a hard time for missing deadlines.....

    Audi misses a deadline they get bad press ... Tesla misses a deadline they also get bad press... what is your point?
  27. J

    MCU with Bubbles

    They lie a lot... my Sales advisor told me my inventory MS 75 was uncorked but I knew it wasn't since the cut off date was june but my car was made in march. I also confirmed with the head office
  28. J

    This must be said - GREAT experience with Tesla

    How is this even a good experience? All you proved was NO ONE AT TESLA GIVES A CRAP TILL YOU COMPLAIN. The cars are NOT inspected at all before delivery and their quality control and inspection process sucks/is nonexistant. It took a few trips to address your day one issues on your model X(why...
  29. J

    Just ordered Model S CPO

    Tesla doesnt really perform QA.. You will learn the hard way like I did.. My brand NEW Model S had a cracked B- Pillar cover and had the green inside exposed. Anyone who looked into the car could clearly and easily see it but no one bothered to deal with it till I pointed it out.
  30. J

    Advanced Summon Almost Ready to Roll Out

    Unless summon + actually pick you up and drops you off at the doorstep and goes to park itself then you are 100% right about the dream regulators
  31. J

    Ridiculous "cpo" buying experience

    You experience sounds like my NEW Model S buying experience. I have never experienced anything resembling good service or even basic service from Tesla
  32. J

    2018 Model S - Rearview Camera Issue

    I have had this issue happen to me at least once a month for the 1 year that I have owned my Model S. I assume its a software issue as a reboot or power off always fixed it
  33. J

    Tesla Model S/X to ‘soon’ work with keyless and smartphone entry like the Model 3

    I noticed Elon stopped saying things like done, soon or will happen in the next update and just says good idea or noted to suggestions. I think he finally realized people caught on to him breaking his word. Otherwise we would have upgradeable batteries, auto wipers that stop wiping in park...
  34. J

    Help: Tesla refused to fix incorrect seat belt installation and front panel/headlight misalignment

    I second this post... I love my car but the people that built it and the people that service it are major garbage
  35. J

    Rain Driving Tesla S RWD

    Either there is something wrong with your car or you are driving it wrong. I had zero slipping in the rain and we get flooded streets where I live. I also drive a rwd model s using stock tires
  36. J

    Vancouver Delivery; the dark and dirty

    shhh...the Tesla cult cant handle/accept anything regarding Tesla poor quality control and poor customer service
  37. J

    Realistic miles per single charge

    Cold can kill range by 50% in my experience. My drive to work is 42KM and I usually use about 60+km of range in the winter
  38. J

    A common mans honest post

    I had a similar bad expedience when buying my model S with including being lied to by my delivery specialist and having to chase him down for ever bit of info. Lied to by a tech at service center and it was a pain to book any warranty related repairs with them. (My model S was delivered with a...
  39. J

    Poor LED Performance - 1 Solution

    I was told my inventory March 2017 model s was uncorked but I knew only cars made after June 2017 were uncorked(also called into head office to confirm). Also with the loaner I received when taking my car in for warranty repairs it had the super tight charge port issue when I told the tech...
  40. J

    What happened to the good old Tesla service and how to escalate ?

    I had my model S since 2017 and I never knew Tesla was capable of good service...
  41. J

    Breaking customer promises

    Yes because that is why companies legally have to put expiry dates and limits on coupons.
  42. J

    Paint defects on new model 3

    My 2017 model S came with a crack in the B-pillar on the inside, a faulty door handle and a passenger speaker that vibrated when there was a deep bass note. Getting it fixed was a mess and a half needing me to make multiple attempts at getting an appointment and having send in pictures to people...
  43. J

    Breaking customer promises

    Considering how often Elon lies on twitter and how he like to bend the truth its not surprising at all for Tesla to do this.
  44. J


    I had similar terrible service when I bought my S and have had terrible service every time I needed to take it for the warranty repair. I have just come to accept that I will never get progress on anything unless I ask at least twice and get ignored a couple times for each action I need them to do
  45. J

    Tesla Billing nightmare - please help

    Sounds about right to me... From my experience with dealing with the sales and service center I wouldn't expect anything less then this kind of incompetence.
  46. J

    Elevating Issues

    No I believe the only way to rebalance is discharge to almost zero and then charge to 100%
  47. J

    Blog Musk Says Tesla Will Expand Service Center Coverage

    Yes please... I have had nothing but bad experiences with my service center.
  48. J

    Disappointed with Tesla finance

    I had similar issues when i bought my car. But in my case my delivery expert was too incompetent to bother emailing me back. On the day of I had to wait 3 hours for paper work to be redone because they had the wrong VIN and wrong financing terms. This was extra funny because the delivery...
  49. J

    Jack up the fees please!!!!

    you mean like a mall? LOL
  50. J

    Supercharger - Surrey, BC

    Sweet! On my way home from work :)